Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Am. CH. Featherquest Jay's Blond Tom OS (11/24/1955-1968)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Stardust Taffy Of Great Oak:

Goldie Locks Of Ross (1/23/1960-)
Paine's Blond Lady (1/23/1960-)

Out of Jason's Ginger:

Canterbury Tom (7/12/1960-)
Gamma's Gem (7/12/1960-)

Out of Golden Countess Of Tamsworth:

Linda Dawn (7/7/1960-)

Out of Kingoldrum Firelight:

Kingoldrum Leila Belle (9/8/1962-)

Out of Lucky Star's Oriana:

Gairloch's Golden Rye (7/10/1958-)

Out of Dippers' Eta of High Farms:

Bellabeau's Angel (12/16/1959-)
Bellabeau's Comet (12/16/1959-)

Out of Tasha of Tanya:

Blonde Tanya (9/10/1962-)
Nugget of Noreen (9/10/1962-)
Christmas Of Deer Horn (9/10/1962-)
Ken-Mars Duchess (9/10/1962-)

Out of Sunshine Of Rumstick:

Post Oak Golden Tanya (10/23/1961-)

Out of Golden Vanitie's Gloria:

Glo's Golden Glee (5/18/1958-)
Glo's Generous Sentiment (5/18/1958-)
Am. CH. Glo's Polyhymnia (5/18/1958-)

Out of Am./Can. CH. Century House Cinderella Am./Can.CD:

Am./Can. CH. Sunstream's Golden Eagle Am./Can. CD (4/21/1957-1962)

Out of Star Topaz:

Riverbrim Laurel (8/25/1959-)
Prince Topaz (8/25/1959-)
Brandy Alexander Cordial (8/25/1959-)

Out of Am. CH. Miss Lillibet of Wessala:

Wessala Gold Florin (4/25/1957-)

Out of Dipper's Zeta of High Farms:

Bellabeau's Ivy (12/16/1959-)

Out of Golden Juliette:

Golden Juliette's Blond Noel (10/28/1957-)
Rusty Of Beauport (10/28/1957-)

Out of Am. CH. Star Spray Enid's Glorieta OD:

Goldenloe's Tansation (7/12/1965-)
Goldenloe's Sun Bronze (7/12/1965-)
Goldenloe's Spirit Of Glory (1/21/1963-)
Am. CH. Goldenloe's Moment Of Glory (1/21/1963-)
Am. CH. Goldenloe's Tanfastic CDX SDHF OS (7/12/1965-8/29/1972)
Am. CH. Goldenloe's Glory Dawn UD WC (1/21/1963-) [OFA GR-168]
Am. CH. Goldenloe's Blaze of Glory (1/21/1963-)
Goldenloe's Glory Be (1/21/1963-)
Am. CH. Goldenloe's Bronze Lustre (7/12/1965-) [OFA GR-268]

Out of Am. CH. Star Spray Enid's Maria OD:

Star Spray Maria's Rocket UD (11/5/1962-)
Star Spray Maria's Electra (11/5/1962-)
Am./Can. CH. Star Spray Maria's Gloria OD (11/5/1962-) [OFA GRC-07]
Am./Can./Bda. CH. Star Spray Maria's Rayo Del Sol * OS SDHF (11/5/1962-1/1/1979)

Out of Am. CH. Tabby Of Goldendoor OD:

Marwar Lady Macbeth (9/14/1957-)
Marwar Sarah (9/14/1957-)
Am. CH. Marwar Romeo (9/14/1957-)
Am. CH. Marwar Banquo (9/14/1957-)

Out of Am. CH. Golden Girl Enid * OD:

Am. CH. Star Spray's Enid's Remus CD * (5/1/1959-)

Out of Am. CH. Lorelei's Lucky Star:

Lucky Star's Alpha (3/26/1957-)

Out of Am. CH. High Farms Torch CD:

Lil Nave of High Farms (1/10/1957-)
Am. CH. High Farm's San Gria (1/10/1957-)

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