Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Dts.Vdh. CH Dewmist Satellite Belgian Winner '03 (2/16/2002-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Sarah v.d. Venhoeve:

Larco v.d. Venhoeve [FCI A]

Out of Moondust Nice Girl Amy:

Debby von der Ivangsheide [A2]

Out of Key To My Heart Golden Robos:

Nobody Else Noortje Golden Robos (6/3/2005-) [FCI AA]

Out of Fashion Herault v.'t Klein Laar:

Fibi Parrina van 't Klein Laar (5/21/2009-) [A1/A1]

Out of Fiveshill Magdalena:

Double Duty's Paris (4/17/2011-) [FCI C]

Out of Moondust Nanoo Nanoo:

Ashley of the Little Promise (3/21/2006-) [HD A(200?)]
Aldridge Of The Little Promise (3/21/2006-) [OFA GR-96262E28M-VPI]

Out of Fiveshill Sweet Sensation:

Fiveshill Strawberry Shortcake (9/13/2010-)

Out of Fiveshill Sweet As Candy:

Fiveshill Verry Classy (4/8/2012-) [FCI A]

Out of woodland paradise diamond avivah:

Prodigy of the Dogs Nobility (2007-)

Out of Be It Beady from White Golden Home:

Summer Dance from White Golden Home

Out of WW'12. HSCH. HJCh. Dewmist Star Of The Blue Hope:

SEU(u) Ch NOU Ch Dewmist Cape Of Good Hope (5/29/2011-) [A/A]
Aust CH Dewmist Highway of Hope (5/29/2011-) [BVA 1:1]
V-WW'13,V-WW'15,JWW'12, HJCh,ROCH,HSCH, C.I.E. Dewmist Hope Of Harlequin (5/29/2011-) [A (2012) MKOE]
Dewmist Handful of Hope (5/29/2011-)

Out of Miray's Dream Summer Love:

Miray's Dream Scarlet Tanager (4/19/2009-)
Miray's Dream Spotted Sandpiper (4/19/2008-)

Out of Cheek to Cheek Bridget Jones:

Melodenis Eden's Shadow (3/23/2009-)
Trialer & INT CH Melodenis Eden's Dream (3/23/2009-) [BB]
Melodenis Eden's Diamond (3/23/2009-)
Melodenis Eden's Angel (3/23/2009-)
Melodenis Eden's Temptation (3/23/2009-)

Out of Single M'Gmorangie of Glen Sheallag:

Can. CH. V'Arleen M'Gmorangie Of Glen Sheallag (12/25/2004-)
Velitza M'Gmorangie Of Glen Sheallag (12/25/2004-)

Out of Cheek to Cheek Artemise de Carie:

Cheek to Cheek Devil's Advocate (5/7/2008-)
Cheek to Cheek Dare Devil (5/7/2008-)

Out of HCh. Mosonvölgyi Viki res.veteran BIS:

Shamrock Daily Surprise (7/20/2004-2015) [A1]
JEW'05, HCh., HJCh. Shamrock Duchess of Shangri-La (7/20/2004-) [A1]

Out of U've Promised Me of Far and Away DRC Clubjugendsiegerin 2004:

Djalisco Expect the Dawn (10/22/2005-)

Out of String of Pearls Sunsprite Esmay:

String of Pearls Beau Blaithin (12/5/2005-)
String of Pearls Bam Bam (12/5/2005-)
String of Pearls Boomerang (12/5/2005-)
String of Pearls Brother Bear (12/5/2005-)
String of Pearls Butterfly Kisses (12/5/2005-) [C1]

Out of Dutch Ch Xanthous Peanut:

Xanthous Pinball (10/5/2005-) [OFA A1/A2]

Out of ICH CH JCH ,MultiCH. Brigitte of Dream Team:

Exotic Coctail Vetcare Bohemia (5/5/2008-) [0/0]
Ensenada Vetcare Bohemia (5/5/2008-) [0/0]
CZ FTCh Evergreen Vetcare Bohemia (5/5/2008-) [0/0]
El Diablo Vetcare Bohemia (5/5/2008-)

Out of Sanguinisch Sheer Bliss:

Sheer Bliss Ali Baba (3/8/2005-)
sheer bliss gulliver (8/3/2005-)
sheer bliss cinderella (3/8/2005-)

Out of Fiveshill Nickel and Dime:

Fiveshill Sea Devil (3/5/2004-) [A1]
Fiveshill Sea Biscuit (3/5/2004-)
Int.Ch. Fiveshill Sea Hawk (5/3/2005-) [FCI A1]
Fiveshill Sea of Happiness (5/5/2004-)

Out of Vice-WW'03, MCH, ICH, MJCH Galans Hot Love Club winner, Top Golden retriever bitch 02 in ORC:

Hoiker's Athena Rose (2004-)
JCH SK,JCH CZ,CH SK,CH CZ,CH PL,CH HU, Gran. CH Hoiker's Art of Love (2004-) [0/1]
hoiker's amerikan express (6/30/2004-)
Hoiker's Atractive Nuisanse (7/30/2004-2010) [HD A1]
ICH, MCH, JCH Hoiker's Abracadabra Club Junior winner, BIS Working dog (7/30/2004-) [HD A1]
ICH, MCH Hoiker's Amy Ful Of Fun (7/30/2004-) [A1 / A1]
ICH, MCh, JCH Hoiker's Around the Clock TOP Slovenian GR, Club winner, Club Junior winner (7/30/2004-) [A (200?)]

Out of JGD-Sieger Charming Golden Proudly Presents Sammy-Jo:

Charming Golden Spread Hopes Peaches (4/2/2005-)
Charming Golden Spread Dreams Dido (4/2/2005-)

Out of Golden Rose-Bay's Ashly:

Golden Rose-Bay's Fantail (7/29/2006-)
Golden Rose-Bay's Fantasia (7/29/2006-)
Golden Rose-Bay's Fanatic (7/29/2006-)

Out of German & VDH Ch. Sanguinisch Fabulous Blaze:

Sanguinisch Fabulous Blossom (4/19/2005-) [A 2]
Ch. Sanguinisch Absolutely Fabulous [0 HD A]

Out of German & VDH. Ch.& Vet. Ch. Sanguinisch Rush to Glory:

Sanguinisch Gold Rush (2004-)
Sanguinisch Go for the Rush (1/10/2004-) [0 HD A]

Out of Vice-WW'02, Dutch/Ger./VDH CH. Laburnum's Pretty Woman:

Laburnum's Aphrodite (2004-) [A - NW 40]
Laburnum's Artemis (9/17/2004-)
Laburnum's Albion (9/17/2004-) [BVA 3:3]

Out of French.Int.Ch. Trialer Siatham Roxelana:

Cheek to Cheek Very Merry Berry (5/27/2004-) [A1]
Cheek to Cheek Venetian Sunset (5/27/2004-) [A1]
Cheek to Cheek Vodka Tonic (5/27/2004-) [A1]
Jr.Pl.Ch., Pl.Ch. Cheek to Cheek Vodka Sunrise (5/27/2004-) [A1B1]
Pl.Ch. Cheek to Cheek Valencia Smile (5/27/2004-2013) [A1B1]
Cheek to Cheek Vino Verano (5/27/2004-) [A1]

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