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Change history for Gaylan's Southern Comfort

12/30/2009 3:38:45 PM:
Added by Gayle Watkins
Gaylan's Southern Comfort

12/30/2009 3:39:29 PM:
Modified by Gayle Watkins
CallName="Abigail", Gender="F", Country="US", BirthDay=31, BirthMonth=10, BirthYear=2009, Registry="AKC", RegistrationNumber="SR59839909", Breeder="Gayle Watkins, Charles and Lauran Mancuso", Owner="Matt and Alma Holm", Website="http://www.gaylans.com/abigail.html", PRAStatus="C", PRARegistry="O", PRAID="by parentage"

12/30/2009 3:39:49 PM:
Modified by Gayle Watkins
sireID=53970, damID=150040

7/11/2012 5:51:23 PM:
Modified by Gayle Watkins
HipID="GR-104662G25F-VPI", HipRegistry="OFA", HeartID="GR-CA21107/25F/C-VPI", HeartRegistry="OFA"

10/3/2017 7:13:55 PM:
Modified by Gayle Watkins

3/10/2018 11:23:56 AM:
Modified by Gayle Watkins

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