Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Int.Ch.Srb.Ch, CroCH,Jun.CH,Club Winner '07 Nunsbrook Peregrine Falcon Qualified for Crufts for Life (12/8/2004-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Ch BG Charm Step Scarlet Pimpernel:

Charm Step Sleeping Beauty (8/4/2014-) [FCI B/B]
Charm Step Snow White (8/4/2014-)
Charm Step Starlight (8/4/2014-) [FCI АА]
Charm Step Shoes of Fortune (8/4/2014-)
ChBg GrandChBg JChBg Charm Step Singing Springing lark Working test, Qualification for Crufts (4/8/2014-) [FCI C]
Charm Step Sindbad the Sailor (8/4/2014-)
Charm Step Spirit in the Bottle (8/4/2014-)
Charm Step Sleeping Prince (8/4/2014-)

Out of CIB Tikotta Komatii (Official Therapy Dog):

Tikotta Injun Song of Raindrops (5/5/2014-) [D/D]
Jun BOB Tikotta Injun Vintage (5/5/2014-) [A/A]
Tikotta Injun Flow (5/5/2014-)
Tikotta Injun Tale of Life (5/5/2014-)
Tikotta Injun Light of Spirit (5/5/2014-)
Tikotta Injun Purple Dawn (Official Therapy Dog) (5/5/2014-)
Tikotta Injun Midnight Moon (5/5/2014-)

Out of HCH Club Ch W 14. O'Whisperer from Flawless Carriens (Official Therapy Dog):

Tikotta All In (3/18/2013-) [B/B]
MultiCH JCH Tikotta Pole Position Working Test Winner (3/18/2013-) [FCI B/B]
Tikotta Home Run (3/18/2013-)
Tikotta Match Ball (3/18/2013-)
Tikotta Love Game (3/18/2013-)
Nat'l / Int'l BA CH. Tikotta Touch Down (3/18/2013-)
Tikotta Chess Mat (3/18/2013-) [pre A/A]
Tikotta Brake Point (3/18/2013-)

Out of Ch BG Charm Step Silverbell:

JunClub Winner'14 Amazing Dragon from Crème Caramel (8/29/2013-)
Amazing Never Ending Story from Crème Caramel (8/29/2013-)
Amazing Hero from Crème Caramel (8/29/2013-)
Amazing Charlotte from Crème Caramel (8/29/2013-)
Amazing Amélie Poulain from Crème Caramel (8/29/2013-)

Out of JCH Ser Angela's Golden's Daisy:

Ch Ser Magic Monsoon (11/6/2010-) [A]
ChSer JchSer BISS CLUB WINNER '12.'14 Magic Masterpiece (11/6/2010-) [FCI A]
Magic Pasha (11/6/2010-)
Magic Mediterranean (11/6/2010-)
Magic Mystery (11/6/2010-)
Ch Ser Magic Melody (11/6/2010-) [A]
JCHSer,ChSer, CHBIH Club Winner 2013 BISS Magic Mandoline (11/6/2010-) [FCI A/B]
MultiCH, SrbGCH, BrgJCH Magic Mermaid Of Shadymist (11/6/2010-) [FCI HD:A/B]
SrbCH. SrbJCH Magic Minuet (11/6/2010-) [FCI B]
Ch Ser Magic Moonlight (11/6/2010-) [A/A]

Out of ChScG Beti (JR 73147 Zr):

Apolon (JR 75763 Zr) (5/8/2006-)
ChSCG Asteriks (Nunsbrook Peregrine Falcon x Beti) (5/8/2006-)

Out of Solea Land Karla:

Sleepysong Gladys Blues (11/17/2006-) [HD C]
Ch Srb Sleepysong Gwen Stefany [B1]

Out of Soul Symphony Sleepy Song:

Starlight Symphony (2/7/2010-)
Strawberry Fields Forever (dob 2-7-2010) (2/7/2010-)
Song Of The South (2/7/2010-)
Sweetest Perfection (2/7/2010-)
Seize The Day (2/7/2010-)
Sunshine Of Your Smile (2/7/2010-)
Satelite Of Love (2/7/2010-) [HD(B)]
Smells Like Teen Spiritt (2/7/2010-)

Out of ChSr Swanavly Royal Carmen:

Swanavly Est Quintessence (6/20/2015-) [A/B]
Swanavly Est Pentaquark (6/20/2015-) [B1 ]

Out of Soul Charisma Wag-A-Lot:

