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Offspring of Eng. CH. Styal Scott Of Glengilde (11/28/1978-5/3/1993)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Evida Mabel Alice:

Evida Caswal of Berlewen
Evida Crystal Clear of Gwyngala

Out of Strefford Lucky Charm:

Squire Beanfeast (8/24/1982-)

Out of Styal Symphony of Sanquhar:

Sanquhar Harrier

Out of Balterley Felicity:

Englesee Sunshine (8/6/1981-)

Out of Ambremon Almost Amber of Dremzar:

Dremzar Rum Flip (4/14/1985-)

Out of Loughrask Dingle:

Loughrask Solitaire


Sweetlow Summer Breeze (8/11/1986-)

Out of Melfricka Juturna Of Starmoss:

Starmoss Invincible
Starmoss Intrepid


Tatefield Hall of Kings

Out of Alphinbrook Bianca:

Alphinbrook Kim
Alphinbrook Karat (2/25/1986-)

Out of Holmechase Xmas Dolly of Bryntirion:

Bryntirion Barley Corn

Out of Linchael Cloud:

Linchael Lycidas

Out of Melfricka Verisimilitude:

Melfricka Co-Driver (2/22/1985-) [Sweden HD U (3/6/1986)]

Out of Amblemere Chardonnay:

Amblemere Our Other Choice (3/2/1985-)

Out of Tallyrand Tresta:

Sunspray Sirius Scott
Sunspray Solomon Seal On Kandelite (8/5/1985-)

Out of Loddonvale Genie:

Loddonvale Ascott
Loddonvale Agenie

Out of Glengilde Dazzle Glengilpin:

glengilde gamesman

Out of Gaylon Sweet Fanny Adams:

Gaylon Gorgeous Gussie

Out of Bramhill's Zeventh Heaven:

Standfast Trinity (8/30/1984-) [UA (9/27/1985)]

Out of Bramhills Honeysuckle of Terylon:

Terylon Dasher (12/26/1984-)
Terylon Babycham
Terylon Dairymaid
Terylon Blitzen (12/26/1984-) [Unknown BVA Hip Score 4:4]

Out of Bona Dea of Bryndafydd:

Bryndafydd Venus (6/19/1987-)
Bryndafydd Pluto
Bryndafydd Carmentis of Glengilde [3:3]

Out of Tasvane Touch of Class of Orchis:

Orchis Fauvette of Tasvane [BVA 5:5]

Out of Amirene Sweet Swallow:

Westervane Lariat
Westervane Lisa Jane Of Roksand (11/18/1982-)

Out of Linavon Cassandra:

Linavon Felicity

Out of Kennelridge Beautiful Lady (Beautiful Lady):

Tony's Token

Out of Channri Celebrity:

Channri Claire (4/19/1982-) [1:1]

Out of Honey Suckle Dew of Gunmarsh:

Gunmarsh Opel Gem (1/17/1981-)

Out of Glengilde Peerless:

Brandsco Amethyst of Salander

Out of Styal Stormbird Of Rolica:

Rolica Rosemary Of Leithfield (1/16/1986-1993) [K.C./B.V.A. 7-6]
Rolica Rosaline Of Willowlawn [15:6]

Out of Janward Anastasia:

Janward Daisymay of Sheilan
Janward Dollar [HD A]
Eng. SH. CH. Janward Entertainer (4/10/1985-)

Out of Gillbryan Bernadette Of Erv:

Erv Augustus Shankly

Out of Riella Philippa:

Riella Tanith (11/21/1987-)
Riella Thaddeus Of Fenwood (11/21/1987-) [Unknown 5:5]

Out of Garbank Faberge:

Garbank Prima
Garbank Presence (7/30/1986-)
Garbank Pippin Of Darrochonna CC (7/30/1986-) [BVA Hip Score 3:3]

Out of Glengilde Uphoria Of Larony:

Larony Limelight [BVA/KC 3:3]

Out of Styal Samsila JW:

Styal Scottische Of Fadius (2/17/1985-)
Styal Scotsman Of Fernavy (2/17/1985-)
Styal Scotch Bonnet Of Squirrelsmead (2/8/1987-)
Styal Scotch Bluebell (2/8/1987-)
Styal Scotchmist
Styal Scotch Thistle
Styal Scotts Son of Ramgold Aust CD (2/8/1987-) [AVA 5:7]
Styal Scottila (2/17/1985-)
Styal Scotch Whisky (2/8/1987-) [Unknown BVA Hip Score 5:7]

Out of Glengilde Gold Leaf:

Glengilde Gold Brocade (2/24/1983-)
Glengilde Statesman
Glengilde Barley Of Ipcress [BVA Hip Total 6]

