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Offspring of Eng. CH. Camrose Cabus Christopher (9/17/1967-4/13/1977)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Michelle's Sovereign Lady:

Chance of a Golden Sovereign

Out of Milo Jeannie:

Jolan Ben Hope

Out of Golden Jenny of Chiltington:

Rodos Sula

Out of Camrose Lastrid of Mornmist:

Mornmist Natasha

Out of Sheba Lassie of Jacridor:

Jucridor Bracken

Out of Silver Maid of Hintock:

Hintock Marianne (10/12/1974-)

Out of One Ash Spirit Of Independence:

Toffer's Legacy To One Ash (3/9/2011-)

Out of Shingdor Tina:

Dorrald Tina's Treasure

Out of Littlecombe Kate:

Littlecombe Enrico of Broadwaters

Out of Camrose Utella:

Tella Catriona

Out of Liza of Chalfont:

Bramblyn Chafforn Jill

Out of Sine of Rudhacadail:

Rudhacadail Maragay

Out of Grand Champion Goldtreve Wild Child:

Goldtreve Christian (ai) (10/12/2006-)

Out of Zena of Jucridor:

Jucridor Forever

Out of Camrose Xellent Tearose:

Camrose Time to Dream (7/10/2004-) [10 BVA]
Camrose Time For Love (10/7/2004-) [OFA GR-91524G26F]
Camrose Time to Travel (7/10/2004-) [Total 10 (BVA)]
INT.CH Serb/Bulgarian Ch. Camrose Time for Tiffin (A.I.) (7/10/2004-) [2006 A hips]
Camrose Time to Tango (7/10/2004-) [15 (Australia)]
Camrose Toffers Return (10/7/2004-)
Eng SH.CH. Camrose Time To Return JW (10/7/2004-) [BVA Hip Score 4:4]
Camrose Time Traveller (7/10/2004-)

Out of Aust. CH. Goldtreve Camrose Tango:

Goldtreve Camrose Fame (A.I.) (1/5/2003-) [5-4]

Out of Chafforn Liza of Chalfont:

Chafforn Sally
Chafforn Chincherinchee

Out of NUCH Asebygarden's Besheeba:

Asebygarden's Delightful Desdemona
Asebygarden's Delicious Dairymaid

Out of Braidmore Westley Georgina:

Braidmore Blithesome (7/7/1975-)

Out of Romside Raffloretta:

Romside Rhecherche

Out of Broadwaters Beauty:

Sovereign of Cobbinsbrooke

Out of Brambletyne Miss Pollyanna:

Brambletyne Georgie Girl

Out of Bryn Bras Jalmun:

Gladwag Get-A-Gun
Gladwag Flintlock (8/5/1974-)

Out of Orleno Pollybird:

Kenstaff Starshine
Bridemac Kenstaff Silver Belle

Out of Emma of Menuka:

Mischief of Petrina

Out of Rossut Linnet:

Rossut Jennifer

Out of Auroglow Shandy:

Auroroglow Clarissa

Out of Portcullis Tradition:

Cape Cinnamon

Out of Golden Suzie of Kenstaff:

Holly of Fedha

Out of Nortonwood Solitaire:

Nortonwood Flamboyant

Out of Rowangees Lochan Deerie:

Rowangees Antonio
Rowangees Alfio

Out of Lindys Matilda of Alsera:

SUCH Alseras Catriona (6/22/1973-)
NUCH Alseras Capello (6/22/1973-) [Sweden HD U (197?)]
Alseras Camellia Of Lindys (6/22/1973-)

Out of Camrose Ugay:

Galerick Jollie (7/12/1974-)

Out of NUCH Spervikbukten's Kristina:

NUCH Spervikbuktens's Pebbles (8/14/1974-)
Spervikbukten's Pernille
Nor. Ch. Spervikbuktens Philip (8/14/1974-)

Out of Australian Champion Goldtreve Tosca:

Goldtreve Special Issue (1/7/1988-) [4:10]

Out of Aust Ch Montego Maple Syrup:

Goldtreve Camrose Lucius
Aust Ch Goldtreve Camrose Star (12/17/1995-)
Goldtreve Camrose Fabius
Aust. CH Goldtreve Camrose Tobias [6:5]
Australian Grand Champion Goldtreve Camrose Tess (A.I.) [9:11]
Aust Ch Goldtreve Camrose Belle (12/17/1995-) [6/6]
Goldtreve Camrose Cadet (AI) [AVA Hip Score 5:4]

Out of Suwannee Starflash:

Suwannee Starlight

Out of Suwannee Sindie Lou:

CanCH Suwannee Sider OD (5/25/1972-)

Out of Harru Lady of Charm:

CanCH Tofferina of Camrose CanCDX WC OD (5/7/1972-)

Out of Karlbrook Karena:

Sunshine of Clevedon

Out of Styal Sophia:

NUCH Styal Scimiter (8/6/1974-) [UA (19??)]

