Golden Retriever

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Offspring of JCh CZ, Ch CZ, Ch SK Gryffindor Junior the Best Baron ''U'' (1/22/2004-5/5/2020)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of ChCZ, Chwork CZ Caschira Splendid Fellow ''U'':

JCh CZ, Ch CZ, GrandCH CZ Angel Alps Magic Spell (6/19/2012-) [A/A]
CZ FTCh Angel Wings Magic Spell ''U'' (6/19/2012-) [FCI 0/0]
CZ FTCh Angel Heart Magic Spell ''U'' (6/19/2012-) [0/0]

Out of CH SLO Andromeda Flores Vitae "U":

Aladriel Golden Hevanar (12/25/2012-) [1/1]
Aramir Golden Hevanar (12/25/2012-)
C.I.B., GCh CZ, GCh SLO, Ch CZ, Ch SLO, Ch PL, Ch A, Ch HR, Crufts Qualification 2018 Armons Golden Hevanar ''U'' (12/25/2012-) [0/0]
Ariana Golden Hevanar (12/25/2012-)

Out of Ymca Misantos:

Chanell Coco Misantos (5/3/2008-) [0/0]
Cherubin Misantos (5/3/2008-)
Chinaski Misantos (5/3/2008-) [0/0]
Chanel Coco Misantos (5/3/2008-) [0/0]

Out of CH SK, Grand CH SK, Veteran CH SK Daisy Sneh Tatier:

Ch SK Justin Sneh Tatier (6/15/2011-) [FCI 0/0]
Ch SK Jason Sneh Tatier (6/15/2011-) [0/1]
Jasper Sneh Tatier (6/15/2011-)
Jerry Sneh Tatier (6/15/2011-)
Jenny Sneh Tatier (6/15/2011-)
Jessica Sneh Tatier (6/15/2011-) [0/0]
Hunter Sneh Tatier (3/17/2009-) [0/0]
Hugo Sneh Tatier (3/17/2009-)
Harry Sneh Tatier (3/17/2009-)
Happy Sneh Tatier (3/17/2009-)
JCh SK, Ch PL, Ch SK, GrandCh SK, Ch CZ, Ch HUN, MultiCh, Inter C.I.B., C.I.E., HAYLEY Sneh Tatier (3/17/2009-) [0/0]

Out of ChBye, JChRus, ChBel Benji Spod Vartovky:

Ch.Rus,Ch.RKF Fishka Iz Sokolinogo Gnezda (3/21/2007-)
JCh RU, Ch RU, Ch RKF Fabula Iz Sokolinogo Gnezda (3/21/2007-) [A/A (0/0)]
Faktorija iz Sokolinogo gnezda (3/21/2007-)
GrChUa, ChUa, Bye Festival iz Sokolinogo Gnezda (3/21/2007-) [0/0]
Fakir iz Sokolinogo gnezda Club Junior winner (3/21/2007-) [0/0]
CH RU, CH NKR Feja iz Sokolinogo gnezda (3/21/2007-) [0/0]

Out of Bara Jane Dynasty Anah:

Ch CZ Aron z Brezovskeho Vysluni (5/25/2008-) [0/0]
Arny z Brezovskeho Vysluni (5/25/2008-)
Andy z Brezovskeho Vysluni (5/25/2008-)
Akim z Brezovskeho Vysluni (5/25/2008-)
Argo z Brezovskeho Vysluni (5/25/2008-)
Angie z Brezovskeho Vysluni (5/25/2008-)

Out of Zita Chlupate stesti:

Astral Sky Forever my (11/11/2008-)
Amazing Heart Forever my (11/11/2008-) [0/0]
A Bumble Bee Forever my (11/11/2008-) [0/0]
April Dream Forever my (11/11/2008-) [0/0]
Art of Love Forever my (11/11/2008-) [1/1]

Out of Asmine Goldenpack Marty:

JCH CZ, CH CZ, CH SK Allis de Salvia Apiana (4/1/2007-) [0/0]
Anthony de Salvia Apiana (4/1/2007-)
Adrien de Salvia Apiana (4/1/2007-) [0/0]
Amelie de Salvia Apiana National Winner (4/1/2007-) [0/0]
Arwen de Salvia Apiana (4/1/2007-)

Out of Ch.Pl,Club Winner `06 Iona Ioleen Perfekt Partner:

