Golden Retriever

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Offspring of AFC Sunshine Cake FDHF (7/14/1954-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Michael's Golden Denver:

Denver's Golden Jason (1/22/1964-)
Denver's Golden Heidi (1/22/1964-)

Out of Lorelei's Golden Pinta:

Pinta's Golden Rainbow (8/24/1959-)

Out of Jolly Jill Of Hidden Valley:

Nikita Of Hidden Valley (5/3/1957-)

Out of Mermaid Sandra of Rockhaven:

Miss Pretty Penny (5/16/1965-)

Out of Tigathoe's Miss Tee:

Tigathoe's Buckshot (1/20/1964-)
Tigathoe's Snap Shot (1/20/1964-)
Tigathoe's Trick Shot (1/20/1964-)
Tigathoe's Duke Of Tuckahoe (1/20/1964-)
Tigathoe's Big Shot (1/20/1964-)

Out of Tigathoe's Congaree:

Tigathoe's Mohawk (1/15/1959-)
Ore Hill's Torchy Come Lately (1/15/1959-)
Tigathoe's Cherokee (1/15/1959-)

Out of Lorelei's Golden Flare CD:

Bruzzers Dornan Mischa (12/31/1959-)
Tigathoe's Cinnamon Cake (12/31/1959-)
Flare's Golden Sunshine (12/31/1959-)

Out of Glen De Fir's Nassikus:

Tigathoe's Copper's Flame (3/12/1964-)
Tigathoe's Sunrise Buck WC (3/12/1964-)

Out of Indian Fields Louise:

Wales' Rufus (3/13/1965-)
Tinker Bell Foulke (2/4/1964-)
Bosn II (3/13/1965-)
Mike Folda's Cinnamon Gold (2/4/1964-)

Out of Cassie's Kim of Callipan:

Golden Derringer Of Callipan (10/7/1964-)
Callipan Timberdoodle Daisy (10/7/1964-)

Out of Spun Gold Pennelope:

Spun Gold Duchess/Soun Gold Duchess (4/18/1964-)

Out of Tigathoe's Toccata:

Tigathoe's Sunlight (3/13/1963-)
Tigathoe's Macaroon (8/27/1961-)
Tigathoe's Saltine (8/27/1961-)
Tigathoe's Lorna Doone (8/27/1961-)
Tigathoe's Sunlit (3/13/1963-)
Tigathoe's Sunfish (3/13/1963-)

Out of Aureal Wood's Argon:

Aureal Wood's Standish (11/27/1957-)
Tigathoe's Pat-a-Cake (11/27/1957-)

Out of Piper's Copper Penny:

Penny's Pride Of Riverside (2/3/1964-)
P J's Copper Penny (3/31/1966-)

Out of Goldenrod's Felicity:

Tigathoe's Honey Cake (6/17/1959-)

Out of Mar's Golden Torchy:

Tigathoe's Cheesecake (5/3/1958-)
Torchlight Teddy (5/3/1958-)

Out of Soft Touch's Gal Sunday:

Drambuie (SA165312) ** (12/4/1961-)
Bobby Of Sleepy Hollow (12/4/1961-)
Am. CH. King Of Meadowbrook (12/4/1961-)

Out of Nerrissida's Golden Brant:

Bonnie Mallard (11/10/1957-)
Pumpkin's Golden Glow (11/10/1957-)

Out of Am. CH. Sun Dance's Sayonnara UD *:

Way-Rene's Golden Oak (1/1/1963-)
Golden Rumba Of Stormont (1/1/1963-)
Way-Rene's Golden Cypress UD, WC (1/1/1963-)

Out of Am. CH. Tigathoe's Slick Chick:

Tigathoes Brownie (8/1/1960-)
Tigathoes Shortbread (8/1/1960-)
Tigathoe's Rum Drop (8/1/1960-)

Out of Am. CH. Texas Sugar N' Spice:

Texas' Goldie (12/10/1960-)

Out of Goldenrod's Sunset Ray:

Tigathoes Sunglow (9/28/1964-)
Goldenrod's Sundown (9/28/1964-)
Goldenrod's Sunlight (9/28/1964-)
Tigathoe's Sunburst (9/28/1964-)

Out of Am. CH. Gairlee's Golden Aphrodite:

Al Rozzy Golden Blaze (1/19/1962-)
Tigathoe's Take a Tip (1/19/1962-)
Al Rozzy Golden Penny (1/19/1962-)
Al Rozzy Golden Stardust (1/19/1962-)

Out of Tigathoe's Fireball:

Lee-Ann's Tinker Belle (8/29/1960-)

Out of Goldenrod's Vixen:

Tigathoe's Charlie Brown (5/8/1964-)

Out of Tigathoe's Dimity:

Am. CH. Tigathoe's Tea Cozy (3/3/1959-)

Out of Am. CH. Featherquest Tic Toc:

Featherquest Golden Tack (7/16/1962-)
Featherquest Rufus

Out of Tigathoe's Gold Ray:

Tigathoe's Chi Psi (3/12/1959-)
Tigathoe's Phi Beta Kappa CD (3/12/1959-)

Out of Golden Pine's Grand Duchess:

Tigathoe's Mistletoe (12/27/1960-)

Out of Ruanme Goldie:

Alti Rozzy Golden Tinker (12/7/1958-)

Out of Am. CH. Chickasaw's Mischief Maker WC:

Chickasaw's Holly Of York (6/28/1964-)
Chickasaw's Tami (6/28/1964-)
Chickasaw's Sir Nicholas (6/28/1964-)
Chickasaw's Cheeky Chipper (6/28/1964-)

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