Golden Retriever

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Offspring of BIS BISS Am Can CH Goodtime's Best Case Scenario CD JH WC VCX OS SDHF (4/16/1993-7/22/2008)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of GCH Goodtime Emery's Mc'x It Up:

Emery Westben Showstopper (4/16/2018-) [OFA 2059199 prelim ]

Out of CH Goodtime's Holy Mc'Eral:

Goodtime's Like A Rolling Stone NAP TKN (12/20/2016-) [OFA GR-124593G24M-VPI]
Multi Bis ChCol Goodtime's Rollin' To Gold Sherlock (12/20/2016-)

Out of CH Goodtime's Peyton Place:

online's only the best for goodtime (11/29/2013-)

Out of BISS GCH Goodtime's Home Alone OD:

CH Goodtime's High Five (9/29/2016-)
GCH Goodtime's Sky High (9/29/2016-)
Goodtime's High Tide (9/29/2016-)
Goodtime's High Hopes (9/29/2016-)
GCH Goodtime's High Roller (9/29/2016-)

Out of GCH CH Summits In To The Mystic RN OD:

CH Emery Summits The One to Watch For (9/24/2011-) [OFA GR-110788G31F-VPI]
CH Emery Dreamworks The Real Deal (9/24/2011-) [OFA GR-109445F24F-VPI]
Emery's The Best is Yet to Come (9/24/2011-)
CH Emery's The Perfect Ten (9/24/2011-)
U-CH, GCH Emery's The Verdict Is In BOSS (9/24/2011-) [OFA MILD UL]

Out of Cloverdale Of Tivoli:

Tivoli's Millennium Joy (1/1/2000-) [OFA GR-78250G36F-PI]

Out of CH De La Vega Goodtime's Crazy River:

Goodtime's Strike it Rich CD, RE, NA, NF, NAJ, OAP (2/16/2013-) [OFA GR-120822G57F-VPI]
Goodtime's To Tell The Truth (2/16/2013-) [OFA GR-112930F24F-PI]
CH Goodtime's Wheel of Fortune (2/16/2013-)
Goodtime's Rumor Has It For Aviemore (2/16/2013-) [OFA GR-112995G25F-VPI]

Out of Tuxedo's A Star Is Born:

Wyndsor's Millie Vanilla Icestorm (7/8/2001-) [OFA GR-87073F48F-NOPI]

Out of Princess Xena Of Xanadu CD:

Xanadu's Golden Dandelion (10/28/2000-) [OFA GR-79675F31F-PI]

Out of CH Goodtime's Ooh La La:

CanCH Anthem Goodtime De La Renta (9/14/2009-)
Anthem Goodtime's Coco Puff (9/14/2011-)

Out of BISS GCH CH Summits Every Fashion Venture OD:

Summits Long Trip To My New Family (11/13/2011-)
Paragon's Summit All For Valor (11/13/2011-)
CH Paragon's Summits Jingle All The Way (11/13/2011-) [OFA GR-114011G43M-VPI]
Summits Paragon Its All For Show (11/13/2011-)
GCH Am CH Paragon's Summit All The World's A Stage (11/13/2011-) [OFA GR-109735F24F-VPI]
Paragon Summit She's All Fun N' Games BPIS, BISS (11/13/2011-) [DX severely dysplastic@15mos]

Out of CH Goodtime's Aint Ms Bee-Havin' TDI CGC:

Goodtime's Zippidee Dizzy Miss Lizzy (1/17/2011-) [OFA GR-112486G44F-PI]
Goodtime Yellow Submarine (1/17/2011-12/28/2015) [OFA GR-109347F32F-VPI]
CH Goodtime's Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (1/17/2011-) [OFA GR-107519G24F-VPI]
CH Goodtime's Amate' Good Day Sunshine DN TKI BVISS (1/17/2011-) [OFA GR-108087F26F-VPI]
Goodtime's Ticket To Ride (1/17/2011-)

Out of Arieh N Jenlyn's Erotica XRTD:

Jenlyn's Butter 'Em Up (12/1/1997-) [OFA GR-67392G30F]

Out of Am CH Gorca's Goldengael Denali RN, CGC, ThD:

Goldengael Melodies Of Crater Lake (12/20/2008-)
Goldengael Gorca Sequoia Natl Park At Starrise (12/20/2008-)
GoldenGael's Gorca Sunshine Zion (12/20/2008-)
Goldengael's Kaibab National Park (12/20/2008-)

