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Offspring of Eng./Am. CH. Bingo of Yelme *** (8/11/1933-12/1946)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Whitebridge Vixen ***:

Sunkist Dandy Of Whitebridge (7/24/1940-)
Whitebridge Topsy Turvy (7/24/1940-)

Out of Fly of Yelme of Whitebridge:

Whitebridge Lady (4/1/1940-)
Whitebridge Fleet (4/1/1940-)
Whitebridge Buff (2/1/1940-)
Whitebridge Teal (4/1/1940-)
Whitebridge Pal (4/1/1940-)
Whitebridge Bubbles (4/1/1940-)

Out of Hornet of Yelme:

Whitebridge Vixen *** (3/10/1938-)
Whitebridge Prancer (3/10/1938-)
Whitebridge Dunder (3/10/1938-)
Whitebridge Dasher (3/10/1938-)
Whitebridge Dancer (3/10/1938-)
Whitebridge Cupid (3/10/1938-)
Whitebridge Comet ** (3/10/1938-)
Whitebridge Blitzen (3/10/1938-)

Out of Dash of Audlon:

Whitebridge Ringold (2/13/1937-)
Ladue Mittens (2/13/1937-)
Fury Of Dorwell (2/13/1937-)

Out of Goldwood Topsy:

Whitebridge Brownie (5/22/1941-)
Whitebridge Pepsi (5/22/1941-)
Whitebridge Pat (5/22/1941-)
Whitebridge Otto (5/22/1941-)
Whitebridge Michael (5/22/1941-)
Whitebridge Bob (5/22/1941-)
Whitebridge Tuck (5/22/1941-)

Out of Vic's Patricia:

Timberland Cruiser (6/24/1949-)

Out of Queen Mary K:

Whitebridge Neptune (5/6/1939-)
Whitebridge Mercury (5/6/1939-)
Whitebridge Mars (5/6/1939-)
Whitebridge Jupiter (5/6/1939-)
Whitebridge Juno (5/6/1939-)
Whitebridge Bacchus (5/6/1939-)
Whitebridge Apollo (5/6/1939-)

Out of Am. CH. Whitebridge Sally:

Whitebridge Lanny (9/21/1939-)
Whitebridge Caller (9/21/1939-)
Whitebridge Queen Sal (9/21/1939-)
Whitebridge Bang (9/21/1939-)
Whitebridge Decoy (9/21/1939-)

Out of Can. CH. Rockhaven Russet:

Gilnockie Virginia (2/27/1938-)
Gilnockie Roberta (2/27/1938-)
Gilnockie Margie (2/27/1938-)
Gilnockie Annette (2/27/1938-)
Can. CH. Gilnockie Bingo (2/27/1938-)
Can. CH. Gilnockie Patience (2/27/1938-)
Gilnockie Beppo (2/27/1938-)
Gilnockie Annabelle (2/27/1938-)
Gilnockie Coquette OD (2/27/1938-)

Out of Am. CH. Speedwell Tango OD:

Whitebridge Bradford (9/10/1937-)
Whitebridge Sandy ** (9/10/1937-)
Whitebridge Meg (9/10/1937-)
Whitebridge Mac (9/10/1937-)
Whitebridge Lassie (9/10/1937-)
Whitebridge Judy OD (9/10/1937-)
FC Whitebridge Wally FDHF (9/10/1937-)

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