Out of Melfricka Jocasta:

Melfricka My Music
Melfricka Zera
Melfricka Zebediah (7/22/1984-)
Melfricka My Mischief
Melfricka Zara Of Ipcress [BVA Hip Total 19]
Melfricka My Magic Man (10/18/1986-) [B1/B1]
Melfricka Zinnia CDX
Eng. SH. CH. Melfricka Zed (7/22/1984-) [Unknown BVA Hip Score 10:11]

Out of Orchis Crystal Clear Of Chevanne:

Chevanne Moonlight'N Roses At Croombrand (2/3/1987-) [2:4]
Dutch/Int./Belg./Dts. CH. Chevanne of High Endeavour (6/22/1985-1/28/1998) [HD B1B2]
Chevanne Free 'N Easy Of Lorinford (2/3/1987-) [Unknown BVA Hip Score 8:6]
Int, Bel, Dts, Dutch Ch. Chevanne Mighty Endeavour (6/22/1985-7/11/2000) [Unknown B1/B2 (198?)]
Eng. SH. CH. Chevanne Sugar N' Spice (1/6/1983-)

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Linchael Freya Of Gloi:

Gloi Dawn Run
Gloi Dahlia
Gloi Dancing Brave
Gloi Dior

Out of Eng. SH. Ch. Sansue Phoebe:

Sansue Magnetic Of Braidwynn [2:4]
Sansue Mascot Of Canossa [Unknown BVA Hip Score 5:7]

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Styal Symetrya JW:

Styal Superlad of Glengilde [A]
Styal Superscotia JW (10/30/1987-)
Styal Superguy Of Wyrebank (10/30/1987-)

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Stenbury Sea O'Dreams:

Stenbury Sea O'Magic (1/27/1984-)
Stenbury Sea Laird Of Glengilde (1/27/1984-)
Stenbury Sea O'Heather of Perrimay (1/27/1984-) [Hip Score 15:6]

Out of Camrose Fillipa Thisbe:

Camrose Ptyrola [3:4]

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Linchael Delmoss:

Linchael Candle in The Wind (12/26/1987-) [HD A]
Linchael Criterion of Shoonahs (12/26/1987-) [5:5]
Nor. CH. Gloi Hyperion (2/24/1990-6/20/1992)
Linchael Cristalle Of Vanzela (11/6/1982-)
Linchael Medici of Glengilde (5/2/1986-)
Irish SH. CH. Linchael Ecstacy at Lawpark (5/3/1986-1/6/2001) [BVA Hip Score 7:3]
Linchael Cellini at Branjoy JW (11/3/1982-12/27/1997) [BVA Hip Score 10:6]
Linchael Wild Cherry Of Waterspride [4:4]
Linchael Chantilly JW (11/6/1982-)
Linchael Crocus Of Wyebank (12/26/1987-)
Linchael Corniche (5/2/1986-) [HD Frei Norden (19??)]
Linchael Wild Orchid At Yacanto (2/20/1985-)
Linchael Wild Thyme
Finnish CH Linchael Wild Rose
Nor. CH Linchael Conclusion
Ir. CH Linchael Silver Ghost Of Strathearn (5/2/1986-) [BVA/KC 4:6]
Eng. CH. Linchael Wild Silk (2/20/1985-)
Eng. SH. CH. Linchael Conspiracy Of Chevanne (12/26/1987-) [BVA Hip Score 4:5]
Eng. Sh. Ch. Linchael Cartier Of Gloi (11/6/1982-) [BVA 0:0]
N UCH Linchael Silver Spirit [HD A]

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Hingstondown Notoriety Of Muskan:

Muskan Miss Elegance [GR17975]
Muskan Moonlord (10/3/1981-) [OFA GR-15814-T]

Out of Noravon Marcella:

Noravon Rugby (11/30/1986-)
Am. CH. Noravon Cricket (11/30/1986-) [OFA GR-28575G25F]

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Rachenco Barbarella Of Colbar:

Colbar Starshine Of Braidwynn (9/6/1986-)
Colbar Stardrop Of Ambose (9/6/1986-)
Colbar Starcraft (9/6/1986-)
Colbar Starchoice (9/6/1986-)
Colbar Starbilling (9/6/1986-)
Colbar Starquest (9/6/1986-)
Colbar Star Crystal (9/6/1986-) [BVA Hip Score 4:3]

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Gyrima Wystonia Of Camrose:

Camrose Tara (3/10/1984-5/18/1995)
Eng. SH. CH. Camrose Tulfes Intirol (3/10/1984-) [BVA 9:8]

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