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Tantramar's Miracle Summer  (8/17/2014-)

The number listed in green after each dog's name is its approximate age at time of death. If no number is listed, the dog may be still living, or the information is missing from the database.

Five generation pedigree:

Tantramar's Miracle Summer
Glendermacki Red Cragg
Sh.Ch. Trevargh The Entertainer at Brizewood
Can/Ir Sh Ch Littleriver's Colonial Boy With Tollyhimmel [11 years]
Can Ch Littleriver's Ultimate Choice
Ch Littleriver's Argus
Littleriver's Delhaven Dreamer
Shaggy Toller's Truly Canadian
Littleriver's Bluenose Sailor
Littleriver's Misha
Camusmor Caol Ila Of Trevargh
Narod The Impossible Dream [14 years]
Decoymans I'am A Viking
Narod Nereid
Newfanova Jemima Bear at Camusmor
Nuch Sunlit Mac Jan
Decoymans Piper of Iken at Newfanova
Rubyron Mekwe'k E'pit at Dinaskarrek
Reedrunner Firewater
Lux Y, F,Lux,Dts+Vdh,B,Int,trialer, FT CH Lauvstuas Is Caac To Copper & Brass
LP SE LCH Rodahunds And-Isak [17 years]
N UCH N VCH S VCH Lauvstuas Karmenzita [13 years]
Foxdown Alfina of Reedrunner
Birdcherrys Autumn Leaf Colour of Lyonhouse
Foxdown Fenn
Rubyron Naughty But Nice
Lyonhouse Basil
Birdcherrys Autumn Leaf Colour of Lyonhouse
Lyonhouse Elspeth Stuart
Foxdown Periwinkle of Rubyron
Lyonhouse Ben Stuart
Foxdown Dash
Red Fairy Tales Itana's Dance
CIE/Am/Can/Lux/NL/VDH/DRC/DK/WVW/EUVW Tollwest Dances With Waves CD RN-MCL AG.N NJC TG-N TN-N CGN TT [14.5 years]
Am/Can Ch Ruaview's Cape Breton Schooner [13.5 years]
Can Ch Sehi's Little Breton CD WC [14.5 years]
Can Ch Sproul's Happy Higgins
Harbourlights Highlan Belle
Ch Tollbreton Cape Island Dory CDX WC [15.5 years]
Can Ch Sir Walter Riely of Ardunacres
Tollbreton Piper [16.5 years]
Can Ch Tosser's Makin Waves CD AGX SMADC CGC CGN TT [16.5 years]
Can Ch Westerlea's Anvil Scoter [4.5 years]
Benili's Ghats [15 years]
Can Ch Westerlea's Jane Eyre [14.5 years]
Can Ch Westerlea's Bijou at Tossers CD [14.5 years]
Chin-Peek Kitt's Barney [15.5 years]
Can Ch Westerlea's Bonny Bluenose [14 years]
Red Fairy Tales Christal Ball
CH Firefly's Are Your Duxinarow [15 years]
Firebrick's Green Flash
Ch Lonetree G's Parklake Sailor CD WC CGC ROM [14.5 years]
Jalapa's Mee Mee Siekoo
Tollegend Rebound Touchdown
Can CH Kylador's Designated Driver CD SHDX CGC NAC NGC AD FbDCH ShDCH AMCGC [14.5 years]
Can Ch Kylador Integrity Of Number 9 FbDX
Saffier Under the Red Sky [ years]
VWW10 DKV09 NORDV 08 NUCH DKCH SEU(u)CH NORDUCH Lauvstuas Mascot Keehnu [9.5 years]
BEJSG'96 CLPJSG'96 DKCH BESG'98 DCH-VDH LP1 Hyflyer's Invincible Max [11 years]
N UCH N VCH S VCH Lauvstuas Karmenzita [13 years]
Pikkinokka's Red Sky Banshee [14 years]
Can Ch. Torlan's Abracken Beinn Breagh
Can Ch Pikkinokka's Seaside Tempest

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