Out of Kingsworthy Spungold:

Abigail Wykeham

Out of Chimis of Petrina:

Can. CH Othello Of Combe

Out of Aust Ch Nayr Melodymaker:

Ferngold Chrystella (AI) (2/16/1977-)
Ferngold Christian (AI) (2/16/1977-)
Ferngold Chrystina (AI) (2/16/1977-)
Aust Ch Ferngold Christopher (AI) (2/16/1977-)

Out of Taval Enchantress of Jenric:

Jenric Andrea (3/18/1976-2/21/1989)

Out of Colbar Carousel:

Can CH OTCH Colbar Genevieve Can WC

Out of Kay of Kuldana:

Kirstina of Kuldana [Sweden HD U (19??)]

Out of Golden Daydreamer of Petrina:

Precious Gift of Petrina
N UC CH Precious Gold Of Petrina (4/8/1971-)

Out of Brambletyne Ra:

Brambletyne Paddington Bear
Brambletyne Musk

Out of Micklehithe New Year Joy:

Micklehithe Delia Of Streamrise

Out of Camrose Westley Loretia:

Camrose Allegro (6/4/1973-)
Camrose Allelvia (6/4/1973-)

Out of Irish CH. Whitewater Jo:

Whitewater Jennifer

Out of Lindys Caprice:

Aust CH Lindys Custodian (1/27/1976-)

Out of Calypso Of Yeo:

Goldshot Griselda
Goldshot Genevieve Of Gatchells

Out of Gilly Of Rooftreetop:

Eng. SH. CH. Guelder Of Rooftreetop (5/14/1969-)

Out of Camrose Kertrude:

Camrose Evenmist
Camrose Evensky
Eng./Can./Ber. CH. Camrose Evenpatrol (11/30/1968-)

Out of Spring Morning of Petrina:

Morning Dew of Petrina (5/27/1969-)
Morning Joy of Petrina (5/27/1969-) [UA (19??)]

Out of Westley Flicka Of Gaylon:

Gaylon Cheeky Imp
Gaylon Merry Milenka

Out of Linsun Loretta:

Goronne Artful Dodger of Barklands

Out of Sansue Natasha Of Melfricka:

Melfricka Brevity of Rockwin
Melfricka Baggage

Out of Tamsin Of Tallyrand:

Tallyrand Trudi

Out of Sansue Latisha:

Sansue Rebecca CD (8/10/1971-)

Out of Braydan Bray:

Braydan Silver Jubilee (2/12/1977-)

Out of Deremar Tess Of Farmcott:

Deremar Ratbag
CanCH Deremar Henry
CanCH Deremar Camilia CanCD
Deremar Hector of Hughendon
Eng. CH. Deremar Rosemary (2/3/1970-)

Out of Astella Of Davern:

Davern Gabriella

Out of Janacre Littlecombe Lisa:

Janacre Tempest Of Gayplume
Janacre Casanova
Janacre Charmaine

Out of Kabella Of Kuldana:

Eng. CH. Kuldana Kordelia (6/2/1976-)

Out of Davern Fennella:

Davern Marry Ministrel (11/16/1974-)
Davern Harvella Starlight

Out of Candida Of Pleidenam:

Karin Of Pleidenam

Out of Ashwater Solitaire:

Ashwater Gossamer
Avonpine Ashwater Governess

Out of Thenford Party Piece:

Thenford Journeyman
Dilly Thenford Hugo
Fin. CH. Thenford Hamish (3/31/1976-) [Sweden HD U (19??)]
Thenford Artisan
Thenford Henrietta (3/31/1976-)

Out of Stradcot Cameo:

Stradcot Dollybird

Out of Portcullis Kittiwake:

Portcullis Nobleman
Eng. SH. CH. Portcullis Napoleon (11/3/1974-)

Out of Ellendune Elizabeth:

Ellendune Gay Charmer (6/12/1974-)
Ellendune Nana
Ellendune Gay Lady

Out of Irish CH. Mandingo Marigold:

Glenavis Belladonna (8/21/1971-)
Danish CH. Glenavis Bellagirl
Eng. SH. CH./Nor. CH. Glenavis Barman (8/21/1971-) [Sweden HD U (19??)]

Out of Epiphany Of Camrose Lilycott:

Lilycot Lunar Quill of Loddonvale

Out of Sansue Camrose Justeresa:

Sansue Crispin of Veroy
Sansue Zara
Sansue Lara
Sansue Celeste Of Lawnwoods (2/2/1974-)
Sansue Zena (3/22/1977-)
Eng. CH. Sansue Cressida Of Manoan (2/2/1974-)

Out of Bonanna Athene:

Adur Dionard Athene

Out of Styal Syrissa:

Melling Apollinaire
Melling Araminta
Melling Augustina
Melling Dolores Of Golmas

Out of Camrose Tamtom:

Golden Treasure Of Pengelli

Out of Aust Ch Gaewynd Tapestry:

Aust CH Goltreve Camahl (AI)
Australian CH Goldtreve Camrossie
Goldtreve Camrosa
Goldtreve Camira (6/23/1979-)
Aust. CH Goldtreve Camahl (6/23/1979-)
Aust CH Goldtreve Cameron (AI) (6/23/1979-)

Out of Eng. SH. Ch. Romside Raffeena of Gyrima:

N U Ch Gyrima Damocles (1972-)
Gyrima Glory of Mousseglen
Gyrima Estasmin Of Camrose
Gyrima Delight of Tyereper (3/1/1972-)
Gyrima Genevieve
Gyrima Amelia
Eng. SH. CH. Gyrima Ariadne (1/14/1973-)

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Ninell Charade of Nortonwood:

Nortonwood Jasamanda (1/21/1977-) [Sweden HD U (19??)]