Out of Am. CH. Voyager's Westerly Winds RN OD:

Voyager's U Say It I Play It K9 FM Rocks (9/13/2008-)
Am. CH Voyager's And The Beat Goes On At Goodtime CD JH WC VC (9/13/2008-) [OFA GR-101861F24M-VPI]
Voyager's Perfect Harmony (9/13/2008-) [Unknown 09/09 prelim--good]
Am CH MACH Voyager's A Little Nite Music RN JH MXS MJS OF VCX (9/13/2008-) [OFA GR-103723F24F-VPI]

Out of Am/Can CH Legacy's Cinco De Mayo BISS, CGC:

Murlo's Somebody's Watching Me NW1 (9/28/2008-)
Murlo's Too Hot Ta Trot (9/28/2008-)
GCH Murlo's Conversation Peace CGC (9/28/2008-) [OFA GR-101903G24M-VPI]
Murlo's Heart, Mind & Soul (9/28/2008-)

Out of Am CH Goodtime's Breathless Mahoney:

CH MACH Goodtime Jacaranda's Out of Africa MXB MJB MXP MJP2 MXF T2B2 CCA / PJM APK APG PD (12/17/2007-9/22/2017) [OFA MODERATE UNILATERAL LEFT]
Goodtime's Going My Way to Voyager (12/17/2007-) [GR-102549F37F-VPI]
Goodtime's From Here To Eternity CDX MX MXJ (12/17/2007-) [OFA GR-99925G24F-PI]

Out of Wind Scherrs Beachcomber:

Wind Scherrs Blue Chips UD JH (1/17/1995-)

Out of Gunma Fukushima's Rose Garlands FCI:

Gunma Fukushima's Happy Ending FCI (12/25/1996-)

Out of Ch. Clarkcreek Isadora Growlsellini BISS:

Clarkcreek Hear No Evil (3/20/2009-)
Clarkcreek Speak No Evil (3/20/2009-) [OFA GR-103986F28F-VPI]
Clarkcreek See No Evil (3/20/2009-)

Out of Wynde Hill's Crystal Fantasy:

Gold Sun's Bench Trail RN (10/8/2003-)
Gold Sun's Amicus Curiae (10/8/2003-)

Out of Honor's Look Who's The Emissary:

Dearcroft's Happy New Year (3/1/1998-8/17/2004)
Dearcroft's New Year's Party (3/1/1998-)

Out of AM. CH Angel Of Yoshida Enterprise:

Jap CH. Garcia of Yoshida Enterprise Jp CD1
Angel Wind Of Yoshida Enterprise JP

Out of Asterling Verity Banana Fana:

Verity's Fan Dancer WC (4/4/2001-6/10/2014) [OFA GR-80025G24F-PI]

Out of Horizon's Key West:

Horizon's Beyond The Distance (12/25/2003-8/10/2008)
Horizon's Return To Tiffanys (12/25/2003-)

Out of Ch. Col. Stillwater's Ski Nautique:

Casflor Cassis (7/4/2001-)
Casflor Absolut Vodka (7/4/2001-)

Out of Magik Allegro Dolcezza JH:

HR Magik's It's About Time BN CD RE SH WCX CCA CGC VC (5/28/2000-)

Out of Am Ch Karagold's Sandpiper Steam N Cream OD:

CH Avalor's Mov'N N Grov'N To Goodtime (3/25/2006-) [OFA GR-95641G25F-PI]
Avalor Anthem I'M In The Move For Love (3/25/2006-) [OFA GR-95246F24M-NOPI]
CH Avalors Movn Out OD (3/25/2006-) [OFA GR-98582F38F-VPI]
Avalor's Moving Violation (3/25/2006-)

Out of CH. Goodtime's Cassiopeia OD:

Goodtime's Magik's A Haunting Case (12/2/2006-)
CH Goodtime's A Case of the Good Stuff WC (12/2/2006-) [OFA GR-97209G24M-VPI]
Goodtime's Just In Case (12/2/2006-)
CH Goodtime's Bad Case Of Loving you (12/2/2006-) [OFA GR-99592F35M-VPI]
Goodtime's Case Closed (12/2/2006-)
BIS BISS GCH Goodtime's I Rest My Case SDHF OS (12/2/2006-) [OFA GR-97147F24M-VPI]
Goodtime's In Case of Emergency (12/2/2006-)

