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Offspring of Aust. CH. Sandusky Klammer Aust CDX (1/16/1991-7/1/2006)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Ch Eraky Sheza Corker CDX RA:

Eraky Adorablesassafras (ai) (10/11/2015-) [1:5]

Out of Perrecca Juliana:

Turragold Georgie Girl (8/2/1996-)

Out of Euraidd Witchcraft:

Euraidd Time Traveller (6/28/2013-) [BVA 3:1]

Out of Balandra Golden Bindi:

Goldenbridge Jaydee

Out of Aust Ch Shtar Belladonna:

Sinderby Silver Shadow
Sinderby Silver Spirit

Out of Hedetorpets Saskia:

Hedetorpets Sara (10/5/1992-) [A1]

Out of Mamjam Honey Pot:

Fernona Lady Josephine (12/16/1997-) [3:3]

Out of Tomintoul Lady Jemma:

Tomintoul Tickelme Elmo

Out of Hedetorpets Unita:

Hedetorpets Frasse (4/3/1992-) [UA (4/22/1993)]
Hedetorpets Frisco (S33213/92) (4/3/1992-) [UA (10/15/1993)]
Hedetorpets Fanny (4/3/1992-) [UA (6/16/1993)]
Hedetorpets Felicia (4/3/1992-) [UA (12/6/1996)]

Out of Ahlina (S31719/86):

Allra Käraste Douglas (4/3/1992-)
Allra Käraste Donald (4/3/1992-)
Allra Käraste Didrik (4/3/1992-)
Allra Käraste Ditte (4/3/1992-) [UA (4/25/1994)]
Allra Käraste Dessi (4/3/1992-) [UA (2/25/1997)]

Out of Mycav Glamour Dot Com:

Mycav Hot Fudge Sundae (3/6/2003-) [6:6]

Out of Aust Gr Ch Coombehill Brae Roshen:

Coombehill Kristin

Out of Acapella Queen-S:

Acapella Elvira Madigan (5/29/1993-)
Acapella Eine Kleine Nachtmusik-K (5/29/1993-) [HD UA (5/31/1994)]

Out of Waxholm Molly:

Strad Emperor (12/14/1999-) [3:5]
Strad Charlote Rose

Out of Hobsonvale Jacquies Joy:

Hobsonvale Harmonie (5/7/2001-) [4.5]

Out of Oxundas Adorably Adeline:

Dellie's Fair-Minded Ferryman (3/19/1993-) [Sweden HD U (4/21/1994)]
Dellie's Fair-Minded Fieldman (3/19/1993-)
Dellie's Fair-Minded Fisherman (3/19/1993-) [Sweden HD U (4/28/1994)]
Dellie's Fair-Minded Foreman (3/19/1993-)
Dellie's Fair-Minded Freshman (3/19/1993-)
Dellie's Friendly Francine (3/19/1993-) [Sweden HD U (10/3/1994)]
Dellie's Friendly Frederica (3/19/1993-) [Sweden HD Grade 2 (8/25/1994)]

Out of Ci-Blan's Amie:

LPI Ci-Blan's Mirassou (3/18/1993-) [Sweden HD U (9/23/1994)]
Ci-Blan's Glen Ellen (3/18/1993-) [Sweden HD U (9/12/1995)]
Ci-Blan's Hedges (3/18/1993-) [Sweden HD U (4/7/1994)]
Ci-Blan's Opus One (3/18/1993-)
Ci-Blan's Dominus Estate (3/18/1993-) [Sweden HD U (5/31/1994)]
Ci-Blan's Jacob's Creek (3/18/1993-) [Sweden HD U (6/1994)]
Ci-Blan's Lindemans (3/18/1993-)
Ci-Blan's Murray Valley (3/18/1993-) [Sweden HD U (4/22/1994)]
Ci-Blan's Barramundi (3/18/1993-) [Sweden HD U (10/13/1994)]

Out of Friendship Charming Duchess:

