Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Chain Golden Erinor (2/6/2001-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Aura z Jezerní stráně:

Axelle z Nerezinskeho lesa (5/13/2009-) [A/A]

Out of Elis Golden Prestige:

Adelain z Elisciny Terasy (2/14/2007-) [DKK 0/0, HD A/A]

Out of Nefrit Golden Erinor:

Utah Golden Erinor (4/16/2007-)
Ursus Golden Erinor (4/16/2007-)
Unique Golden Erinor (4/16/2007-)
Unikat Golden Erinor (4/16/2007-)
Uncle Tom Golden Erinor (4/16/2007-)
Urban Man Golden Erinor (4/16/2007-)
Ulrika Golden Erinor (4/16/2007-)
Umbrela Golden Erinor (4/16/2007-)
Udina Golden Erinor (4/16/2007-)

Out of Jenny My Love Bohemian Gold:

Kayla Bohemian Gold (1/12/2007-) [1/3]

Out of Berry Bohemian Champagne:

Claire Gold od Gallasu (12/19/2005-)
Ciara Gold od Gallasu (12/19/2005-)
Cassey Gold od Gallasu (12/19/2005-)
Cody Gold od Gallasu (12/19/2005-)
Clyde Gold od Gallasu (12/19/2005-)
Cliff Gold od Gallasu (12/19/2005-)
Claudius Gold od Gallasu (12/19/2005-)
Clark Gold od Gallasu (12/19/2005-)
Claim Gold od Gallasu (12/19/2005-)
Candy Gold od Gallasu (12/19/2005-)
Anthea Gold od Gallasu (11/4/2004-)
Ashley Gold od Gallasu (11/4/2004-)
Armando Gold od Gallasu (11/4/2004-)
Alec Gold od Gallasu (11/4/2004-)
Achilles Gold od Gallasu (11/4/2004-)
Amos Gold od Gallasu (11/4/2004-) [0/2]
Any Gold od Gallasu (11/4/2004-) [1/1]
Aimee Gold od Gallasu (11/4/2004-) [0/0]
Akim Gold od Gallasu (11/4/2004-) [2/2]

Out of Laura Slapska alej:

Bruno z Ricanskych luk (6/2/2004-) [1/1]
Bonnie z Ricanskych luk (6/2/2004-) [4/2]

Out of Gliwice z Vlci stepi:

ChCZ, Chwork CZ Caschira Splendid Fellow ''U'' (7/24/2007-) [HD A/A ( DKK 0/0 )]

Out of ICh Ch CZ JCh CZ Arinka Haslerka Club winner:

Charlie Clark Sonak (7/14/2005-) [4/0]
Charles Condor Sonak (7/14/2005-)

Out of Amalka Artesia Bohemica:

Estell Artesia Bohemica (7/3/2005-)
Emily Artesia Bohemica (7/3/2005-)
Edith Artesia Bohemica (7/3/2005-) [0/0]
Erwin Artesia Bohemica (7/3/2005-) [1/1]
Egon Artesia Bohemica (7/3/2005-) [0/0]
Etien Artesia Bohemica (7/3/2005-)

Out of Loana Golden Erinor:

Vanilla Golden Erinor
Viktor Golden Erinor
Valentin Golden Erinor

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