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Maresha Of Pengelli:

Pengelli Leopold
Int./Swed./Norw. CH Pengelli Lysander (3/9/1974-) [UA (19??)]
Pengelli Lucifer
Pengelli Lucretia

Out of Styal Sonnet Of Gyrima:

Gyrima Piperade
Eng. CH. Gyrima Pippalina (4/22/1970-1985) [BVA Hip Total 21]
Eng. CH. Gyrima Pipparanda (4/22/1970-)
Eng. SH. CH. Gyrima Pipparetta (4/22/1970-)

Out of N UCH Linchael Silver Spirit:

Nuch NV-89 Mjaerumhogda's Top Hit (10/9/1988-)
Mjaerumhogda's Thyra To Standfast At Linchael
Mjaerumhogda's Thor To Camrose
Can. CH Mjaerumhogda's Top Score (10/9/1988-11/17/2003) [OFA GR-34867G28M-T]

Out of Eng. CH. Nomis Portia Of Stenbury:

Swed. CH. Stenbury Seamusic (2/28/1974-)
Swed. CH. Stenbury Sealord
Eng. SH. CH. Stenbury Sea Laughter (2/22/1974-)
Eng. SH. CH. Stenbury Seasonnet (2/22/1974-)
Eng. SH. CH. Stenbury Sea O'Dreams (4/22/1977-)
Eng. CH. Stenbury Sea Tristram Of Camrose (4/22/1977-)
Stenbury Seawizard (2/28/1974-)

Out of Eng. CH. Camrose Gay Delight Of Sladeham:

Camrose Xotica
Camrose Xoffer of Harislau
Camrose Xotina (5/25/1972-)

Out of Sansue Gillian:

Sansue Angelina Of Melfricka [BVA/KC 3:3]

Out of Eng. CH. Styal Sibella:

Styal Simona (7/6/1973-)
Styal Sophocles of Andred
Styal Stroller
Styal Sybella (6/19/1974-)
Styal Scion of Broadweir
Styal Syltasha
Styal Spinner (7/6/1973-)
Styal Sabre Of Dooneryan (7/6/1973-)
Eng. CH. Styal Stefanie of Camrose (7/6/1973-6/20/1987)
Eng. CH. Styal Susila (7/6/1973-4/3/1986)
Styal Simone (7/6/1973-)

Out of Alexia Of Tillwood Rachenco:

Rachenco Bonanza (5/23/1976-) [Sweden HD U (19??)]
Rachenco Chez (10/3/1974-11/1987)
Eng. SH. CH. Rachenco Charnez of Gaineda JW (10/3/1974-1988)
Eng. SH. CH. Rachenco Boomerang (5/23/1976-)

Out of Deerflite Joyeuse:

Kimsgold Dean (2/19/1976-)

Out of Eng. SH. Ch. Camrose Matilda:

Camrose Huldra of Perrimay (10/6/1975-)
Camrose Hosanna
Australian CH Camrose Phlayia Charmer (1/7/1977-)
Camrose Phlorentina
Camrose Haugtussa of Loddonvale
Nor. CH. Camrose Ptarmigan (1/7/1977-) [HD fri Norden (19??)]
Camrose Pomander Can.CD
Camrose Harra of Alphinbrook
Eng. SH. CH. Camrose Hardangerfjord Of Beldonburn JW (10/6/1975-)
Camrose Fillipa Thisbe (3/7/1975-)
Eng. CH. Camrose Fabius Tarquin (3/7/1975-1/6/1989) [BVA Hip Score 5:5]

Out of Nortonwood Fantasy of Milo:

Nortonwood Fides
Nortonwood Fortuna of Camrose
Eng. CH. Nortonwood Faunus (2/15/1974-1987) [BVA Hip Score 7:5]

Out of Eng. Ch. Westley Victoria:

Westley Thomasina
Eng. SH. CH. Westley Tartan Of Buidhe (6/5/1975-)
Eng. Ch. Westley Topic of Sansue (6/5/1975-1986) [BVA Hip Score 0:0]

Out of Lacon's Annaliesa:

Lacons Edelakiss
Lacons Charioteer of Culray
Lacons Perry
Lacons Enchantment of Veroy
Lacons Frisco Boy of Veroy
Lacon's Felicity Jane
Eng. SH. CH. Lacons Candy Floss (8/13/1972-)
Singapore CH. Lacons Edelweiss
Eng. SH. Ch. Lacons Enterprise (1/26/1974-) [BVA 6:6 or 5:7]

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