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SHR Topmast Traveling with Scotti RN  (2/1/2017-)

The number listed in green after each dog's name is its approximate age at time of death. If no number is listed, the dog may be still living, or the information is missing from the database.

Five generation pedigree:

SHR Topmast Traveling with Scotti RN
HRCH High Times Applejacks Mike MH61 HTHF WCX CCA **
UH Trifecta's Shag-edelic CD MH CCA WCX *** VCX OS [12 years]
AFC Emberain Rugby WCX OS FDHF [9.5 years]
FC Wraiths HTR MN Bro Macdhuibh OS [14.5 years]
Wraith's Duncan MH *** OS [16.5 years]
Hunter's Moon Madcap *** OD [14 years]
Emberain All Buttered Up CDX JH MX MXJ WC OD [12 years]
AFC Glenhaven Devil's Advocate UDT MH WCX OS FDHF [13.5 years]
Emberain Jelly Side Up UDT AX JH WC OD [14.5 years]
Trifecta's Audie Cum Laude MH *** OD [12.5 years]
GMHR Topbrass Rudy Of Trifecta CDX MH WCX *** OS [13 years]
NAFC FC AFC Topbrass Cotton OS FDHF [16.5 years]
Heaven's Golden Rudy CDX JH WCX
Trifecta's One Heck Of A Splash MH WCX OD [14.5 years]
Topbrass Barney of Trifecta CD,WC
Trifecta's Highest Dreams CD MH WCX OD [9.5 years]
HR High Times Cookin' Cajun SH WCX CGC OD [10.5 years]
High Times Run'n The Roost UD MH50 WCX *** OS [15.5 years]
OTCH Tanbark's Solar Eclipse UDX8 JH WC OBHF OS Can. CD [13.5 years]
OTCH Shoreland's Big Harry Deal ** OS [10 years]
Tanbarks Frisbee Fetcher OD [ years]
High Times Rollin Thunder UD MH WCX OD [13.5 years]
HRCH Kc's High Times Roll'n Gold CDX MH WCX *** OS [11 years]
High Times Class Act CDX WCX ** OD
UCD UH HRCH High Times Finn Fatale SH CD WCX CGC OD [12 years]
Pine Run's Top Gun CD MH WCX *** OS [11.5 years]
J P Shamus UD SH WCX ** [9.5 years]
Pine Run Brandywine Cooler WC OD [11.5 years]
UCD HR High Times All That Jazz II CD SH WCX CGC OD [5.5 years]
High Times Run'n The Roost UD MH50 WCX *** OS [15.5 years]
High Times It Must Be Karma CDX SH WCX OD
U-JJ Topmast Comin' About Karli CD BN RAE NA NAP OJP NF NFP DS WC CCA VC CGC TKN TDI [8.5 years]
CH Buckeye Standing Ovation OS [12 years]
Am. CH Malagold Take A Stand SDHF [11 years]
Am./Can. CH Ocoee Caerfilly Chosen [6.5 years]
Can Ch. Kyrie W'Ayodele CD JH OS Am/Can WC [12.5 years]
Am./Can. CH U-CD Landican's Shining Sirius CDX WCX OD JH [15 years]
Malagold Fairy Tale
UCD, Am. CH. Malagold Sovreign Spirit
Malagold Happy Ending
Buckeye Alberta Clipper [12 years]
Am/Can CH Beckwiths Early Eclipse SDHF [12 years]
BIS BISS Am./Can. CH Alderbrookes Rush Hill Rebel Am/Can TD OS SDHF [10 years]
Am/Can CH Beckwiths Normandee Rose Am/Can CDX, Can WC [14.5 years]
Buckeye Royal Winchester [13.5 years]
Can. CH OTCH Daystar's Bold Confederate OS
Am. CH. Buckeye Tabetha [9.5 years]
U-CH U-CD U-AGII CATCH Gaylan's High Flying Abbi CD RE JH MXB MJB OF NAP WC OD CCA VC AD EAC [12 years]
Am. CH. Celestial Sirius Jake CDX JH WC OS SDHF VC CGC [11 years]
Am. CH Elysian Sky Hi Dubl Exposure UDT MH ** WCX VCX DDHF OS [11.5 years]
Am. CH. Wingwatcher Reddi To Rally CDX WC OS [13.5 years]
Am. CH. Beaulieu's Akacia O'Darnley UD TDX JH WCX VCX OD [9 years]
Prairie's Coming Comet CD MH WCX ** OD [10 years]
FC AFC Sunfire's XX Buckshot OS
Prairie Thistle's Funky Fern *** WCX
Trumpet's Gaylan's Butterfly CD JH AX AXJ WCX VC CCA OD [13.5 years]
Am. CH Golden Pine's Hi-Way To Heaven
Am. CH Suntory Golden Pine RMS CD JH WC
Am Can CH Pepperhill Gldn Pine Trumpet CDX SH WCX VCX OD Can CD WCX [4.5 years]
Trumpet's Blonde Burlap CDX MH NA NAJ NAP NJP CGC WCX OD Can WCI [12 years]
Am./Can. CH. Trumpet's Tijac Twister UD JH WC VCX Can CDX WC OS [13.5 years]
Riverbend's Rugamuffin MH WCX ** OD [16 years]

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