Trubliss SUGAR AND SPICE (8/27/2013-)
PL Junior Club Winner'14, PL Junior Champion, PL Champion Trubliss SMARTY PANTS (8/27/2013-) [FCI A]
Trubliss SOLID AS A ROCK (8/27/2013-)
Trubliss STAND BY ME (8/27/2013-)
Trubliss SOMEBODY TO LOVE (8/27/2013-)
Trubliss SOLID JOY AT SWANAVLY (8/27/2013-) [FCI A]

Out of Int.Ch,J.Ch.Pl,Ch.Pl,Rom, Rus,Blr,Ua ROXANA Wi-An-Wa:

Ch.Pl Kofeina Wi-An-Wa (11/29/2014-) [HD-A]
Kenzo Wi-An-Wa (11/29/2014-)

Out of Jch Srb Dina (Swanavly San Francisco x Aida):

CH. Srb JCH. Vineyard Hill Arctic Sun (1/6/2006-) [OFA GR-105477G69M-VPI]
Vineyard Hill All Of You Sleepysong (1/6/2006-)
Mk.CH Vineyard Hill Avanturin Boy (1/6/2006-)

Out of Tara Long Step:

Nastor Irish Magic (9/25/2008-)
Neptun Irish Magic (9/25/2008-)
Nice Irish Magic (9/25/2008-)
Nora Irish Magic (9/25/2008-)
CHSRB Nana Irish Magic (9/25/2008-)
JunSerCh,MneCH,MacCH Nataly Irish Magic (9/25/2008-)

Out of Serbian Junior Champion Non-Stop Ginseng Daisy:

Isbiewhite Sanitacteam Day CGC (5/31/2008-)
Ironblue Sanitacteam Day (5/31/2008-) [OFA GR-106616G36M-VPI]
Innamoon Sanitacteam Day (5/31/2008-) [FCI HDA]

Out of Swanavly Nordic Memories:

Angela's Goldens Spring Calina (2/21/2009-)
Angela's Goldens Spring Flower (2/21/2009-)
Ch Ser Puppy Club Winnner 09 Angela's Goldens Spring Swan (2/21/2009-) [FCI A1]
Angela's Goldens Spring Rain (2/21/2009-)
JCH.SRB, CH.SRB, INT.CH Angela's Goldens Spring Wave (2/21/2009-) [A/B]
Angela's Goldens Spring Wind (2/21/2009-)
Angela's Goldens Spring Sun (2/21/2009-)
Angelas Goldens Spring Butterfly

Out of Int Ch Ro Ch Qual Crufts for LIfe Swanavly Ray of Love:

Swanavly Tangerine Dream (11/1/2013-) [FCI B ]
Ch,JunCh,JunCW'14,Cl.Best Dog'14,ClubWinn'15 Swanavly Tangerine Rum (11/1/2013-) [A1]
Ch, Jun CH, Jun BOB, Club Winner '15 & BOB Swanavly Tangerine Blossom (11/1/2013-) [FCI A]
Swanavly Tangerine Velvet (11/1/2013-) [FCI A/B]

Out of JCH Ballada Fekete Domino:

Sunflower Valley´s Black Orlov (6/13/2008-)
Sunflower Valley Butterfly Bonnie (6/13/2008-)
Sunflower Valley´s Black Wizard (6/13/2008-)
Sunflower Valley´s Balkans Falcon (6/13/2008-)
Sunflower Valley´s Balkan Express (6/13/2008-)
Sunflower Valley's Butterscotch Brandy (6/13/2008-)
Sunflower Valley´s Boogie Woogie (6/13/2008-)
CH. Srb Sunflower Valley's Black Pearl (6/13/2008-) [FCI A1]
Sunflower Valley´s Balalaika Happy Song (6/13/2008-)

Out of Int.Ch.& SCG Ch. Swanavly Silver Jazz:

qqqq (3/28/2011-)

Out of Int.Ch.,Cro Ch. & Scg Ch., Club Win.''05 Swanavly Silver Jade Crufts Qual for Life:

Swanavly Imperial Jade (2/15/2008-) [A1 4:3 ]
Swanavly Imperial Amethyst (2/15/2008-)
IntChSerCh Crufts Qualifiied 2016 Swanavly Imperial Emerald (2/15/2008-) [A1 4:4]
ChSer JunCh Swanavly Imperial Garnet (2/15/2008-) [A/A]
IntCh,JCh,Ch Ser,Club Winner 2011, Swanavly Imperial Peridot (2/15/2008-) [FCI A1 4:5]

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