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Change history for Fin. CH. Kerrien Raleigh

2/11/2000 4:32:02 PM:
Imported from KW database

8/10/2001 11:30:16 AM:
Modified by Sanna Kopola
FrontTitles="Fin CH"

1/12/2002 9:28:07 PM:
Modified by Karen Webb
Country="US", BirthDay=6, BirthMonth=3, BirthYear=1995

3/12/2002 1:42:56 AM:
Modified by Karen Webb
HipID="A/A (199?)", EyeID="Clear (200?)", ElbowID="Clear (199?)"

4/25/2002 7:51:39 PM:
Modified by Karen Webb

6/16/2002 1:51:11 AM:
Modified by victoria ahlström
Breeder="Sue Jolly, England", Owner="Heidi Karves, Finland", Website="http://gamma.nic.fi/~karvin/"

6/16/2002 4:36:41 AM:
Modified by elina pitkänen

9/28/2002 1:11:01 PM:
Modified by Ksenija Koren

2/17/2003 6:48:06 AM:
Modified by elina pitkänen

8/30/2003 7:26:46 AM:
Modified by maria saarniit
FrontTitles="FIN CH"

8/30/2003 2:04:09 PM:
Modified by Karen Webb
FrontTitles="Fin. CH.", Registry="Other"

8/30/2003 2:04:14 PM:
Locked by Karen Webb

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