Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Eng. CH. Davern Figaro (6/2/1971-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Squirrelsmead Quentara:

Squirrelsmead Shadow

Out of Westenholm Did You Ever Of Glendour:

Glendour Ever A Pleasure

Out of Golden Dew (daughter of Nortonwood Faunus):

Glory Of Greenglen

Out of Bonandra Of Canossa:

Canossa Letitia Of Tolamee

Out of Teecon Rhapsody of Dorlyn:

Dorlyn Drumbheg

Out of Glenlomond Ailsa:

Glenlomond Dunadd

Out of Woodbarn Cinderbella Of Brelica:

Brelica Bonny Samantha

Out of Tilldawn Benevolence:

Cempsey Foxtrot (10/28/1981-)

Out of Mousseglen Marissa Of Eilladale:

Eilladale Silver Lady
Eilladale Scarlet Ribbons

Out of Brambletyne Gazelle of Westenholm:

Westenholm I Am A Rebel (10/10/1975-)

Out of Camrose Lantonia of Squirrelsmead:

Squirrelsmead Rosetta (5/22/1974-)
Squirrelsmead Rufus (5/22/1974-)

Out of Lilycot Lunar Quill of Loddonvale:

Loddonvale Hurricane of Serulia
Loddonvale Hurricane of Seruilia

Out of Rodos Sula:

Rodos Camilla
Rodos Bellisimo Pippa

Out of Ellendune Gay Charmer:

Lawnsmere Athena
Lawnsmere Argus (7/12/1977-)

Out of Northgate Zinnia of Jucridor:

Northgate Golden Dawn

Out of Dorrald Tina's Treasure:

Dorrald Treasure Trove
Dorrald Tamaris

Out of St Fillans Dukesmead De Merrie:

St Fillans The Merrie Maiden Of Loddenvale

Out of Lindys Conchita:

Moonrakers Apollo of Fieldridge

Out of Barcamino Bronwen:

Rex Spongo of Kosmos (1/13/1981-)

Out of Shargleam Bonnie Lass of Amblemere:

Amblemere Andromeda
Amblemere Aquarius

Out of Gladwag Get-A-Gun:

Gladwag Bow Wow
Gladwag Gladiator (10/10/1976-)
Gladwag Jolly Dolly Of Tolgarth (4/9/1979-)

Out of Norvair Celandine of Grogaroclee:

Grogaroclee Meteor
Grogaroclee Sunrise
Grogaroclee Astra

Out of Petrina's Penny From Heaven:

Penita Suzanne (9/14/1981-)

Out of Colleyhare Firesilk:

Colleyhare Moonlight

Out of Goronne Sch-You-Know-Who:

Goronne Man For All Seasons

Out of Precious Gift of Petrina:

Petrina's Heavenly Dream

Out of Kynyaf Bryher:

Kynyaf Rosevean Bryher Of Rosiante

Out of NUCH NORDV-78 Knegaren's Galalinda:

Knegarens Interest For The Future (4/11/1978-)
SUCH FINUCH Knegarens Issue From Father (4/11/1978-)
Knegarens Indeed In Fashion (4/11/1978-) [Sweden HD U (19??)]

Out of Dukesmead Dora:

Dukesmead Davinia

Out of Braconcott Ephermis Of Guella:

Guella Andromeda

Out of Sansue Celeste Of Lawnwoods:

Lawnwoods Fleur (12/5/1975-)

Out of Rooftreetop Betula:

Swiss CH. Rooftreetop Badi (1/5/1976-)

Out of Stradcot Dollybird:

Stradcot Dreambird
Stradcot Songbird

Out of Spring Morning of Petrina:

Petrina's Peregrin (11/6/1975-) [OFA GR-6500 ]

Out of Davern Cinderella:

Davern Merry Maid Of Brinwell
Davern Jollity Of Abnalls

Out of Tallyrand Trudi of Verdayne:

Verdayne Charlotte

Out of Camrose Xotina:

Chantelle Of Camrose And Wedford
Christian of Camrose (3/3/1974-)
Cassata Of Camrose [HD fri Norden (19??)]

Out of Lindys Silver Star:

Lindys Satellite (10/28/1976-)
Lindys Stargazer CanCD
Lindys Starshine

Out of Littlecombe Guiletta:

Littlecombe Herald
Llttlecombe Herald
Littlecombe Hebe of Janacre
Littlecombe Lisa Of Janacre

Out of Davern Gabriella:

Davern Joyella
Davern Jemina
Davern Utrillo of Pamgavin
Davern Gemella
Nor. CH Davern Lion Lotcheck (10/11/1974-) [Sweden HD U (19??)/Nor HD-A]
Davern Jollyfella (3/29/1974-)
Eng. SH. CH. Davern Josephine (3/29/1974-)

Out of Melfricka Artemis:

Melfricka Demeter

Out of Gyrima Genevieve:

Gyrima Tallamiska
Gyrima Trisilda
Gyrima Tallamischa of Rockwin
Gyrima Yolande of Lillieslea
Gyrima Troubadour of Lillieslea (3/4/1983-1996)
Gyrima Torquil Of Cornbrough (3/27/1978-)
Gyrima Token Of Greenglen
Gyrima Todmanton of Dabess (3/27/1978-)

Out of Stradcot Songella:

Rojillair Katrina (1981-)

Out of Adur Dionard Athene:

Sootek Catrina

Out of Melling Dolores Of Golmas:

Golmas Giulia (10/30/1981-)

Out of Goldshot Genevieve Of Gatchells:

Gatchells Corinthia
Gatchells Countess (7/27/1977-)

Out of Westrose Zelah:

Westrose Crusadah (10/20/1974-1989)
Westrose Clarindah
Westrose Carlah (10/20/1974-)

Out of Lorinford Honey Glow:

Fourwinds Bossanova Of Lorinford JW (3/28/1979-) [BVA Breeders Letter (19??)]

Out of Lacon's Felicity Jane:

Lacons Isabella of Diadon
Lacons Imagination (4/5/1977-)
Lacons Impish Maid At Jagersbo (4/5/1977-)

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Lacons Candy Floss:

Lacons Jacobina (10/9/1977-)
Lacons Janette Of Colinda
Lacons Jolly Swagman Of Denmarella
Lacons Jaunty Jo Of Brylees

Out of Gyrima Amelia:

Gyrima Joanna

Out of Camrose Fillipa Thisbe:

VDH. CH. Camrose Mellowmist (9/15/1976-)
Camrose Moritz Of Braydan (9/15/1976-)

Out of Eng. CH. Deremar Rosemary:

Deremar Gay of Dewmar
Deremar Deborah (7/25/1974-)
Swed. CH. Deremar Denise (7/24/1974-)
FINUCH NUCH NORDV-79 Deremar Donald (7/25/1974-) [Sweden HD U (19??)]
Aust Ch Deremar Duke (7/25/1974-)
Eng. CH. Deremar Dinah (7/25/1974-)

Out of Stalyhills Miss Avenger of Amirene:

Amirene Chiff Chaff

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Gyrima Wystonia Of Camrose:

Camrose Fly The Flag (8/23/1980-)
Camrose Fidelio of Davern (8/23/1980-) [BVA Hip Score 12:6]
Eng. SH. CH. Camrose Frangipani Of Beldonburn (8/23/1980-)
Camrose Fidelity Of Brensham

Out of Pinecrest Patricia:

Eng. Ch. Pinecrest Salvador (5/11/1974-)

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Nortonwood Canella:

Eng. SH. CH. Nortonwood Checkmate (8/25/1976-1990) [BVA Hip Score 2:2]

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