Golden Retriever

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Gaylan's Dreamcatcher BN JH WC CCA CGCA CGCU TT  (4/8/2008-3/5/2016)

The number listed in green after each dog's name is its approximate age at time of death. If no number is listed, the dog may be still living, or the information is missing from the database.

Five generation pedigree:

Gaylan's Dreamcatcher BN JH WC CCA CGCA CGCU TT
Coppertop's Captain Kirk CD MH WCX CCA VC [7.5 years]
Comstocks Steelcity Superman MH CCA WCX ** OS [13.5 years]
Caernac Duffy of Lost Meadow *** WCX
FC AFC Mioak's Main Event OS FDHF [15.5 years]
AFC Wild Fire of Riverview CDX WCX OS FDHF [12 years]
Mioak's Ginger *** OD
Caernac's X-Tra WCX *** [ years]
Bainin of Caernac CD *** OS [16.5 years]
Topbrass Razzle Dazzle Rose CD TD WCX OD [9 years]
Comstock's Annie Oakley CD SH WCX OD [ years]
FC AFC Tangelo's Side Kick OS FDHF [13.5 years]
Sungold Sand Kicker *** [15 years]
Troymar Shasta Spring WCX [ years]
Am-Can CH Comstock Sunfire O'Hillcrest UDT MH WCX VCX OD Can. CDX WC [ years]
Can. CH. Comstock's Caramel Nut UDTX SH WCX VCX OS Can UD WCX [10.5 years]
Sunfire's Breila of Bristol ** CD JH WCX
OTCH Coppertop Celebration UDX11 OM7 TDX RN JH CGC WC CCA VCX OBHF OD [11 years]
Belvedere's Triple Threat *** MH WCX OS [15 years]
Belvedere Forever Raisn'cain *** OS [13.5 years]
Sky-Lab Argus of Belvedere *** OS [15 years]
Amber Of Belvedere ** OD
Kyrie Belvedere Gale Wind JH
Am-Can Ch. Malagold Storm Warning OS SDHF [9.5 years]
Belvedere's Kyrie Angel CD JH WCX OD Can CD [13 years]
OTCH Coppertop Keepsake UDX3 TDX OA OAJ JH RE WC CCA VCX OBHF [15 years]
CH Ashford's Saffron O'Reilly UDT JH WCX SDHF OS [15.5 years]
Am. CH. Sunshine's Goldwind Devon OS [12.5 years]
Am. Can. CH Ashford's Annie O'Neill CD WC VC CGC OD [ years]
OTCH Misty Marshes Flight O'Fancy UDX2 TDX JH AX OAJ WCX OD OBHF [13 years]
Culynwoods Rough Rider WCX ** OS
Misty Marshes Wynwood Winter CD
U-CD Lornadoone Encore Encore UD SH MX MXJ NF WCX OD VCX CCA TT CGC [14 years]
OTCh Meadowpond Stardust Reggie OS OBHF [14 years]
Am./Can. CH. Meadowpond Sugarbear Hondo Am./Can. CDX OS
Am./Can. CH. Laurell's Especial Jason Am./Can. UDT WC OS SDHF [13 years]
Am. CH. Major Gregory of High Farms OS [9 years]
Am. CH. Laurell's Amiable Caboose OD
Topbrass Ruffian's Heide OD
CH Malagold Beckwith Om K Ivan CD OS [12 years]
Topbrass Fiery Saffron CDX
Nylands Gandy Dancer
Am./Can. CH. Topbrass Durango Brave CDX WC OS Can. CD
Dual CH AFC Ronakers Novato Cain CD OS DDHF FDHF [12 years]
Valentine Torch of Topbrass WC OD [13 years]
Am/Can OTCH Meadowpond Angelic Abbey Am TD WCX OBHF OD [12.5 years]
Am./Can. CH. Bardfield Boomer UDT WC OS OBHF Can. UD TDX [14.5 years]
Laurell's Jaunty Jinn-Jinn CDX OD [8.5 years]
MACH U-CDX Gadabout's Naughty But Nice UDX MXG MJS Can. CD ADHF OD Therapy Dog [13 years]
Am./Can. CH. Twin Oaks Westmarch Santee CDX TD MX AXJ OS [12.5 years]
Ch-OTCh Meadowpond Simon Sez TD JH WCX VCX OS [14 years]
Am CH Meadowpond Crowd Pleaser CDX OS [8.5 years]
Meadowpond Tango Dancer OD
Meadowpond Twin Oaks Tiff-Nee
Am CH. Laurell's Cause For Applause OS SDHF [9 years]
Am/Can Ch Meadowpond Teasel CDX OD [13.5 years]
Gadabout Banner In The Breez CD JH WC CGC [12.5 years]
Am. CH Elysian Sky Hi Dubl Exposure UDT MH ** WCX VCX DDHF OS [11.5 years]
Am. CH. Wingwatcher Reddi To Rally CDX WC OS [13.5 years]
Am. CH. Beaulieu's Akacia O'Darnley UD TDX JH WCX VCX OD [9 years]
Gaylan's Winter Gadabout UD JH WCX [12.5 years]
Am./Can. CH. Whipaly Sierra Zip'N Zachary CDX JH WCX OS [10 years]
Aurora's Dream of Garzas Can Am CD WCX OD Can CD [14 years]

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