Out of BISS Am/Can CH MACH Goodtime's Sunburst Manhattan CDX RE MXS MJG OF OAP NJP OD; Can CD AgX AgXJ:

Am/Can CH Autumn Grove's Simply The Best NA NAJ WC CCA (6/19/2009-) [OFA GR-104931G30M-VPI]

Out of Sunfire Autumnsun Rose:

CH Autumnsun Fire In The Sky (9/29/2000-) [OFA GR-77342G24M-PI]

Out of Am. Ch Hillock's Mercedes:

Hillock's Paper Moon (4/16/1998-) [OFA GR-69443G27M-T]
Hillock Weber's Moonlit Krystal (4/16/1998-) [OFA GR68447G24FT]
Hillock's Moonlite Serenade CGC (4/16/1998-11/30/2010)
Hillock's Shoot The Moon (4/16/1998-) [OFA GR-68556E24F-T]

Out of Am CH Amberac Taykin It To Th' Limit:

Amberac It's Par-T Time (5/19/1999-)
Am CH Amberac's Par-T Streamers (5/19/1999-)
Amberac's Par-T Doll (5/19/1999-) [OFA GR-73952G29F-PI]

Out of Stardust's Precious Buffy:

CH Spungold's Holiday Surprise (11/22/1995-6/9/2011) [OFA GR-64208G40F]
Spungold's Pilgrim Song (11/22/1995-4/17/2010) [OFA GR61398G31F]
Spungold's Bearly Home Again (11/22/1995-12/21/2005)
Spungold' s Jericho (11/22/1995-9/5/2009)
Spungold's Traveling Man (11/22/1995-4/15/2005)

Out of AmCH Foxfire's Jambalaya:

Foxfire's She Is A Looker (5/28/1998-) [OFA GR-68929F24F-T]
Foxfire's Dancing Smoke (10/1/1997-)
Foxfires TK Holy Smoke (10/1/1997-)
Foxfire's Just One Look (5/28/1998-) [OFA GR-68780G24F-T]

Out of Am. CH. Goodtime In Manhattan:

Multi BIS.BISS.Ina.CH. Anthem's New York River (5/22/2003-)
Anthem's Wall Street Banker (5/22/2003-) [OFA GR-86484G24M-PI]
Ina CH. Anthem's Brooklyn Bridge (5/22/2003-)
CH Anthem-N-Goodtime's Bronx Bomber (5/22/2003-) [OFA GR-87371G27M-PI]

Out of Benden's Classic Cameo of Katon CCA:

Katon Farm's One For The Road (6/25/2004-)

Out of Summits Breakfast At Tiffanys:

Grandeur's Princess Grace of Monaco
Grandeur's Lucky Penny
Grandeurs Danny Boy O'Reilly (9/10/1998-)
Grandeurs Best Lil' Encore (9/10/1998-)

Out of CH Horizon's Miami Sound Machine:

Horizons Welcome To Paradise (11/21/2002-) [OFA GR-86055F28F-PI]

Out of Ch.Col. Golden Age Dulcinea del Toboso:

Girasol Dottie Pepper (7/12/1999-)
Col CH Girasol Mi Hyun Kim (7/12/1999-)
Girasol Meg Mallon (7/12/1999-)
Girasol Tiger Woods (7/12/1999-)
Girasol Jack Nicklaus (7/12/1999-)
Girasol Annika Sorenstam (7/12/1999-)

Out of CanCH Rebelcreek's Mustang Heart:

Rebelcreek's Raisin' Arizona

Out of Westor's Whispered Wishes CD, CGC, Therapy Dog:

U-Ch. Westor's Dust In The Wind (6/11/2000-) [OFA GR-76022G24M-PI]

Out of Tarwathie's Cinnamon Crisp:

Can Ch FortKnox's Toffee Apple (8/2/1999-10/19/2010) [OVC # 009353]
FortKnox's Hot Apple Crisp (8/2/1999-12/12/2012) [OVC # 009354]

Out of Ch Masters Million Dollar Smile:

Masters Major Murphy's Jazz Rebel (10/15/1998-11/6/2006)
Masters All That Jazz (10/15/1998-) [OFA GR-72622E32F-PI]

Out of Bulgold Abba-Zaba of Sungate:

