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Offspring of Eng. CH. Nortonwood Faunus (2/15/1974-1987)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Dooneryan Daydream Of Candren:

Candren Candice

Out of Wedford Bur Marigold:

Meadowsweet Cassie

Out of Jasmine of The Limes:

Golden Champers

Out of Gaineda Eye Eye:

Lexicon Stepper at Namorick

Out of Knocklee Amy:

Knocklee Phillip

Out of Gyrima Kasmin of Tilldawn:

Tilldawn Benevolence (6/5/1979-)

Out of Polandale Pandora of Illons:

Illons Whiskey Mac

Out of Fivewinds Liza:

Sunnymede Stardom

Out of Amblemere Aquarius:

Amblemere Chardonnay

Out of Tokeida Larkspur:

Aust Ch Fennel Capricious (6/16/1976-)

Out of Stromin Amethyst:

Stromin Diamond

Out of Nortonwood Flamboyant:

Shining Star
Amber Ripple of Landira

Out of Sharilyn Harvest Gold:

Sharilyn Nirwana

Out of Furleigh Sheliak 1cc and 1rcc:

Furleigh Delphinius of Cherryacre
Furleigh Dorado

Out of Janville Kassella of Unavale:

Unavale Adventuress

Out of Greenglen Donna Bella:

Greenglen Dianty Dinah

Out of Nortonwood Spring Dream:

Satellite of Nortonwood (2/18/1977-) [OFA 11238]

Out of Goldshot Anna Of Newlodge:

Newlodge Galahad Of Softlan (3/5/1982-) [BVA Hip Score 6:5]

Out of Illons Lieschen:

Illons Ottilie of Kensalroag [OFA Hip Score 8:9]

Out of Caeau Ekroo Of Lindale:

Lindale Solo

Out of Sansue Wanda of Stirchley:

Stirchley Sebastian
Stirchley Sacha Of Jobeka
EW''89,Multi. CH. Stirchley Seth (8/17/1983-)
Stirchley Soloman KCJW (8/17/1983-) [BVA Hip Score 5:5]
Stirchley Sugarbush of Jobeka (1 Res. CC) (8/17/1983-) [Unknown BVA Hip Score 6:5]
Eng. SH. CH. Stirchley Saxon KCJW (8/17/1983-10/1997) [Unknown BVA Hip Score 12:7]

Out of Tamsbrook Tamilla:

Fanella Of Tamsbrook

Out of Channri Celebrity:

Aust Ch Channri Cooke

Out of Linchael Fuschia:

Dyon Polonaise Of Nortonwood

Out of Gillbryan Colleen:

Gillbryan Bernadette Of Erv

Out of Bramhills Briar Rose:

Bramhills Heather at Twitchills
Bramhills Honeysuckle of Terylon
Bramhills Hero (2/23/1983-) [BVA Hip Score 0:3]

Out of Woodbarn Trottie:

Candida of Gwessant

Out of Brentchase Wedford Fanlight Fanny:

Brentchase Moonlight (8/21/1981-2/7/1990) [OFA GR-15730-T]

Out of Colbar Trudy Too Of Kenave:

Kenave Karisima
Kenave Finders Keepers

Out of Styal Samsila JW:

Styal Symphony of Sanquhar
Styal Sangter
Styal Symphony of Nortonwood
Styal Serenity of Clydwr

Out of Bridemac Kenstaff Silver Belle:

Bridemac Danny Boy of Edgeley (8/12/1978-)
Bridemac Christina Belle Of Edgeley (8/12/1978-)

Out of Melfricka Facsimile:

Melfricka Porthos (5/9/1981-) [BVA Hip Score 3:3]

Out of Teecon Exotica Of Nortonwood:

Nortonwood Mischief

Out of Braydan Bray:

Braydan Star Appeal of Amatan
Braydan Star Attraction
Braydan Star Artiste

Out of Mytonvale Sophie:

Eng. SH. CH. Greta Of Mytonvale (11/5/1975-)

Out of Stromin Beryllium:

