Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Int Ch Ritzilyn Match Point (9/4/2005-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of JCHRUS, ChRUS, RKF, Club, Grand, Duck Leymary Snow Melandina:

JCHRUS, ChRUS, RKF, Club, Grand Melandi New Wave (1/21/2012-)

Out of JChRUS,ChRUS, CW, ChRKF Choicegold Ivory Instants Glory:

JChRUS, JCW, ChRUS, CW, ChRKF Choicegold Ellaria (10/12/2014-) [FCI A/A]


Arkandorus Shevi One (9/7/2011-) [A/A]

Out of Bonita Vom Haus Kseni:

JCh Rus, Ch Rus, Ch RKF,Сh Club Golden Talisman Djane Miracle (12/10/2010-) [Unknown AA]

Out of JCh RUS, Ch RUS, Ch GEO,Ch RKM, Ch Mol, Gr Ch RKM, Gr Ch Mol Goldendaisy Zoe Glamur Gerl:

J Ch RUS, Ch RUS, JCh CW, Ch CW, Gr Ch RUS Goldendaisy Origami Magik Gerl (12/5/2012-) [HD - A]

Out of Goldendaisy Ellery Elizabeth:

JCh Rus, Ch Rus, Ch CW Goldendaisy Pickford Wonderful (3/24/2013-) [HD - A]

Out of Ch Rus, CW Tramin Sunshine Of Your Love:

CH J Rus La Reina Derika [FCI B]

Out of Ulysses über den Wolken:

Halligland's Golden Amber Queen

Out of Jch Rus, Ch Rus,Ch Cz, Ch Lit, Ch Lt, Ch BCU, GR Ch RUS, GRCh BCU, Ch CW Giddygold Heart of Love:

JCh Rus, Ch Rus, JCh CW, Ch CW Goldendaisy Kaliforny Quckstep (5/15/2011-) [HD - B]
JCh Rus, Ch Rus, Jch CW, Ch CW Goldendaisy Karolina by Cocoshanel (5/15/2011-) [HD - A]
Int Ch, JCh Rus, Ch Rus, Ch Est, GrCh Rus, JCh CW, Ch CW Goldendaisy Kazino Royal (5/15/2011-) [HD - A]
Ch JRus, Ch JNKP,Ch Rus, Ch NKP Goldendaisy Kasino Royal (5/15/2011-) [AA]

Out of Valdaora di Sotto Cvetok leta:

Cvetok leta Igrivyi luchik (4/1/2012-)
Cvetok leta Izumrudnyi Svet (4/1/2012-)
Cvetok leta Iiulskaia raduga (4/1/2012-)

Out of GrChRus,Ukr,Ch NKP,Rus,Ukr,Balt,Bl,Lt,Lv,Est,JchR Sandy Oliv Ippolita:

Sandy Oliv Tseylonskaya Roza J.ChRus, ChRus, GRC Winner (4/9/2013-) [AA]


Ch Ukr Beauty Family Infanta for Aurum Spirit (5/29/2011-) [OK]

Out of Inter,Grand,Rus,Bel,Lat.Ch.,Jun.RusCh.,Trialer Ambergold GK Remain As It Is:

Ambergold GK Marygold (6/11/2014-)
Ambergold GK Maharaja (6/11/2014-)
Ambergold GK Maximum Of Happiness (6/11/2014-)
Ambergold GK Make My Day (6/11/2014-)
Ch & JChRus Ambergold GK Matchmaker (6/11/2014-)
Ambergold GK Mon Ami (6/11/2014-)
Ambergold GK Merrymaker (6/11/2014-)
Ambergold GK Marigold (6/11/2014-)
Ambergold GK Melody (6/11/2014-)
Grandchampion, Rus.Ch., GRC.Ch.,RKF Ch., Jun.Rus.,Est.,Latvia Ch., Trialer Ambergold GK Light Of Love (11/10/2013-) [A/A]

Out of JCh Ua,Ch Ua Woodrays Bona Dea By Tramin:

Ch CY, Ch AZ Tramin Fairytale (12/22/2010-) [FCI A (15D0670)]
Tramin Five to One (12/22/2010-)
CanCH Tramin Fun in the Sun (12/22/2010-) [OFA GR-107875G26M-PI ]
Tramin Festival (12/22/2010-)

Out of ChRus,Bul,JChRus Tramin Waterfall of Music:

Woodrays White Angel (7/21/2011-)
Woodrays Whisper you Secret (7/21/2011-)
Woodrays Udelina Vivat (7/21/2011-)
Woodrays Unique Shance (7/21/2011-)
Woodrays Winfrey (7/21/2011-)
Woodrays Undina (7/21/2011-)
Woodrays Umberto (7/21/2011-) [AA]

Out of Chaveni's Willy Nilly:

Giddygold Match Marilyn Monroe (7/1/2006-)
SE VCH SE U(U)CH Giddygold Match Dali Svensk VildtsporChampion (7/1/2006-)
Giddygold Match Ginger Rogers (2006-) [B 1]

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