Am. CH. Sungate's Golden California BVOSS (12/10/1998-6/2/2011) [OFA GR-71975G28M-PI]

Out of Int CH Rosegolds Diamond Solit'heir OD:

Can-Int CH Beckwith's Golden Glori CGC (2/17/1999-2/2010) [OFA GR-74389G33F-PI]

Out of Goldloves Sunflower Fandango:

Sunflower's Bridget Jones (12/5/2002-)
Sunflower's Double Helix (12/5/2002-)

Out of CH SunChase It's An Up Thing:

Int-Nat-CH Raytriever's Copyright (1/2/1999-8/1/2010) [OFA GR-72119F28F-PI]
CH Ray Patent Pending (1/2/1999-) [OFA GR-71260F25F-PI]

Out of Ch. Eldorado's Luv 'T Tumble:

Eldorados LuvSong Think of Me (9/6/1997-2/27/2010) [OFA GR-68603F32M-T]
CH Eldorado's Luv'M N Lev'M CD (9/6/1997-3/14/2006) [OFA GR-66448G25M-T]
Ch. Eldorado's Don't Cha Just Luv Me Multi BVISS/Multi BVIS (9/6/1997-5/12/2008) [OFA GR-67207G28M-T]

Out of CH GNP's Lakesyde ChristmasKiss:

Lakesyde Secret Time In Tulsa (3/17/2006-)
Lakesyde's Secret To Success (3/17/2006-8/8/2014)
Lakesyde's Secrets N The Sauce (3/17/2006-)

Out of Am CH Creeksidefrm Dancing In Style:

Ajan's Lite Canadian Ale (8/10/2000-6/2009)
Can CH Ajan's Cdn Bakin' at Creekside (8/10/2000-) [OFA GR-79377G30F-PI]

Out of Wochica's Days of Glory:

Wochica's Lonesome Dove (11/26/1998-) [OFA GR-70881G25F-PI]

Out of Hyline's Drivin' Miss Dai-Z:

Hyline Mary Margaret (6/11/1998-9/12/2012)
Hyline's Mesmerizin' Miss Tess (6/11/1998-)

Out of CH Rush Hills Heaven Cent To Goodtime OA OAJ OD:

BISS, AM CH Goodtime's Chien Tres Chic CDX RE NAJ W-CHFD (10/13/2002-) [OFA GR-84962F26M-PI]
CH Goodtime At Moulin Rouge CD BN RE OD CGC (10/13/2002-8/7/2015) [OFA GR-84490G24F-PI ]

Out of Tejas Chablis First Cru:

Tejas Royal Blue Skys (8/9/1998-)
Tejas Blue Star of Cassiopea (8/9/1998-) [OFA GR-69689G24F-T]
Tejas Royal Blue Queen (8/9/1998-)
Tejas Royal Blue Boy (8/9/1998-)
Tejas Royal Blue Moon (8/9/1998-)

Out of Can CH Storiline Agatha Christie:

Storiline Mystery of Animation (4/9/2001-8/7/2014) [OVC 015050]
CanCH Storiline Mrs Mcgillicuddy (4/9/2001-11/9/2016) [OFA GR-79111G24F-PI]

Out of CH Can OTCH Eastbrooks Singing Crickett UD TD JH WCX:

Eastbrook Stonehil Lois Lane (5/14/1996-)

Out of Am/Can CH Goldenway's Lucky Penny CGC TDI:

Penny Lane Handsome Cab (12/24/2000-)
Am./Can.CH. Pennylaneyankeecenterfieldstar OD (6/1/2000-8/24/2010) [OFA GR76171F24F-PI]
CAN.CH. Pennylane's The Legend Continues (12/24/2000-3/10/2012) [OFA GR-78731G26F-Pl]
Pennylane's Yankee Allstar MVP (6/1/2000-)
Pennylane's Yankee Clipper (6/1/2000-)
Pennylane's Golden Angel Kayla (12/24/2000-)
Pennylane Yankee Skipper (6/1/2000-12/22/2012)

Out of Goodtime'stitanic Voyage MX MXJ OD:

Voyager's Mirror Image (11/3/2000-)
Am.CH. Voyager's Images of Autumn TD AX OAJ CGC (11/3/2000-3/2/2012) [OFA GR-77606F24F-PI]
Am.CH. Voyager's Image'on That NA OAJ WC VC (11/3/2000-) [OFA GR-79551G30F-PI]

