Golden Retriever

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Desde El Ducado del Llac Petit  (4/5/2003-)

Five generation pedigree:

Desde El Ducado del Llac Petit
Sea Wind N Music Of Glen Sheallag [ 5:4]
NORD UCH INT UCH Rossmix No Regrets [ Sweden HD Grade B (9/6/2000)]
Vice-WW'02, NUCH SU(u)CH NORDUCH FINUCH FINW-98 Rossmix Rugger [ Sweden HD A (8/7/1996)]
Sherlock of Glen Sheallag [ Sweden HD A (3/3/1995)]
Nor./Lux. Ch. Waterloo's Rock Around The Clock [ HD A (19??) / HD fri Norden]
WW'95, MultCh, JChLux Orange-Juice of Glen Sheallag Belg/Fr/Lux/Nor/Den/Swed Ch [ HD B (199?)]
Knegarens Tarantella [ Sweden HD A (11/8/1990)]
Knegarens Shine'n Sparkle [ HD A(3/16/1989)]
Stanroph Sweet Sensation [ Sweden HD A (8/11/1988)]
Friendship Merriwagga [ HD fri Norden (199?)]
NORDUCH INTUCH Mjaerumhogda's Classic Sound [ A2]
Fin. CH. Noravon Cornelius [ UA (198?)]
Nord. Ch. Gitles Natascha [ HD A Free Norden (1976)]
Friendship Mathilda [ Sweden HD U (1/20/1993)]
Perrimay Hector [ Sweden HD U (11/7/1991)]
Goldsand's My Dream [ Sweden HD U (10/4/1990)]
Nothing But Music Of Glen Sheallag [ HD A (19??)]
Svedjebäckens Finished Fernando
Melfricka Co-Driver [ Sweden HD U (3/6/1986)]
Eng. CH. Styal Scott Of Glengilde [ BVA Hip Score 3:3]
Melfricka Verisimilitude
Rex Spongo of Kosmos
LP Goros Golden Rhapsody
EW'98, IntCh, ChFr, Sw, It Goldsand's Music Design [ Sweden HD U (5/14/1993)]
Goldsand's Jack of All Parades [ Sweden HD U (6/13/1991)]
Goldstep Jack A Dandy [ Sweden HD U (198?)]
Dainty's Your Dream [ Sweden HD Grade 1]
Goldsand's Music Again [ Sweden HD U (6/13/1991)]
NORDUCH INTUCH Mjaerumhogda's Classic Sound [ A2]
Dainty's What About Music [ Sweden HD U (5/15/1986)]
Helvet Can Patricia
SPA,PT CH Sansue Tiger Moth [ 6:7]
Gunhills Banjo Of Sansue [Unknown BVA Hip Score 3:3]
Eng. CH. Gaineda Consolidator Of Sansue [BVA Hip Score 0:0]
Glennessa Escapade
Eng. SH. CH. Rachenco Charnez of Gaineda JW
Gunhills Beautiful Bianco [ BVA Hip Score 5:5 ]
Eng. SH. CH. Nortonwood Checkmate [ BVA Hip Score 2:2]
Shargleam Morning Glory of Gunhills
Sansue Free Sprite
Sansue Castalian KCJW SGWC [ BVA Hip Score 5:5]
Eng. SH. Ch. Styal Shelley of Maundale [ BVA Hip Score 1:13]
Rossbourne Party Piece of Sansue [ BVA Hip Score 1:2]
Eng. SH. Ch. Sansue Phoebe [BVA BVA Hip Score 1:2]
Eng. CH. Gaineda Consolidator Of Sansue [BVA Hip Score 0:0]
Eng. SH. CH. Sansue Wrainbow [ BVA Hip Score 4:1]
Norma del Valle Negro [ BVA 8:8]
Ch. Baco de la Zarzuela
Span. CH Gold-Rush This Is Charlie
Am. CH. Westben's Dancing Bear CDX OS [OFA GR-10842]
Gold-Rush Mischief Maker
Int./Span. CH Styal Sacilia
Eng. CH. Nortonwood Faunus [ BVA Hip Score 7:5]
Eng. CH. Styal Susila
Styal Starsaphire
Brambletyne Peppermint [ BVA Hip Score 6:5]
Eng. CH. Camrose Fabius Tarquin [ BVA Hip Score 5:5]
Pepper of Brambletyne
Eng. SH. CH. Styal Symetrya JW [BVA 6:5]
Eng. SH. Ch. Westley Munro of Nortonwood [Unknown BVA Hip Score 2:4]
Eng. CH. Styal Susila

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