Bridgefarm Harmony

Out of Jamescroft Chanelle:

Jamescroft Rebecca (1983-)
Jamescroft Rheingold (4/6/1983-)

Out of Brekswood Janine:

Christopher of Lilling
Eng. CH. Saucy Sue Of Brekswood (7/23/1982-)

Out of Rojillair Katrina:

Eng. SH. CH. Rojillair Solita (7/2/1983-)

Out of Nortonwood Serein:

Nortonwood Fauna
Nortonwood Faraday (4/28/1984-)
WW'89, EW'88, MultiCh, IntCH, Bel & FrCh Nortonwood Foregoer (4/28/1984-) [HD B1]
Nortonwood Finella

Out of Ninell Adelina:

Ninell Filip (1977-)
Ninell Cascade (1975-)
Eng. SH. CH. Ninell Crusade of Dabess (6/16/1975-)
Eng. SH. CH. Ninell Charade of Nortonwood (6/16/1975-)
Eng. CH. Ninell Franchesca (6/20/1977-11/30/1991) [BVA 4:11]

Out of Bramhill's Rosalind:

Bramhills Starshine (10/25/1982-)
Bramhill's Zeventh Heaven
NO UCH Bramhills Saxon (1983-) [A1]
Bramhills Saffron Of Nortonwood

Out of Polondale's Pondora Of Illons:

Illons Allgold Of Meadowsweet

Out of Eng. CH. Styal Susila:

Styal Solacea (5/20/1982-)
Styal Samarkand (5/20/1982-) [UA (198?)]
Can. CH Styal Squire Of Nortonwood Can. WC OS (3/20/1977-)
Int./Span. CH Styal Sacilia (2/19/1977-)
Styal Souvenir Of Nortonwood (5/20/1982-)
Eng. SH. CH. Styal Shakespeare (11/28/1978-)
Eng. SH. Ch. Styal Shelley of Maundale (11/28/1978-) [BVA Hip Score 1:13]
Eng. CH. Styal Scott Of Glengilde (11/28/1978-5/3/1993) [BVA Hip Score 3:3]

Out of Styal Simone:

Noravon Daniel
Noravon Charissa Of Twilly
Fin. CH. Noravon Cornelius (3/21/1980-) [UA (198?)]

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Gyrima Pipparetta:

Gyrima Moongleam (3/22/1975-) [Sweden HD U (19??)]
Gyrima Moonlord of Rockwin (3/22/1975-)
Eng. SH. CH. Gyrima Moonstone (3/22/1975-)

Out of Westley Larissa:

Telmah Blake
Telmah Barnaby (5/5/1982-)
Telmah Brandee of Hendreth (5/5/1982-)
Telmah Beverley Of Bramblewoods (5/5/1982-)
Telmah Alissa Of Laurenley
Eng. SH. CH. Telmah Belinda Of Dunbyan (5/5/1982-)
Eng. CH. Telmah Anabel Of Beamsley (7/7/1980-10/3/1994) [BVA 6/4]

Out of Eng. Ch. Westley Victoria:

Westley Salone (5/8/1981-)
Westley Mistybell of Jayceter
Westley Matthia of Sinnhein (11/2/1978-)
Irish CH. Westley Silas of Greenview (5/8/1981-) [BVA 3:4]
Westley Sigfried of Channri
Can. CH Westley Mervin Can.CD
Westley Sabrina of Nortonwood (5/8/1981-)
Eng. SH. CH. Westley Sophia Of Papeta (5/8/1981-) [Unknown BVA Hip Score 3:8]
Eng. CH. Westley Samuel (5/8/1981-) [Unknown BVA Hip Score 2:2]
Eng. SH. CH. Westley Simone (5/8/1981-)
Eng. SH. Ch. Westley Munro of Nortonwood (11/2/1978-1990) [Unknown BVA Hip Score 2:4]
Eng. Ch. Westley Mabella (11/2/1978-)
Eng. Ch. Westley Martha (11/2/1978-)
Am Ch Westley Modesta (11/2/1978-) [OFA GR-10517 ]

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