Out of CanCH Sunkozi Delphee of Maestria:

CanCH Edelweiss Sky's The Limit

Out of Can CH. Jackson Driftwind The Only One OD:

Foxylane's Sassy Cover Girl
CanCH Foxylane Heythere Georgie Girl

Out of Can.CH. Brookshire's Aurora Gold Can OD:

Goldenmoment's Teacher's Apple WC
CanCH Goldenmoment Manhatten Transfr (7/28/1998-1/2010) [OFA GR-73913G38F-PI]
CanCH Goldenmoment's Apple of My Eye CanCDX
NAHRA SR Can Ch Goldenmoment's Wall St Tycoon CDX, WC, JH (7/28/1998-) [OFA GR-69911G26M-T]

Out of Karamor's High Reach Peach OD:

Springcreek Dan Skye Chaser (7/30/1999-5/2/2006)
Springcreek's Reach For The Sky (7/30/1999-) [OFA GR-77101F37F-PI]
Springcreek's Sky Blue Coupe VCD2 UDT MX MXJ (7/30/1999-5/20/2009) [OFA GR-75485F32M-PI]

Out of Am./Can. CH Jazzin'rosegold Sum'r Breeze OD:

Runnymede Gracie By Moonlight CDX, RA, MX, MXJ, AXP,AJP,NAC, NJC, PD1, CGC, ThD (9/28/1996-3/13/2008)
AmCH Runnymede Moonlight Serenade (9/28/1996-) [OFA GR-62322F24F-T]
Ch Runnymede Promise The Moon (9/28/1996-) [OFA GR-63307G28F-T]
AmCH Runnymede Moonstruck (9/28/1996-) [OFA GR-62516F24M-T]

Out of Comstock's Ghostrider SH WCX:

Comstock's Max's Parizade (3/1/2000-) [OFA GR-75171F24F-PI]
Comstock's Graceful Ghost Rag (3/1/2000-) [OFA GR-75124G24F-Pl]

Out of Tejas Spirited Sky:

Tejas Hunting Melody (12/30/1997-)
Tejas Fortune Hunter (12/30/1997-)
Tejas Hunt for the Gold Tara (12/30/1997-)
Tejas Trophy Hunter (12/30/1997-12/2/2005)
Tejas Hunt at Your Own Risk (12/30/1997-) [OFA GR-68578G28M]
Tejas Night of the Hunter (12/30/1997-) [OFA GR-68721G28M]
Tejas Spirited Huntress CGC (12/30/1997-3/18/2011) [OFA GR-68379G28F-T]

Out of CH Thornfield Chillingsworth CD:

Am./Can. CH Tangleloft Tenacity (8/14/1995-)
Tangleloft Sunstorm E Weather UD RN (11/30/1996-) [OFA GR68945F42M-T]
Can. CH Tangleloft Top Gun (8/14/1995-) [OFA GR-58837F27M-T]

Out of Benden's Two For Tea:

Benden's Sentimental Journey (10/21/1999-)
Benden's Journey to Phoenix (10/21/1999-)
Benden's Millennium Journey CDX NA NAJ (10/21/1999-)

Out of Am/Mex/Intl CH Asterling's Walking Spicy:

Camp Mex. GCM. LAT. INTER. Don Picasso H D

Out of Halo's Twilight Saranade:

AmCH Phoenix Phirst Star I See Tonite (10/10/1998-) [OFA GR-74520F39F-PI ]

Out of Firethorne National Treasure:

Firethorne Special Treasure (9/17/1996-)
Ch. Firethorne Sealed With A Kiss (7/3/1999-) [OFA GR-76704F37F-PI]
Firethorne Special Request (9/17/1996-) [OFA GR-62992F26F]
Firethorne Kissed By An Angel (7/3/1999-11/27/2005) [OFA GR-77190F27F-PI]
Firethorne Rising Star (11/5/1997-) [OFA GR-73834F47F-PI]

Out of Ch. Goodtimes The Rule To Follow:

CH Hawkhaven's Discovery Shop (5/10/1996-)

Out of Colabaugh's Katonah Seven Up OD:

Clarkcreek Lilium Formosanum CD WC SH (9/20/1996-)
Clarkcreek Field Of Flowers (9/20/1996-)
Clarkcreeks Mighty Maxwell (9/20/1996-)
U-CH, U-CD Colabaugh's Cherry Wood UD RN AX AXJ Can CD TDI (9/20/1996-)

