Golden Retriever

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Offspring of GCH CH Prism's Night Moves RN WC OS VC (7/23/2007-8/22/2015)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Goldruls Greek Chorus CCA:

Prism's Goldruls One Night (Stand) JH CCA (1/11/2016-) [OFA GR-121186F24F-VPI]
Goldruls Bump In The Night JH CCA (1/11/2016-) [OFA GR-121148G24F-VPI]

Out of Duchess Daisy Of Camelot CCA CGC TT RATN DJ CA BCAT TKN:

IntCH Camelot House Legacy N the Makin RN CA BCAT RATN TKN DS CGC CCA (6/21/2015-)

Out of Crescent's Sparkling Purple Power:

Crescent's Flying Solo (7/11/2014-) [OFA GR-116958G24F-PI]

Out of Merichase Quintessential Girl RE CCA RL1X ASN-C2:

Aquinna Queen Margaret (2/2/2014-)
Aquinna's Intelligence Quotient (2/2/2014-)
Aquinna's Naushon Road Queen (2/2/2014-)
Aquinna's First Quarter Moon (2/2/2014-)

Out of Int. CH Turtlecreek's Cowgirl Up at the Double R CD RA JH WC CCA:

Double R's Love Me Like a Man CCA (11/1/2011-)
Double R's Gimme All Your Lovin BN RN WC CCA (AKC ptd) (11/1/2011-) [OFA GR-110930G30F-VPI]

Out of Pheasant Hill's Eagle Flies To Steelecreek:

Steelecreek's Ladies Tee Time (11/22/2013-) [OFA GR-114943G24F-VPI]
GCH BISS Steelecreek's Tee Shot (11/22/2013-) [OFA GR-114944G24M-VPI]
Steelecreek ParTee Time At Pheasant Hill DS (11/22/2013-) [OFA GR-115653E26F-VPI]

Out of Goldruls Chic Key Dee AXJ CCA:

Goldruls Leap Of Faith (3/17/2012-7/10/2017)
Goldruls Leaping From Bahan To Goodwill (3/17/2012-)
Goldruls Look Before You Leap (3/17/2012-)
Goldruls Leap At The Chance (3/17/2012-)
Goldruls Leap Into The Day At Goodwill (3/17/2012-)
Goldruls Makes My Heart Leap CGC (3/17/2012-)
Goldruls Leaps And Bounds (3/17/2012-)
Goldruls Quantum Leap BN RE CGC (3/17/2012-1/11/2019)
Goldruls Leaping Leprechauns (3/17/2012-)

Out of Lanier's Streetcar Named Desire:

Lanier's Only Fools Rush In (4/1/2011-)
Lanier's Fooled Around And Fell in Love (4/1/2011-) [OFA GR-110262G34F-VPI]
INT CH Lanier's She's Nobody's Fool (4/1/2011-) [OFA GR-108051G24F-VPI]
Lanier's Fool In the Rain (4/1/2011-)

Out of Ch. Starfire's Its My Party:

CH Starfire's Kiss and Tell (9/12/2012-) [OFA GR-113647F32F-VPI]

Out of Int CH Wingold Memphis Belle RN, WC, CA, CCA, CGC:

GoldStrike U've Got Sum Splain To Do RN (12/21/2010-)

Out of Sandspur Summit Chattanooga Choo-Choo CCA:

Sandspurrockinrobinjasminecline (12/31/2010-)
Sandspur Drew Belamonte (12/31/2010-)
Sandspur Robin Hood (12/31/2010-)
Sandspur's Robin the Rays (12/31/2010-)
Sandspur Robin Riley (12/31/2010-)
Sandspur Robin' Peter To Pay Paul (12/31/2010-)
Sandspur Robin Kant Dance (12/31/2010-3/26/2015)

Out of Goldruls Little Moments CCA:

INT CH Goldruls Thank God Ima Country Girl at Double R CD RA CCA (1/25/2011-) [OFA GR-107804G25F-VPI]
Am. CH Goldruls Thank Heaven For Little Girls CCA OD (1/25/2011-1/16/2018) [OFA GR-107565F24F-VPI]

Out of INT CH Prism's Trackndown Traces Of Dustprint RN JH CCA:

Prism's Rose By Ryan's Fav-R-et Game (6/8/2013-)
Prism's Buddy is a Work of R-t (6/8/2013-)
Prism's Secret Agent LouXP R U w/Me? (6/8/2013-4/15/2016)
Prism's Steel Magnolias R Bloomin' (6/8/2013-)
Prism's Rtist of the Dance Floor (6/8/2013-)
Prism's R U Ready for a Cool One? (6/8/2013-)
Prism's Lexi R Brown-Eyed Girl (6/8/2013-)
Prism's R U On Fire (6/8/2013-9/10/2013)

Out of My Buddy's How Sweet It Is at Liberty RN CCA CGC:

Lionswatch Babe Vanna White Chapman CCA (4/7/2010-)

Out of Can/Intl/U-CH River Run Don't Judge Me CD, JH, AX, AXJ, FFX-OP, VCX, CCA, CGC, OD:

U-CH, SHR River Run N Allangold Luv The Rainy Knights UD BN PCDX JH MX AXJ CCA WCX CGC (12/6/2011-)
U-CH River Run N Powderhorn Dancing N The Rain UD RA JH WC OD VC CCA CGC (12/6/2011-) [OFA GR-110471G27F-VPI ]

Out of Am. CH Goldruls Keymand Performance RN WC CCA VC OD:

Goldruls Luke Skywalker Pierce (8/7/2010-)
Goldruls Mo' Bang Than A Firecracker (3/20/2012-)
Goldruls Fire And Desire (3/20/2012-)
Goldruls Ring Of Fire (3/20/2012-)
Goldruls Jenger Fire (3/20/2012-)
Goldruls Smoke From A Distant Fire (3/20/2012-)
Goldruls Fishin' For Fire (3/20/2012-)
Goldruls Keys Sunset Of Fire (3/20/2012-)
Goldruls Unum Light My Fire At Goodwill (3/20/2012-)
SHR Goldruls Girl On Fire CD SH WCX CCA VC CGC (3/20/2012-) [OFA GR-113956G39F-VPI]
Goldruls Just Say Yes (8/7/2010-6/17/2019)
Goldruls Yes Siree Bub (8/7/2010-3/2/2020)
CH Goldruls Let's Get Suriyes BN RN JH CA WC CCA VC (8/7/2010-) [OFA GR-106677G24F-VPI]
CH Goldruls Yes I Said Yes I Will Yes For Prism CD RN (8/7/2010-) [OFA GR-106730G25F-VPI]
CH Goldruls N Lanier's Check Yes Or No (8/7/2010-) [OFA GR-106750F24F-VPI]

Out of Am. CH Goldruls Kari O Key BOSS:

Goldruls To Noe Him Is To Love Him CD BN RE CGC TDI (5/29/2010-)
Goldruls I Noe What Boys Like (5/29/2010-12/2019)

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