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Offspring of Eng. SH. CH. Ronjalee Rag Trade JW (11/16/2000-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Thorrington Rose:

Washmere Prima Salix Larch [5:5]

Out of Stormdrifter Pretty Penny:

Stormdrifter Little Leo [B1:C2]

Out of Glenmoray Misty Shadows at Broels:

Broels Mystical Gypsy [7:4]

Out of Hawksmoor Faith And Honour:

Hawksmoor Grace And Honour [3:3]

Out of Arethusa Maid Of The Mist At Mousseglen:

Mousseglen Miles In Front [4:3]

Out of Tullochmohr Sheer Elegance:

Tullochmohr Eva The Diva [8:6]
Tullochmohr genevieve (5/5/2009-)

Out of Charmagen Red Ribbon at Charmagen:

Charmagen Marie Antoinette [7:6]
Charmagen Double Trouble for Kennelridge (6/7/2006-) [5:5]

Out of Goldlyn Sunshine Girl:

Goldlyn Golden Wishes [3:3]
goldlyn got it right (4/30/2006-)

Out of Willowlawn Atomic Kitten at Frankby:

Frankby Miss Saigon at Willowlawn JW (8/1/2004-) [BVA 7:5]

Out of Kidston Mozzarella:

Kidston The Jazz Singer (10/5/2003-) [3:5]
Kidston Serendipity [5:7]

Out of Stormdrifter I Remember You:

Stormdrifter Flake Of Snow [6:3]
Stormdrifter Truffles [4:4]

Out of Ritzilyn Rock Candy With Cesarka:

Ch.Pl. Cesarka Evening Edition (5/26/2008-) [FCI A1A1]
Cesarka Ellie-May (5/26/2008-) [BVA 3/7]
Cesarka Early Edition (5/26/2008-) [A2:A2]

Out of Choriand Chianti Among Straland CC & BOB:

Straland Shiraz Via Choriand [6:6]

Out of Straland Sweet Parisian JW:

straland smooth sasparilla (12/23/2003-) [6:7]
Straland Smooth Operator (12/23/2003-) [5:4]

Out of Eastonwood High Falutin of Ramchaine:

Ramchaine Rags to Riches for Castlerock JW (4/9/2002-) [Unknown BVA Hip Score 4:5=9]

Out of Digoldsby Diamond Cracker:

Digoldsby Northern Dancer [6:5]

Out of Messano Minnie The Moocher:

Messano Quest For Fame
Messano Quest For Gold (3/1/2006-) [FCI A1/2]

Out of Thornywait Romantic Lady:

Jessibelle Enchantress (8/16/2004-) [BVA 3:5]
Jessibelle Marquess (8/16/2004-) [9:5]
Jessibelle Just Mystical (8/16/2004-)
Jessibelle Countess (8/16/2004-)
Jessibelle The Wizard (8/16/2004-)
Jessibelle Sorcerer (8/16/2004-)
Jessibelle Jester (8/16/2004-)

Out of WW'03, AW ''01, German VDH-champion Intermezzo v.d Beerse Hoeve:

Joyous Sunday Diva (8/14/2005-)
Joyous Sunday Child (8/14/2005-)
Joyous Sunday Mirror (8/14/2005-) [A 1]
ChGer, VDH Joyous Sunday Bloody Sunday (8/14/2005-) [FCI A1]

Out of Gaytonwood Sapphire:

Gaytonwood Romance (3/21/2004-) [7:5]
Gaytonwood Romeo (3/21/2004-)
Gaytonwood Rhapsody (3/21/2004-) [6:5 ]
Gaytonwood Ritzy (3/21/2004-) [7:5 BVA]

Out of Glenmoray Chelsey:

Glenmoray Roxanne at Lestorm (12/19/2002-) [5,6]

Out of Fernavy Under Wraps:

Fernavy Cutting Edge (11/19/2002-)

Out of Choriand China in my Hand at Ronjalee:

Ronjalee Rum Punch at Maijerond (12/2/2003-) [4:8]

Out of Ronjalee Ruby Tuesday:

Ronjalee Ray Of Sunshine
Ronjalee Royal Lace JW [6:9]

Out of Frankby Scarlett O'Hara JW:

Frankby Cactus Jack [6:4]
Frankby Silverado (12/25/2004-)

Out of Gaytonwood Dazzler JW:

Gaytonwood Puzzle (7/4/2005-) [4:3 BVA]
Gaytonwood Pollyanna for Azteca (7/4/2005-) [BVA 8 - 4 = 12]
Gaytonwood Paddington (7/4/2005-)
Gaytonwood Pebbles (7/4/2005-) [BVA 3:3]

Out of Messano Give Me Faith:

Messano Northern Soul (2/4/2004-)
Messano Nora Batty (2/4/2004-)

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