Out of Can/Am Ch. Crackerjacks Cold As Ice:

Crackerjacks Cut Lass (7/17/1997-4/14/2000) [OFA GR-65926F25F]

Out of Meadowpond Chicory Blue:

Meadowpond's Classic Amber Ale CGC (6/9/2001-)
Meadowpond Periwinkle (6/9/2001-)
Meadowpond For-Get-Me-Not (6/9/2001-8/2012) [OFA GR-79790F24F-VPI]

Out of CH Kinsha Rosecrest Sweet Sable:

CH. Rosecrest Weekend in New York (10/18/1995-1/15/2007) [OFA GR-61089G31F-PI]

Out of Am CH Rush Hill's Rebel In The Sky OD:

Rush Hill's I Believe I Can Fly (11/21/1997-6/27/2010) [OFA GR-66746G24F-T ]

Out of Laurell's Windchill:

Laurell's In Case Of Love (12/20/1995-) [OFA GR-62113G33F-T]
Laurell Deangate's Showcase (12/20/1995-) [OFA GR-60474F24F-T]
Laurell's Closed Case (12/20/1995-)

Out of Can CH Eirene's Reason To Believe Can WC CD OD:

Devanor's Hot Potential (6/26/1998-)
Devanor's Justa Hot Shot (6/26/1998-)
Can CH Devanor Hot Rod Harley CanCD (6/26/1998-)
Can CH Devanor's Red Hot Lover (6/26/1998-)
Can Ch Devanor's I'm In Hot Water (6/26/1998-)
Can CH Devanor's Red Hot N Rollin (6/26/1998-)
Can CH Devanor's Hot New Sensation Can SDHF (6/26/1998-) [OFA GR-69068F24F-T]

Out of Am/Can CH. Summits Rockin New Years Eve:

BIS BISS AM TH CH Laureate Merchant Of Venice (3/1/1999-)
BIS Am/Can CH Laureate Gracious King Lear SDHF (3/1/1999-) [OFA GR-71772G24M-PI]

Out of Laurell's Take A Bow For Angel:

Laurell Take A Bow Moby Dick CDX (10/25/1999-)

Out of Elan's Poetry In Motion:

StonyCreek-Elan Ginger Rogers (6/6/2001-) [OFA GR-80175G26F-PI]

Out of Colabaugh's Double Delight:

Colabaugh's Advance to Go CDX OD (3/16/1996-) [OFA GR-61628G28F-T]

Out of Farm Fresh Giddyap Go OD:

Farm Fresh Bird In Hand (5/23/2000-)
Farm Fresh Montague's Frolic CD RE JH WCX (5/23/2000-9/5/2011) [OFA GR-76300F24M-PI]
CH Farm Fresh Best Laid Plan (5/23/2000-) [OFA GR-75907G24M-PI]

Out of Am. Ch. Tangleloft Whistling Swan CD CGC OD:

BIS CH. Tangleloft Breach of Peace OD (11/11/1995-) [OFA GR-58715F24F-T]

Out of Am. CH Laurell Goodtime Tickled Pink OD:

Goodtime's Spiceolife Anne Hall (7/29/1997-)
BIS Mex CH Lat Goodtime's Blowin' In The Wind (12/16/1996-)
Goodtime's Take The Money And Run CD OA AXJ CGC (7/29/1997-1/2/2007)
Am. CH Goodtime Knockn' On Heavens Door (12/16/1996-)
CH MACH Goodtime's Caribbean Wind MXG MJG ADHF (12/16/1996-2/28/2005)
CH Goodtime's Mighty Aphrodite OD (7/29/1997-) [OFA GR-65791F24F]

Out of Am. CH. Goodtime Laurell Elizabeth Tale'r OD:

Goodtime's Morningstar Posy Me (3/3/2002-) [OFA GR-82928F26F-PI]
Goodtime's Oopsie Daisy CD RN WC CCA TDI CGC (3/3/2002-9/20/2011) [OFA GR-82572F25F-NOPI]
CH Goodtime's Iris-istable (3/3/2002-) [OFA GR-82583G24F-NOPI]
Goodtime's Holly-wood Ending (3/3/2002-)
Goodtime's He's My Sweet William (3/3/2002-)

Out of Ch. Westmont's Symphony:

