Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Am. CH. Footprint Of Yeo CD OS (3/15/1968-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Fox Rock's Gold Token CD:

Wingfield's Sweet Sadie (8/13/1976-)

Out of Am CH Denlar's Champagne CDX:

Am CH Marbos First Lady of Denlar CD (6/20/1972-)

Out of Cloverdale's Goldmark Gypsy:

Goldmark Independence (SC096978) (9/29/1976-)
Brandelynn's Goldmark Dusty (9/29/1976-)

Out of Cal-Vo's Lucky Luci:

Cal-Vo's Autumn Russet CDX (10/20/1977-) [OFA GR-20421]
Cal-Vo's Royale of Riverside (10/20/1977-)

Out of Bridlewold's Golden Heather:

Bridlewold's Fox Sparrow (10/8/1975-)
Bridlewold's Irish Mist (10/8/1975-)

Out of Moreland's Golden Penny:

Moreland's Snoopy Girl (12/15/1975-)
Hollyrun's Taragold Mia (12/15/1975-)
Golden Honey of Hollyrun (12/15/1975-) [OFA GR-7058]

Out of AmCH Glorybee Merri Mondi CD:

Glorybee Sunny Mondi (1/12/1977-2/14/1988)
Glorybee's Mondi Editor (1/12/1977-)

Out of Cal-Vo Westmont Kristin CD:

Buechting's Reprint Of Cal-Vo (12/20/1978-) [OFA GR-10709]
Alstar Teasel Of New River (12/20/1978-)

Out of AmCH Hgl's Happy Charisma Of Cal-Vo CD WC:

Cal-Vo's Frosted Phantasy (5/27/1976-)
HGL Lord Chadwick of Cal-Vo CD (5/27/1976-11/19/1988)

Out of Am. Ch. Wildwood Windemere:

Wildwood's Loch Linnne/Wildwood's Loch Linne (10/28/1977-)
Wildwood's Toboggan (10/28/1977-)
OTCH Wildwood's Autumn Aspenglow TD (10/28/1977-)
Wildwood Oakmount Blossom CD (10/28/1977-)

Out of Lynn-D'Or Abigail Of Dalka:

Countess Buffy (8/17/1972-) [OFA GR-2926]

Out of Coppermead Cressida:

Cal-Vo's Reprint Of Footprint (4/25/1979-)

Out of Cragmount's Annabelle OD:

Cal-Vo's Iroquois Bird (6/7/1974-10/11/1987) [OFA Good]
Cal-Vo's Dulcinea (7/26/1972-)
Am. CH. Cal-Vo's Dusti Dawn CD (7/26/1972-) [OFA GR-02262]
Cal-Vo's Irish Luck (6/7/1974-)

Out of Am. CH. Gilliflower Of The Manor:

Manorloch's Deil-ma-care

Out of Am. CH. Cragmount's Auster CD OD:

Starfarm Oro del Norte (2/6/1970-)

Out of AmCH Moreland's Golden Bonnie:

Lady Amanda Of Moreland (1/3/1976-) [OFA GR-7224]

Out of Am. CH. Royal Flush Of Yeo UDT WC OD:

Starfarm Auster (6/3/1969-)
Starfarm Apollo (6/3/1969-)
Am. CH. Starfarm Algernon (6/3/1969-)
Am. CH. Starfarm Aglow (6/3/1969-) [OFA GR-871]

Out of Hunts Early Bird CDX:

Quantock's Happy Feet CDX TD WCX (1/21/1978-) [OFA GR-23363G49M]
Quantock's Happy Landing UD (1/21/1978-)
Quantock's Happy Days (1/21/1978-)
OTCh Quantocks Rick-Rack TD WC OBHF OD (11/3/1975-) [OFA GR 6461-T]
Quantocks Ruffian CD OD (11/3/1975-) [OFA GR-6681]
Can.CH Windfall's Quantock Roxanne CD [OFA GR-6430]
Am. CH Quantocks Ringmaster CDX (11/3/1975-) [OFA GR-6682]

Out of Am. CH Bob's Mellow Yellow CD:

Dacotah Gold's Magnolia (1/12/1978-)
Squire Luke of Calvert (1/12/1978-)
Dacotah Gold's Dandylyon (1/12/1978-)

Out of Am. CH Beaumaris Tangleloft Haley CD:

Tangleloft Farthingale (10/19/1976-)
Beaumaris Fresh As Clover (10/19/1976-)
Beaumaris Fortune Hunter (10/19/1976-) [OFA GR-8333 ]

Out of Am. CH. Liberator Synergold Jubilee:

Am. CH. Synergold Galyarde Classic OS (6/14/1979-1992) [OFA GR-11746]

Out of Am. CH. Beckwith's Malagold Starfarm OD:

Starfarm's Challange Of Cal-Vo (12/22/1971-)
Cal-Vo's Khaki Tartan (3/13/1975-)
Calvo's Korn Flake (3/13/1975-) [OFA GR-6971 ]
Denmar's Halfpenny of Cal-Vo (4/22/1974-)
Am CH Cal-Vo's Special Kay (3/13/1975-) [OFA GR-7227]
Am CH Cal-Vo's Kind Destiny (3/13/1975-)
Am. Ch. Cal-Vo's Copper Commander (12/22/1971-) [OFA GR-02189]
AmCH Hgl's Happy Charisma Of Cal-Vo CD WC (12/22/1971-) [OFA GR-1854]
Am. CH. Cal-Vo's El Capitan CD (3/6/1973-) [OFA GR-3070]
Cal-Vo's High Priority (4/22/1974-)
Am Ch Cal-Vo's Cindra Of Deebee (12/22/1971-)
Am. CH. Sabahka's Alexander Of Cal-Vo CD OS (6/4/1970-12/15/1979) [OFA GR-1043 and GR-8613]
Am.Can.Ch. Alderbrooke Calvo Heritage UD Can. CDX (4/22/1974-) [OFA GR-3956]
Am./Can./Mex. CH. Cal-Vo's Happy Ambassador Am./Can. CD OS SDHF (6/4/1970-5/30/1981) [OFA GR-1103]

Out of Am. CH. Cal-Vo's Flamboyant Flirt:

Cal-Vo's Nothing Finer (3/30/1975-) [OFA GR-6897]
Am. CH. Cal-Vo's Nickel Nehi OD (3/30/1976-) [OFA GR-7208]

Out of Ch Liberator Larkspur CD OD:

Synergold Seaview Liberator (8/23/1977-) [OFA GR-8828]
Am. CH. Synergold Alder Liberator (8/23/1977-) [OFA GR-8864 24F]
Synergold Alban Liberator (8/23/1977-) [OFA GR-8861]

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