Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Swiss CH, German VDH & Club CH, Swiss VetCH, JCH Sokenlea Trendy In Tweed (11/16/2004-8/21/2016)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of German DRC CH, Swiss Beauty/Show/Club CH Bojangels It Must Have Been Love:

Jewelhope Never Is A Long Time (7/14/2015-)
Swiss Show CH Jewelhope Nobody But You (7/14/2015-) [B/B]
CIE, Swiss Club, Beauty+Show CH, Swiss JCH Jewelhope New Day Rising (7/14/2015-) [B/C BVA 6:8]
Jewelhope Need Your Love (7/14/2015-) [A1/A2]
Jewelhope No One But You (7/14/2015-) [C/C]
Jewelhope Never Ending Love (7/14/2015-) [C/C]

Out of Sideia Island Sunny Moon of Ice Pond:

I am Paul Breitner Sunny Moon of Ice Pond (4/10/2013-) [A/A]
I am Mia Hamm Sunny Moon of Ice Pond (4/10/2013-) [B/B]
I am Roy Maurice Keane Sunny Moon of Ice Pond (4/10/2013-) [A]
I am Bodo Illgner Sunny Moon of Ice Pond (4/10/2013-)
I am Amy Rodriguez Sunny Moon of Ice Pond (4/10/2013-)

Out of Rischa vom Wylerhof:

Ayashe Aleshanee from The Spirit Glade (10/9/2011-) [B/B]

Out of Lexa vom Kopfrein:

Indiana-Jones vom Kopfrein (2/18/2009-)

Out of Crack a smile of Creme Puff:

Devoted chaperon for life Arylon [B2/B2]
Devoted chaperon for life Aramis [A2/A2]
Devoted chaperon for life Akimu [B2/B2]
Devoted chaperon for life Antares [A2/B1]
Devoted chaperon for life Aspen [A2/A2]
Devoted Chaperon for Life Amabel (7/22/2010-) [C1]

Out of Kisha Katinka of Skyone:

Quendolin Mary of Skyone (7/20/2009-)

Out of Oda Mae vom Allgaier Moos:

Yellow Thommy vom Allgaier-Moos (1/17/2011-) [A2/A2]
Yaris vom Allgaier-Moos (1/17/2011-) [A2/A2]
Yara vom Allgaier-Moos (1/17/2011-) [A2/A2]

Out of Paulina vom Allgaier-Moos:

Glendanube Beag Bitiunac [A2/A2]
Glendanube Bryan B. Mannix [A2/A2]
Glendanube Banflait Boann [A2/A2]
Glendanube Biunda Belle (5/27/2009-) [B1]
Glendanube Buacaill Blaidd (5/27/2009-)

Out of Sheila vom Kopfrein:

Gismo Silas vom Kopfrein [B/B]
Grate Lady Pamel vom Kopfrein
Gentle Lord Seal vom Kopfrein [B1]

Out of Pany of Goldenlove:

Wicky of Goldenlove (10/21/2011-)

Out of Ginnie Ginger Ale of Skyone:

Miss Magic of Skyone (6/26/2008-)
Mister Mistral of Skyone (6/26/2008-) [A/A]
Miss Money Penny of Skyone (6/26/2008-)

Out of Onara of Red Elder:

Brahms of Emmen Valley (3/14/2009-) [A/B]
Amon of Emmen-Valley (1/15/2008-)
Anusch of Emmen-Valley (1/15/2008-) [A/A]

Out of Int. Ch. CIB Swiss Ch. Repr. Ch. Rizonhills Chic N Chiffon Ribbon Style:

Rizonhills Elle Quent Joy (1/20/2010-) [A/A]
It Vet Ch Rizonhills Erny Dadrink (1/20/2010-) [B/B]
Rizonhills Eddy Nacloud (1/20/2010-) [A/A]
Hr.Ch. Vet.It.Ch. Rizonhills Evelyn Tentions (1/20/2010-) [B/B]

Out of Ft Winner Royal Crest Gold-n Last Shot:

Think Twice Irish Duck Shooting (4/29/2013-)
Think Twice Irish Coffee to Jakira (4/29/2013-) [A/A]

Out of Rising Sun Hope Golden Angels of Oberach:

Ninjo vom Gehrenfeld (3/14/2007-)
Nero vom Gehrenfeld (3/14/2007-)
Nigel vom Gehrenfeld (3/14/2007-) [B1/B1]
Nestor vom Gehrenfeld (3/14/2007-)
Noah vom Gehrenfeld (3/14/2007-)

Out of Cherrywood Eileen Christmas Scent:

Outskirts Beauty Caro (5/29/2007-)
Outskirts Beauty Cora (5/29/2007-)
Outskirts Beauty Chester (5/29/2007-)

Out of Pinkerly Glenkella:

It Junior CH Georgia del Piccolo Agrifoglio (2/19/2009-) [A1]
Gladiator del Piccolo Agrifoglio (2/19/2009-) [B1]
Great Expetaction del Piccolo Agrifoglio (2/19/2009-) [B1]

Out of Bibiloved Mary Rose:

Bibiloved Blue Moon (11/21/2010-)
Bibiloved Red Queen (11/21/2010-) [B2/C1]

Out of Windwhirl Cappuccino Chelsea:

Windwhirl Famous Freedom Flip (6/26/2006-) [B/B]
Windwhirl Facts With Flower Felica [C/C]
Windwhirl Freedom In Me Finlay (6/26/2006-) [A/B]
Windwhirl Fair In Freedom Flash (6/26/2006-) [B/C]
Windwhirl Flower Peace Fame (6/26/2006-) [B/B]

Out of Swiss Veteran CH Daily Rays Whisper of Wind:

Windwhirl Give Me Game Gambo (1/30/2008-7/2/2020) [C/C]
Windwhirl Glamour Game Gill (1/30/2008-) [B/B]
Windwhirl Glory Game Gemma (1/30/2008-7/14/2016) [A/A]
Windwhirl Enthusiastic Touches Enya [B/B]
Windwhirl Gentle Game Grace (1/30/2008-) [B/B]
Windwhirl Game Code Gregory (1/30/2008-2018) [B/B]
Windwhirl Gambler Gang Gideon (1/30/2008-) [A/A]
Windwhirl Elegantly Glitter Eileen (6/20/2006-) [A/A]
Windwhirl Exciting Feeling Elroy (6/20/2006-12/18/2018) [C1/B1]
Windwhirl Exclusive Starlet Emily (6/20/2006-) [A2]
Windwhirl Enchanting Light Eddy (6/20/2006-) [A/A]
Multi CH Windwhirl Early Heart Even (6/20/2006-7/21/2016) [A/A]
Swiss CH, Swiss VetCH, VDH+DRC VetCH Windwhirl Emotion In Love Ebony (6/20/2006-) [B/B]

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