LP Beachgold Celebrating Cecil (3/19/1992-) [Sweden HD U (1/4/1994)]
Beachgold Certain Cedric (3/19/1992-)
Beachgold Cheerful Chester (3/19/1992-)
Beachgold Charming Charlie (3/19/1992-) [Sweden HD U (3/22/1993)]
Beachgold Chubby Chuck (3/19/1992-)
Beachgold Classy Clay (3/19/1992-)
Beachgold Cosy Cordelia (3/19/1992-) [Sweden HD U (9/3/1993)]
Beachgold Careful Caroline (3/19/1992-)
Beachgold Catchy Catriona (3/19/1992-) [Sweden HD Grade 2 (12/22/93)]
Beachgold Clever Cleopatra (3/19/1992-)
Beachgold Captivating Cassandra (3/19/1992-)

Out of Masvingens Fairy:

Masvingens Asterix (1/20/1993-)
Masvingens Idefix (1/20/1993-)
Masvingens Majestix (1/20/1993-)
Masvingens Miraculix (1/20/1993-)
Masvingens Obelix (1/20/1993-)
Masvingens Atina (1/20/1993-)
LPI LPII SLCH Masvingens Atella (1/20/1993-) [Sweden HD Grade 1 (5/25/1994)]
Masvingens Little Ariel (1/20/1993-)

Out of Euraidd Spring Time CD:

Euraidd Toast N Vegemite Aust CD Aust CDX Aust UD (7/29/2001-4/15/2015) [4.4]
Euraidd Talkabout Thomas Aust CD (7/29/2001-)
Euraidd Monarch Othe Glen CDX (6/23/2002-)
Euraidd Spring Fever Aust CD, Aust CDX, Aust UD (7/29/2001-) [0.2]
Euraidd Ainsley Mcdonald (6/23/2002-) [3:4]

Out of Anntanas Gold Diamantina Aust CD Aust CDX:

Anntanas Gold Indiana Aust CD (6/19/1999-)
Anntanas Gold Jewel (3/2/2000-) [5.6]

Out of Regalcharms Porsche:

Pompier Just Try Me Aust CD Aust CDX (3/7/1999-)
Pompier Tamison (7/7/1998-) [8.6]

Out of Aust Ch Goldtreve Camrose Belle:

Montego Dusky Eve

Out of Aus.Ch Dalius Band Of Gold:

Aust Ch & NZ Ch Kaparla Loch Invar (2/16/1996-) [6.4]
Aust Ch Kaparla Loch Isle (2/16/1996-) [3.3]
Kaparla Loch Swede (2/16/1996-) [5.5]
Kaparla Loch Lorne (2/16/1996-) [3.2]

Out of Aust.Ch Imatriever Imacutie:

Imatriever Serenghetti (5/1/1997-)

Out of Banjora Flaxen Cobi:

Farleydale Avon Macduff Aust CD (3/18/1999-)
Farleydale Santasblitzen CD (12/25/2001-)

Out of Sampot Lu Lu La Roux:

Bonnybelle Tiffany Gold (4/1/1999-) [5.6]

Out of Ramgold Royal Rolica:

Nireno Flash Harry (2/5/1998-) [4.3]
Nireno Holly Golightly (2/5/1998-) [5.5]

Out of Phileni Waltzin Matilda:

Phileni Stowaway (11/25/1996-) [5.7]
Phileni Golden Bear (4/8/1999-) [5.7]
Phileni Trooper (11/25/1996-) [3:5 ]

Out of Euraidd Coffee N Cream:

Bellasbabbies Cafe Latte (10/8/1997-) [4.3]

Out of Kindleigh Hollyhocks:

Aust Ch Mycav Coconut Cream Pie (1/3/1997-2012) [3.4]
Mycav Centrefold Sally (1/3/1997-) [8.5]
Mycav Sweet Georgia (4/11/1998-) [5.11]
Mycav Golden Valentine (11/4/1998-)

Out of Ramgold Regent:

Phileni Ramblin Rose (4/22/1996-) [6.6]
Phileni Cavatina Rose (4/22/1996-) [5.8]

Out of Aust Grand Ch Ralun Stop N Stare:

Chaleur Double O Seven Aust CD (12/14/1995-)