Westmont Tamerlan's Lyric (6/18/1996-) [OFA GR-61041G24F-T]

Out of CH Keane's Chocolate Decadence:

Am CH Signature Brooklyn Bombshell (11/26/1995-) [OFA GR-60341G28F-T]
Signature's On Broadway (11/26/1995-) [OFA GR-65936G43M]
Signature Goodtime Lost In Yonkers (11/26/1995-)

Out of Lothloriens' Southern Star CGC:

Lothlorien's The Race Is On (6/8/1997-10/25/2006) [OFA GR-65713F26M-T]

Out of Pioneer's Elizabeth Of Tigger OD:

Pioneer Tessahoc Finally You (5/2/1998-2/2012) [OFA GR-76905F52F-PI ]
CT Pioneer's Grand Finale CDX RAE AX OAJ AXP OJP VCD2 OD (5/2/1998-) [OFA GR-69545G27F]

Out of Errigal Aisling Or:

Errigal Corvette (5/7/1997-)
Errigal Drumm'n Up Eastshore (5/7/1997-8/22/2009)
Errigal Dreamcatcher NA NAJ (5/7/1997-)
Errigal Zipping Up Eastshore NA, NAJ (5/7/1997-) [OFA GR-65688F26F-T ]
Errigal Bryna De Dannan (5/7/1997-) [OFA GR-68317F35F-T]

Out of Karousel Ceili Of Errigal CD:

Errigal Oliver (6/23/1996-)
Errigal Irish Heartbeat (6/23/1996-) [OFA GR-65874F38M-T]

Out of BISS Can BIS Am-Can CH Redog's Pinkie SDHF OD BOB-Westminster 2002 JAM Natl'-01:

Redog Daisy Mae (4/19/2002-)
Redog's Tickle Jonah Yoder (4/19/2002-)
Redog's Tickle Me Dancing (4/19/2002-)
Redog's Ticklish Endeavor (4/19/2002-)
Redog's Tickle My Fancy (4/19/2002-) [OFA GR-82851G24F-PI]
BIS VBIS Am GCH CH Redog's N' Mariah's Tickled Pink OD SDHF BVISS (#10 all-breed 2006) (4/19/2002-8/24/2013) [OFA GR-83295G24F-PI]
Am. CH Redog's Ticklish Affair (4/19/2002-) [OFA GR-82850G24M-PI]
Redog's Tickle Me Pink (4/19/2002-) [OFA GR-82805G24F-PI]

Out of Am. Ch. Evergreen's Kilohana Midnight Blues CGC:

Kilohana's Make My Day (12/15/2000-12/13/2010)
Kilohana Too Marvelous For Words (12/15/2000-3/22/2011) [OFA GR-78140F24F-PI]
Kilohana's Pocket Full of Miracles RE WC (12/15/2000-6/30/2010) [OFA GR-81164F35F-PI]
Am. Ch. Kilohana Glamis Fiddle Dee Dee (12/15/2000-9/18/2014) [OFA GR-77958F24F-PI]

Out of Merimaur's Freebird:

Mermaur's Fallon Angel (6/7/1998-)

Out of Lady Daisy May:

Donnybrk Drivn MZ Daizy Crazy (6/19/1998-3/29/2010) [moderate dysplasia]
Donnybrook's Goin' Crazy (6/19/1998-2007) [OFA GR-72929F36F-PI]

Out of Am./Can. Ch Amberac's Hootshe Kooshe:

Ph Ch Sweetbreeze's Foolish Pleasure (4/1/1999-)

Out of Ch. Summits Poetry In Motion UD TDX JH AX AXJ OD:

Suntorys Vanishing Point (5/6/1998-6/2009)
CH Suntory No Point in Resisting (5/6/1998-)
CH Suntory Point of No Return (5/6/1998-) [OFA GR-68520E24F-T]

Out of CH Sandspur Armed N Dangerous CD JH WC OD:

CH Sandspur's Splish Splash OD (7/8/2000-2/5/2012) [OFA GR-77050F26F-26]
Sandspur's Clear The Decks JH, WC (7/8/2000-2/23/2010) [OFA GR-76895G24M-PI]

Out of Goldenbear's Pocketful Of Sun CGC, TDI:

