Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Fin. CH. Kerrien Raleigh (3/6/1995-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Fairfax Good Golly Miss Molly:

Fairfax Love in Gold

Out of Golden Cub Xenya:

Golden Cub Fantastic Friidu (10/29/2001-) [A/A (2002)]

Out of Flavens Madeleine:

Flavens Hugs`N Kisses (9/21/2005-)
Flavens Hopes`N Dreams (9/21/2005-)
Flavens Highland Queen (9/21/2005-)
Flavens Heatherbell (9/21/2005-)
Flavens Hot`N Spicy (9/21/2005-)
Flavens Hot Gossip (9/21/2005-)
Flavens High Spirits (9/21/2005-)
Flavens Hard Case (9/21/2005-)
Flavens Happy Go Lucky (9/21/2005-)

Out of Karvin Astoria:

Karvin Talkabout Tango (10/4/2005-)
Karvin Twist'n Smile (10/4/2005-)
Karvin Trademark (10/4/2005-)
Karvin Tamburin Girl (10/4/2005-)
Karvin Take A Chance (10/4/2005-)
HJCH Karvin Tropical Mambo (4/10/2005-) [C (2006)]
Karvin Thompson (10/4/2005-)
Karvin Top Story (10/4/2005-)
Karvin Terracotta (10/4/2005-)

Out of Karvin Zilviana:

Karvin Oakley (7/1/2005-)
Karvin Origami (7/1/2005-)
Karvin Out Of Reach (7/1/2005-)
Karvin Obsession (7/1/2005-)
Karvin Oriana (7/1/2005-)
Karvin Otilia (1/7/2005-)
Karvin Orleans (1/7/2005-)
Karvin Oklahoma (1/7/2005-)
FinCh Karvin Outlander (1/7/2005-) [A/A (2006)]

Out of Fin Ch Karvin Tirlittan:

Flavens Liliana (7/15/1998-) [B/B (2000)]

Out of ChRus Stenveyz Viva Forever:


Out of Heatwave May Flower:

Heatwave Flower Girl (11/26/2001-)

Out of Fin Ch Cosmona's Fairy Tale:

FIN JVA Cosmona's Indian Summer (2/10/2003-) [A/A ( 2004 )]
FIN.CH Cosmona's Indian Dance (2/10/2003-) [B/A (2004)]
HJCh. HSCh. Cosmona's Inspiration (2/10/2003-) [A1]

Out of Karvin Champagne:

Karvin Yellow Champagne
Karvin Yasmine [B/C (200?)]

Out of Karvin Viennetta:

Karvin Oh Carolina [B1]

Out of Fin Ch Golden Soul Design:

Fairquest Ghost Writer (12/22/2003-)
Swed. SH CH Fairquest Game Keeper (12/22/2003-)

Out of ChSw Rossmix Please Be My Dream:

Rossmix Most Wanted (12/6/2001-) [A1]
Rossmix Stay Forever (12/6/2001-3/11/2004) [2002-12-04 HD grad A]
MultCh, ChRus, Bul, Rom, Ser&Mont Rossmix Private Emotion (12/6/2001-) [Unknown 2002-12-04 HD grad A]

Out of Mating Call Miss Marron Top Brood bitch 2007 & 2008:

Greenhill`s Big Bubble (8/1/2005-)
Greenhill's Big Boss (8/1/2005-)
Greenhill`s Big Ben (8/1/2005-)
Greenhill`s Big Bang (8/1/2005-)
Greenhill's Big In Japan (8/1/2005-) [A/B (200x)]

Out of Est & Lv Ch Majik Greensleeves:

Terra Antyda Sani Baxi (2/2/2004-)
Terra Antyda Sani Biggy (2/2/2004-) [A/A (2005)]
Terra Antyda Sani Bonny (2/2/2004-) [A/A (2005)]
Terra Antyda Sani Betsy (2/2/2004-)
Terra Antyda Sani Betty (2/2/2004-)
Terra Antyda Sani Belle (2/2/2004-) [D/D (2005)]
Terra Antyda Sani Bessy (2/2/2004-) [C/C (2005)]
Terra Antyda Sani Bicco (2/2/2004-3/21/2018) [C/A ( 2005)]
EST & LV & LTU & BALT JCH, BALT JW-04, LTU JW-05 Terra Antyda Sani Becky (2/2/2004-) [A0]

Out of Pikestar's Bella Madonna:

Birkmoors Casablanca (12/3/1998-) [A/A (2000)]

Out of Gildas Bright Fantasy:

Gildas Isn't She Lovely (3/28/1998-)
Gildas It's a Pleasure (3/28/1998-)

Out of Karvin Greta Garbo:

MultiCh,Int & HrCh Karvin Zaicca Klubsieger''01,Top winning GR in Croatia''01 & 02 (8/9/1998-) [HD A1]

Out of Goldensmile Joy Of Mine:

Karvin X-plosive (6/18/2002-)
Karvin X-citing (6/18/2002-) [C/B (2004)]
Karvin X-pection (6/18/2002-)
Karvin X-clusive (6/18/2002-)
Karvin Xantamaria (6/18/2002-) [C/C (2004)]
Karvin Xcellent Choice (6/18/2002-) [B/A (2003)]
CH CZ+SK Karvin Xtra Friendly National winner, Club winner (6/18/2002-3/9/2005) [B/B (2003)]
Karvin Xtra Joy (6/18/2002-)

Out of Gildas Don't Cry:

Gleaming Big Love (12/13/1998-5/2009) [A0/A0 (2000)]

Out of FIN CH Karvin Lady Las Vegas:

Karvin Doh Ray Me (4/22/2003-) [B/B (2004)]
Karvin Daddy Cool (4/22/2003-) [A0/A0 (2004)]
Karvin Dee Dee (4/22/2003-) [A0/A0 (19.05.2004)]
Karvin Deborah (4/22/2003-) [A0/A0 (19.5.2004)]

Out of Hoyden Voffel:

Lilldale's Copyright (6/8/1998-) [A/A (1999)]

Out of EST & LV & LT & BALT VET CH Mysis Quilted Rose:

Rogerwiek Decorated Daylight (5/22/2005-)
Rogerwiek Docile Dolphin (5/22/2005-) [A/A (2006)]
Rogerwiek Dignified Diamond (5/22/2005-)
Rogerwiek Dedicated Demeter (5/22/2005-) [A/A (2006)]

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