Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Am. CH. Beavertail Butch (6/26/1937-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Robford's Alexandria:

Jock Of Robford (1/4/1946-)
Robford's Rocky (1/4/1946-)
Robford's Gold Dust (1/4/1946-)
Robford's Bonnie Lassie (1/4/1946-)
Robford's Ginger (3/19/1948-)
Robford's Gypsy Maid (8/16/1947-)
Robford's Golden Girl (8/16/1947-)

Out of Gold Girl Jill:

Jerry Of Hibbing (6/20/1941-)
Gill (A556881) (6/20/1941-)

Out of Goldwood Peggy:

Robford's Swanky Dan (6/6/1945-)
Robford's Dee Day (6/6/1945-)
Robford's Butch Of Mille Lacs (6/6/1945-)
Elliott's Laddie Of Robford (6/6/1945-)
Robford's Golden Lady (6/6/1945-)
Skipper's Lassie Of Robford (2/17/1944-)
Robford's Copper Penny (2/17/1944-)
Robford's Alexandria (2/17/1944-)

Out of Beavertail Cleopatra:

Beavertail Hotsy (8/28/1939-)
Beavertail Hustler (8/28/1939-)
Beavertail Rex (8/28/1939-)
Beavertail Hearty (8/28/1939-)
Beavertail Heather (8/28/1939-)

Out of Rita Of Willow Loch:

Greenhorn Timothy (10/17/1941-)
Golden Beauty Winslow (10/17/1941-)
Rustville Rusty (10/17/1941-)
Nonstop Judy (10/17/1941-)
Lady Sunshine (10/17/1941-)
October Farm Buccaneer (10/17/1941-)

Out of Goldpine Princess Pat:

Butch's Golden Christy (7/5/1949-)
Butch's Golden Duchess (7/5/1949-)
Dandy Drake (7/5/1949-)
Butch's Golden Buckshot (7/5/1949-)
Butch's Golden Tip (7/5/1949-)

Out of Beavertail Heather:

Whitefish Bay Laddie (10/20/1941-)
Ginger (A600737) (10/20/1941-)
Rusty Priest (10/20/1941-)
Golden Charm (10/20/1941-)
Roxie Ann OD (10/20/1941-)
Sheltercove Patricia (10/20/1941-)

Out of Kingdale's Sunshine:

Rippy Boy (6/15/1947-)
Butch's Rusty (6/15/1947-)
Kim Of Kootenay Lake (6/1/1946-)
Kingdale's Butch (6/1/1946-)
Butch's Golden Teal (6/6/1948-)
Butch's Pride (6/15/1947-)
Butch's Borcay (12/15/1946-)
We-No-Nah's Goldie (6/1/1946-)
Butch's Golden Scott (6/6/1948-)
Kismette Of Kooteray Lake (12/15/1946-)
Our Taffy
Butch's Tricks (6/15/1947-)
Am. CH. Butch's Gypsy Maid CD OD (6/15/1947-)
Butch's Golden Lady (6/15/1947-)
Butch's Bonnie Belle *** (6/6/1948-)
Butch's Buff (6/6/1948-)

Out of Chee-Chee:

Teddy Bear (A653551) (4/3/1942-)
Tawnde (4/5/1942-)
Chee Chee's Copper Chips (4/3/1942-)
Copperwood Judy (4/3/1942-)
Lanenberg's Princess Pat (4/3/1942-)

Out of Mollie of Chateau d'Or:

Victory of Vox Pop (10/1/1942-)
Sally (A673814) (10/1/1942-)

Out of Beavertail Ding:

Beavertail Trigger (9/8/1939-)
Beavertail Imperial (9/8/1939-)
Beavertail Honey (9/8/1939-)
Beavertail Invader (9/8/1939-)
Beavertail Iris (9/8/1939-)

Out of Kingdale's Virginia (S004876):

Kingdale's Punkin (10/31/1946-)
Kingdale's Luck Of Rock Lake (10/31/1946-)
Kingdale's Peppermint Candy (10/31/1946-)
Shall-Mar Kingdale's Judy (10/31/1946-)

Out of Whitebridge Judy OD:

Beaverbridge Dixie (5/7/1943-)
Jerry Of Hibbing II (5/7/1943-)
Procyon (5/7/1943-)
Rocky (A739111) (5/7/1943-)
Gypsy Jane (5/7/1943-)
Pine Hill Rex (5/7/1943-)
Bing Of Sponnville Slough (7/23/1942-)
Lassie Jane (7/23/1942-)
Jimmy of Hobby Acres *** (7/23/1942-)
Kingdale's Goldie *** (5/7/1943-)
Amber Lass (5/7/1943-)

Out of Jill of Chateau d'Or:

Rex Bear (3/31/1941-)
Count Barne (3/31/1941-)
Waco (3/31/1941-)
Skipper (3/31/1941-)

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