Out of Aust Ch Shogold Vareena Fern:

Aust Ch Shogold English Rose (8/22/1997-)
Aust Ch Shogold Charity O Love (8/22/1997-)

Out of Llangollen Illusions:

Llangollen Oh Nice Aust CD (11/5/1995-)
Llangollen of Kensington (1997-) [6:7 ]

Out of Buffalo Touch Of Paradise:

Buffalo Inspiration Aust CDX (3/25/1997-)

Out of Aust Ch Diogenes The Goldigger:

Aust Ch Diogenes The Light Show (12/4/1995-)
Diogenes Summer Rain CDX AD (12/5/1995-)

Out of Aust Ch Goldog Alpine Talia CDX:

Aust Ch Goldog Alpine Keely (4/4/1996-)
Goldog Alpine Lukas Aust CD (4/4/1996-11/11/2010)
Goldog Alpine Freij [6/5 (11)]
Goldog Alpine Joseph

Out of Aust Ch Kiralas Champagne Bubble:

Aust Ch Sovanna Golden Zachary (2/8/1996-)

Out of SUCH LP Respons Intrikat-Ten:

SUCH Respons Rikoschett-Ten (5/31/1992-)

Out of Melvonroy Midnite Shadow:

Aust Ch Melvonroy Glen Kramer (12/26/1996-)

Out of Galadriel Elvira:

Saxonwood Cludo Aust CD Aust CDX (1/7/1997-)

Out of Pointgold Kwik Reaction:

Aust Ch Goldensam Casper Boy (12/28/1995-) [5.3]

Out of Aust Ch Dykinta Star Ambition:

Aust Ch Dykinta Pattern Pending (12/5/1995-)
Dykinta Tamarinda Zig Zag
Dykinta Taylor Maid NRD (12/5/1995-)

Out of Phileni Jody Pearman:

Elljoa Lady Kensington Aust CD (6/10/1996-) [3.3]

Out of Aust Ch Goldtreve Solita:

Aust Ch Goldtreve Shades of Gold (7/14/1996-)
Aust Ch Goldtreve Annabella (7/14/1996-)

Out of Aust Ch Gunarryn Forever Autumn:

Gunarryn Abbey Road UD (11/3/1995-)

Out of Aust Ch Buffalo Skye Belle:

Aust. GRAND CH Buffalo Bel Ayre Prince (11/8/1995-) [2:2]
Aust. CH Buffalo Belles Madonna (11/8/1995-) [Unknown 4:4]
Buffalo Brindabella (12/17/1996-) [21:7]

Out of Aust. CH Ramgold Romanelle:

Aust Ch Ramgold Ricotta (4/3/1996-4/30/2010) [6.7]
AUST CH Ramgold Radish (4/3/1996-) [1.4]
Ramgold Riverdance Aust CDX (3/19/1998-)
Ramgold Roanokee (3/19/1998-) [5.3]
Ramgold Radiance (6/25/1999-) [4.6]

Out of Aust CH Euraidd Music Othe Night CDX:

Aust Obedience Ch Euraidd Knight Raider Aust CD Aust CDX Aust UD (10/4/1999-9/12/2012) [BVA 5.10]
Euraidd Sea O Dreams Aust CDX ADX ET JD (5/14/1997-) [4.0]
Euraidd Sea Sonnet (5/14/1997-) [8.4]
Euraidd ZALI Nights (4/10/1999-)
Euraidd Night Magic (4/10/1999-) [8.9]
Euraidd Knight Rider (5/14/1997-) [6.2]
Euraidd Knight At Buffalo (5/15/1997-) [0/10]

Out of Aust Ch Ramgold Rendezvous CDX:

Aust. CH Euraidd Reminiscing (6/28/1996-3/19/2009) [Unknown 2:1]
Euraidd Water Lily Aust CDX (5/23/1997-) [Unknown 5:4]
Euraidd Water Willow (5/23/1997-) [2.4]
Euraidd Regatta CD (11/14/1998-)
Euraidd Richochet Aust CD Aust CDX (11/14/1998-)

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