Golden Retriever

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To construct your query, fill in the relevant information in the form below. For example, to simply search for all dogs with the callname "Razz," enter "Razz" in the callname field, leave all the other fields blank, and click submit. To search for all dogs named "Razz" who have earned an FC title, enter "Razz" in the callname field, enter "FC" in the prefix titles field, and then click submit.

You may enter an asterisk ("*") in certain fields such as prefix titles or suffix titles to see all dogs with any title listed in that field. For example, if you want to see all dogs named "Razz" who have earned any prefix title, you can enter "Razz" in the callname field and "*" in the prefix titles field.

When searching by breeder or owner, you may enter just a part of his or her name, and k9data will search for close matches. This is often more effective than entering the full name because in the pedigree records, breeder and owner names can be listed in a variety of ways.

Note that you are searching for Golden Retrievers only. To search for dogs of a different breed, go the home page and select the other breed.

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