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Change history for NAFTCH FTCH Brasdor's Razzl Dazzl Am. *** OD Can. FDHF

2/11/2000 9:23:55 PM:
Added by Jackie Mertens
Brasdor's Razzl Dazzl

2/11/2000 9:24:39 PM:
Modified by Jackie Mertens
sireID=914, damID=1514

3/6/2000 1:14:27 PM:
Modified by Teri Jakob
FrontTitles="NAFTCH FTCH", EndTitles="OD", CallName="Razz", Owner="Tom Glenn"

5/31/2000 9:33:50 PM:
Modified by Teri Jakob
Country="US", BirthDay=14, BirthMonth=12, BirthYear=1985, DeathDay=10, DeathMonth=07, DeathYear=1998, Breeder="Pat DeNardo"

11/18/2000 1:53:27 PM:
Modified by Lesley Kenyon
FrontTitles="NAFTCH FTCH AFTCH", Honorifics="GRCC Hall of Fame", Registry="CKC", RegistrationNumber="1013978"

12/1/2000 12:40:52 PM:
Modified by Lesley Kenyon
EndTitles="OD FDHF"

12/4/2000 8:19:55 PM:
Modified by Melanie Foster
FrontTitles="NAFTCH FTCH"

3/9/2001 2:09:28 PM:
Modified by Sally Hobson

3/29/2002 6:11:00 AM:
Modified by Ann & Jeff Strathern
EndTitles="Am ***OD FDHF"

6/29/2004 3:44:30 PM:
Modified by Melanie Foster
EndTitles="Am ***OD Can. FDHF"

12/6/2004 1:11:46 AM:
Modified by Melanie Foster
EndTitles="Am. ***OD Can. FDHF"

3/6/2010 7:09:43 PM:
Modified by ronald bischke
HipID="007647", HipRegistry="OVC", CauseofDeath="cancer"

1/3/2013 1:33:36 PM:
Modified by Patricia Jones
EndTitles="Am. *** OD Can. FDHF", HipRegistry="OFC"

6/22/2015 11:05:51 PM:
Modified by Lesley Albin
Honorifics="GRCC Hall of Fame; AKC #SE539082", HipRegistry="Unknown"

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