Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Goldwood Toby UD OBHF (6/20/1941-11/9/1948)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Seelka (A710361):

Seelka's Deenka (11/9/1947-)
Seelka's Cinderella (11/9/1947-)
Seelka's Dmitri (11/9/1947-)
Featherquest Seekla's Toby (11/9/1947-)

Out of Lady Victoria (S151809):

Zipper (S204860) (6/3/1947-)
Buff Fellow Bill (6/3/1947-)
Penny II (S255088) (6/3/1947-)
Featherquest Diana (6/3/1947-)
Trusty Of Brigadoon (6/3/1947-)
Lucky of Cherry Lane
Gunner's Mate of Featherquest CD (6/3/1947-)

Out of Lincoln Golden Victory:

Little Hill Teal II (5/29/1948-)
Little Hill Surf Scoter (5/29/1948-)
Little Hill Sanderling (5/29/1948-)
Little Hill Petrel (5/29/1948-)
Little Hill Dovekie (5/29/1948-)
Little Hill Harlequin (5/29/1948-)
Little Hill Willet CD (5/29/1948-)
Little Hill Widgeon (5/29/1948-)
Little Hill Egret (5/29/1948-)

Out of Golden Dawn Taffy:

Golden Dawn Penny (10/26/1947-)
Dawn Flight Toby
Natasha Topaz (10/26/1947-)

Out of Blonde Lady Of Taramar:

Featherquest Blondie Girl (5/28/1947-)
Featherquest Bonnie Lassie (5/28/1947-)
Tennessee's Jack Daniels *** (5/28/1947-1955)
Am. CH. Gunner of Featherquest CDX * OS (5/28/1947-)

Out of Banty's Pluto Of Bushaway:

Featherquest Golden Lady (7/18/1948-)
Featherquest Saffron Sprite (12/13/1946-)
Featherquest Rebecca (12/12/1946-)
Featherquest Taffy (7/18/1948-)
Featherquest Topaz Lass (10/17/1945-)
Featherquest Rusty (10/17/1945-)
Featherquest Roger Wilco (10/17/1945-)
Featherquest Robin (10/17/1945-)
Featherquest Parma Belle (10/17/1945-)
Featherquest Nimrod (10/17/1945-)
Featherquest Bob White (10/17/1945-)
Featherquest Binker (12/13/1946-)
Featherquest Chip's Splinter (7/18/1948-)
Featherquest Sutter's Gold CD (7/18/1948-)
Featherquest Toby (10/17/1945-)
Featherquest Trigger UDT OBHF (12/13/1946-1955)
Am. CH. Featherquest Paydust (12/13/1946-)
Featherquest Patton CD (10/17/1945-)
Jay Hill Josephine (12/13/1946-)
Featherquest Pamela (12/13/1946-)

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