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Offspring of MBISS Aust Ch Giltedge Blackwatch (11/26/2003-3/31/2015)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of AustCH Dobro Spanish Harlem (AI):

Dobro Catching Chilzer (AI) (10/15/2018-) [BVA 4/5]
Dobro Chasing Chilzer (AI) (10/15/2018-) [BVA 3/3]
Dobro Nightwatch (AI) (10/15/2018-) [AVA 1/1 ]
Dobro Chasing Waves (AI) (10/15/2018-)

Out of Aust Ch Ralun A Touch of Silk (AI):

Aust CH Ralun lasting touch (12/18/2014-) [AVA 4:8]

Out of Heatwave Leap Of Faith:

Giltedge Freya's Banjo (10/16/2013-) [BVA 0:2]

Out of Phileni Phantasy:

Phileni Sambucca
Aust. Ch. Phileni Watch Out For Tegan (4/13/2012-) [1:1]

Out of Fantango Academy Award:

Aust. Ch. Fantango Dress Circle (8/10/2010-) [1:1]

Out of Aust. Ch & Neut Ch. Beaucroft Faith in You and Me (AI):

Aust Ch Kiriel Wild At Heart [1:2]

Out of Jonesh Walk On By:

Jonesh Chai Latte (2/16/2012-5/11/2020)
Jonesh Cinnamon Latte

Out of Aust. Ch. Goldlake Once Upon A Time:

Aust Ch Goldlake Happily Ever After (2/1/2012-)

Out of Camestone Lois Lane:

Camestone Gracious (5/13/2017-)
Camestone Gina Gee (5/13/2017-)
Camestone Guilt Trip (5/13/2017-) [BVA 4:4]
Camestone Gather Lilacs (5/13/2017-) [BVA 6:7]
Camestone Grant A Wish (5/13/2017-)
Camestone Going Places (5/13/2017-)

Out of Chaleur Wearing Prada:

Kaparla Under Pressure
Aust Ch Kaparla On A Mission (3/28/2010-) [2:1 (FCI A2)]

Out of Ralun Xtravaganza:

Ralun Fashion in Style
MBIS Aust Sup Ch Ralun Flying High (AI) (12/24/2012-)

Out of Athalow Ivana Candy:

Athalow Set Fire To The Rain

Out of RuBISS Aust Ch Beaucroft Fait Accompli:

Ch Tweedwater Lady Marcia (1/22/2012-) [6/4]
Supreme Champion Tweedwater Royal Fusilier (1/22/2012-)

Out of Dt. Jgd. CH Heartwarming Beaquoy of Graceful Delight:

TQ Jinx (6/4/2012-) [B1/B1]
Dt. CH TQ James Bond 007 (6/4/2012-) [A1 / A1]

Out of Aust Supreme Champion Yellowfetch Whatz It To U {ET}:

AustCH Fetchnpoint Whatz It Matter To U (10/27/2009-) [5,6]
Fetchnpoint Whatz In It For Me (10/28/2009-)
Fetchnpoint Whatz Another One (10/27/2009-) [1,2]

Out of Multi CIG Aust Ch Emperosgold Aussie Idol:

Emperosgold Rock Star (4/10/2009-)
Aust Ch Emperosgold Idol Gossip (4/10/2009-) [BVA 4/4]

Out of Aust Ch Naragold Petaluma (AI):

Naragold Colour of Love [3:3]
Int Ch BIS BISS Ch Naragold Colour Me Gold for Mochavulin (6/11/2009-3/17/2018) [A1:A1 (SA) / 0-3 (BVA/UK&Aus)]
Aust Ch Naragold True Colours (6/12/2009-) [6/6]

Out of Pencandy Mystical Flick:

Pencandy Chamielia
pencandy hugo boss (8/20/2010-)

Out of Goldew Jubilee:

Avonbreeze Best Man (5/15/2010-)

Out of Ashiya Dream Come True:

Ashiya Too Good Tobe True (8/30/2007-)

Out of Aust Ch Kaparla Guilty As Charged:

Aust Ch Kaparla Rhythm Omy Heart (2/18/2008-) [AVA 2:2]

Out of All Eyes on You Voice of Tenderness:

Eurogold Eye Wish (3/22/2008-)
Aust Ch Eurogold Eye Witness (3/22/2008-) [5:4]
Aust Ch Eurogold Eye Catcher (3/22/2008-) [2:1]

Out of Bournbeau Judds Hill QC NRD:

NZ CH Bournbeau Xcalibur at Keridale (9/22/2008-) [BVA 4:4=8]

Out of Giltedge All About Mary:

Giltedge All About Roxy (11/15/2007-)

Out of Aust Ch Goldbrior Never So Fine:

Goldbrior Has To Be Fine (5/11/2008-) [3:0]
Goldbrior Hot Mocha Chino (5/11/2008-) [5:3]

Out of Aust Grand Ch Dobro Diamantina:

Aust Ch Aneiraby Bell Talk of the Town (8/15/2011-) [4:7]
Aneiraby Galileos Eye Catcher
Aneiraby galilleos eyecatcher (8/15/2011-)
Aust Ch Aneiraby Ohm Cant Resist (8/15/2011-) [BVA 0:2]

Out of Dobro Free As A Bird (AI):

Giltedge Nobleman
Giltedge The Diva (10/25/2005-) [1:0]
Giltedge Priceless (10/25/2005-) [5:4]

Out of Stanroph Solo Flight:

Goldfleece Swansong

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