Gray Wi-An-Wa (10/15/2008-)
Goryan Wi-An-Wa (10/15/2008-)
Grant-Wi-An-Wa (10/15/2008-)
Gozer Wi-An-Wa (10/15/2008-)
Gandalf Wi-An-Wa (10/15/2008-)
Gulliver Wi-An-Wa (10/15/2008-)
Gizmo Wi-An-Wa (10/15/2008-)
Gino Wi-An-Wa (10/15/2008-)
Galahad Wi-An-Wa (10/15/2008-)
INT.CH.,JCh PL Ch.Pl,Ch.Rom,Ch.Ua Ch.Bg,Gr.CH.Bg Greys Wi-An-Wa (10/15/2008-) [HD-A1]
Gaja Wi-An-Wa (10/15/2008-)

Out of CH SK Barbie of Dream Team:

Bonie Golden Shadow Forever (5/19/2006-)
Baddy Golden Shadow Forever (5/19/2006-) [0/0]
Bianca Golden Shadow Forever (5/19/2006-) [0/0]
Boston Golden Shadow Forever (5/19/2006-) [0/0]
Benny Golden Shadow Forever (5/19/2006-)

Out of FT CH Arabela Zelene Jazera:

Buffy od Syenitovych skal (2/15/2008-)
Bondy od Syenitovych skal (2/15/2008-)
Basty od Syenitovych skal (2/15/2008-) [0/0]
Barny od Syenitovych skal (2/15/2008-)
Baddy od Syenitovych skal (2/15/2008-) [0/0]
Bria od Syenitovych skal (2/15/2008-)
Betty od Syenitovych skal (2/15/2008-) [0/0]
Be Amy od Syenitovych skal (2/15/2008-)

Out of Felon the Best Baron:

Angelina Apraxia Felon (5/10/2006-) [0/0]
Aneli Apraxia Felon (5/10/2006-) [0/0]
Amy Apraxia Felon (5/10/2006-)
Andy Apraxia Felon (5/10/2006-)
Artex Apraxia Felon (5/10/2006-)
A'Bud Spencer Apraxia Felon (5/10/2006-)
Arthur Apraxia Felon (5/10/2006-)

Out of Era od Hradu Veveri:

Comtess Meggi Santana Golden (5/27/2006-)
Casandra Santana Golden (5/27/2006-)
Canelle Santana Golden (5/27/2006-)
CZ FTCh Crazy Santana Golden (5/27/2006-) [0/0]
Carlos Santana Golden (5/27/2006-)
Collin Santana Golden (5/27/2006-)
Connor Santana Golden (5/27/2006-) [0/0]
Ch CZ Casanova Santana Golden (5/27/2006-) [0/0]

Out of Blue Martha Santana Golden "U":

Blueberry Golden Martha (4/22/2009-)
Benny Golden Martha (4/22/2009-)
Benjamin Golden Martha (4/22/2009-)
Barnye Golden Martha (4/22/2009-)
Baddy Golden Martha (4/22/2009-)

Out of Immense Golden Erinor:

Winnie Golden Erinor (10/30/2007-)
Walnut Lady Golden Erinor (10/30/2007-)
Water Music Golden Erinor (10/30/2007-)
Wonder Willi Golden Erinor (10/30/2007-)
Willow Boy Golden Erinor (10/30/2007-)
Roxana Golden Erinor (1/16/2006-)
Royana Golden Erinor (1/16/2006-)
Ranger Golden Erinor (1/16/2006-)
Romantic Lover Golden Erinor (1/16/2006-)
Rowan Golden Erinor (1/16/2006-)
Riccardo Golden Erinor (1/16/2006-) [0/0]
JCh. PL, Ch PL Risky Roy Golden Erinor (1/16/2006-) [0/0]
CH CZ Rainbow Golden Erinor Winner Plzeň 2009 (1/16/2006-) [2/1]

Out of Gemma Asia z Drazovskeho hajku:

Aletta Eristar Golden (5/26/2008-) [0/0]
Advin Eristar Golden (5/26/2008-) [1/1]
Albert Eristar Golden (5/26/2008-)
Achillipepers Eristar Golden (5/26/2008-)
Annabella Eristar Golden (5/26/2008-)
Amy Eristar Golden (5/26/2008-) [0/0]
Andre Buddy Eristar Golden (5/26/2008-)
Antis Frodo Eristar Golden (5/26/2008-) [0/0]

Out of Amy-Bett Brdske Zlato:

Blueberry Libošovská blata (5/26/2009-11/15/2017) [2/2 (C/C)]
Brenny Libosovska blata (5/25/2009-)
Beata Libosovska blata (5/25/2009-)
Butterfly Libosovska blata (5/25/2009-)
Vanessa Libosovska blata (4/18/2007-3/17/2012)
Victorie Libosovska Blata (4/18/2007-) [0/0]
Valentina Libosovska blata (4/18/2007-) [0/1]
Via Abigail Libosovska blata (4/18/2007-10/2/2016) [1/1]
Voltaire Libosovska blata (4/18/2007-)
Victor Libosovska blata (4/18/2007-)
Villy Libosovska blata (4/18/2007-)
Vilem Libosovska blata (4/18/2007-)

Out of CH CZ, CZ FTCh, Dual CH Cyra ze Zasmuk "U":

Elias z Ricanskych luk (3/30/2007-)
JCH CZ, CH CZ, CH SK Ellis Excellent z Ricanskych luk "U" (3/30/2007-) [FCI 0/1]
Eirin Elegance z Ricanskych luk "U" (3/30/2007-) [0/0]
Darney z Ricanskych luk (5/4/2006-) [2/2]

Out of JCh CZ, Ch CZ Brenda of Dream Team:

Armstrong Misantos (7/19/2006-)
Armando Misantos (7/19/2006-)
Apple Brenda Misantos (7/19/2006-)
Anthony Misantos (7/19/2006-)
JCH CZ, CH CZ, CH PL Andreas Misantos National winner (7/19/2006-) [0/0]
Andalusia Misantos (7/19/2006-)
Ambassador Misantos (7/19/2006-)
Asterix Misantos (7/19/2006-)
Alcapone Misantos (7/19/2006-)

Out of Ch CZ, Grand Ch CZ Victoria Chlupate stesti Club winner:

Perri Chlupate stesti (9/10/2008-)
Ch work Princess Jackie Chlupate stesti (9/10/2008-) [1/1]
JCH CZ, CH CZ, Grand Ch CZ, CH SK Princ Damian Chlupate stesti "U" (9/10/2008-) [1/1]
Phoebe Chlupate stesti (9/10/2008-) [0/0]
Portos Chlupate stesti (9/10/2008-)
Pierce Chlupate stesti (9/10/2008-) [0/0]
Ch SK, Ch CZ, CZ FTCh Philipp Chlupaté štěstí (9/10/2008-) [0/0]
Phalco Chlupate stesti "U" (9/10/2008-)
Perseus Chlupate stesti (9/10/2008-)
Klaris Chlupate stesti Res.CACT (2/23/2007-) [0/0]
Kessi Chlupate stesti (2/23/2007-) [1/0]
Kvido Chlupate stesti (2/23/2007-) [0/1]
Knight Chlupate stesti (2/23/2007-) [1/1]
Ch PL, Ch SK, Ch CZ, Grand Ch SK Kirby Chlupate stesti National winner (2/23/2007-) [0/0]
Kenny Chlupate stesti ''U'' (2/23/2007-) [0/1]
JCh CZ, Ch PL, FT Ch Kreizy Chlupate stesti (2/23/2007-) [A (0/0)]
JCH CZ, CH PL, CH CZ, CH SK, Grand CH CZ, CH PHL, CH UA, CH BG,CZ FTCh Kendy Chlupate stesti National winner (2/23/2007-) [0/1]
Ch SK, PL, CZ, CZ Champion of work Kerry Chlupate stesti Dual purpose 2009 (2/23/2007-) [0/0]

Out of Artesia Gaia od Pramene Satiny:

Chiss Artesia Bohemica (6/16/2007-) [0/0]
Chewbacca Artesia Bohemica (6/16/2007-)
Charny Artesia Bohemica (6/16/2007-)
Chedaki Artesia Bohemica (6/16/2007-) [0/2]
Challer Artesia Bohemica (6/16/2007-) [2/2]
Chan Artesia Bohemica (6/16/2007-2014) [0/1]

Out of Ch.Pl Emmy Lou of Blue Erinor:

Nous Butterfly Z Karczewskich Szuwarow (5/11/2006-) [OFA GR-96287G26M-VPI]
Nova Jasna Butterfly z Karczewskich Szuwarow (5/11/2006-) [OFA GR-96104F24F-VPI]
Nug - Get Butterfly z Karczewskich Szuwarow (5/11/2006-)
Nobility Butterfly z Karczewskich Szuwarow (5/11/2006-)
Nirvana Butterfly z Karczewskich Szuwarow (5/11/2006-)
JCh. PL Nicole Butterfly z Karczewskich Szuwarow (5/11/2006-) [0/0]
Need - Ful Butterfly z Karczewskich Szuwarow (5/11/2006-)
Navigator Butterfly z Karczewskich Szuwarow (5/11/2006-)

Out of Graciela Golden Erinor:

Trubadur Golden Erinor (9/17/2006-) [0/0]
Tango Golden Erinor (9/17/2006-)
Tambor Golden Erinor (9/17/2006-)

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