Goldigger's Hera Moon (2/21/1997-)
Goldigger's Dancing Moonlite (2/21/1997-1/31/2002)
Goldigger's Moon Dance (2/21/1997-)
Goldigger's Moon River (2/21/1997-)
Goldigger's Blue Moon (2/21/1997-12/12/2003) [OFA GR-63943G24M-T]
Goldigger's Moon Shine (2/21/1997-1/26/2009) [OFA GR-63944G24F-T]
Goldigger's Moon Beam (2/21/1997-8/6/2009) [OFA GR-63885G24F-T]

Out of Am CH Laurell Goodtime Pink Champagne OD:

Am. CH. Goodtime's Code Red At Voyager RN AX AXJ NF WC VCX (1/19/2002-10/24/2015) [OFA GR-81531G24M-PI]
Goodtime's Human Touch (12/3/1997-)
Goodtime, Waterford E Street (12/3/1997-)
Goodtime's Golden Wonder (12/3/1997-)
Goodtime's Secret Garden (12/3/1997-)
CH Goodtime's Glory Days OD (12/3/1997-) [OFA GR-66787G24F]
CH. Goodtime I'm On Fire OA OAJ (12/3/1997-7/13/2010) [OFA GR-67164E25M-T]
CH Goodtime's NYC Serenade (12/3/1997-) [OFA GR-68243F28F-T]
BIS BISS Am Can CH Goodtime's Run For The Roses SDHF OD (12/3/1997-9/19/2013) [OFA GR-67744G26F-T]
CH Goodtime Born In The USA (12/3/1997-) [OFA GR-67013G24M-T]

Out of Am Ch Tejas Arielle's Shooting Star:

Tejas Belle's Hidden Secret (10/10/1997-)
Benji Tejas Golden Secret (10/10/1997-)
Tejas Alex Secret Success (10/10/1997-)
Tejas Rupert's Secret Hideaway (10/10/1997-)
Tejas Morgan's Secret (10/10/1997-)
Tejas Secret Jedi Knight (10/10/1997-)
Tejas Secret Agent Bond (10/10/1997-)
Tejas Best Kept Secret (10/10/1997-) [OFA GR-68718G30F]
Tejas Bailey's Golden Secret (10/10/1997-) [OFA GR-67197G27F-T]

Out of Am. Ch. Honor's Looks Like A Lady OD:

Shergold's Here's Stew Yu (4/27/1998-) [OFA GR-72788F38M-PI]
Am. CH Shergold's Handful of Promises (11/29/1996-)
Am. CH Chocked Full Of Promise (11/29/1996-12/26/2008)
Am. CH Shergold's Freedom's Promise (11/29/1996-11/29/2008) [OFA GR-63547F24M]

Out of Am. Ch. Gingerbread's Mt Laurel OD:

Evergreens Eskimo Kiss CD, CGC, Major ptd (3/13/1997-) [OFA GR-64362G25F-T]
Evergreen Winter Highlight CD OA OAJ WC (3/13/1997-)
Am CH Evergreen's Arctic Expedition WC (3/13/1997-)
BISS Am. CH Evergreens Winter Serenade CGC (3/13/1997-) [OFA GR-65003G27F-T]

Out of Am Ch Cameron Runnymede Chapeau OD:

Runnymede Ocean of Commotion AX, AXJ (12/11/1996-)

Out of Am. CH Stillwater's Girl Talk:

Stillwater's To-Tell The Truth (9/23/1997-) [OFA GR-67620G28F]

Out of GMHR Bendens Power To Please MPG CDX MH NA NAJ WCX OD:

Benden's Best Of Both Worlds (8/9/2000-11/23/2001)
CH MACH4 PACH3 Benden Worlds Collide at MPG CD SH MFX TQX MFP TQXP T2BP3 WCX ADHF CCA (8/9/2000-10/27/2014) [OFA GR-76760G24F-PI]

Out of Cacharel's Thunder-N-Lightnin':

Odyssey's Own Walkie-Talkie (4/22/1996-) [OFA GR-62489G29F-T]
Am. Ch Odyssey's Gotta Walkman (4/22/1996-) [OFA GR-62141F28M-T]

Out of Arieh's Aquest On The Thames CDX RN JH NA WCX OD:

Aquest Sands of Sanibel CD OA OAJ RE (9/15/1997-10/30/2010) [OFA GR-69820F35F-T]
CH Aquest for Hollywood Stardom CD WC VC (9/15/1997-) [OFA GR-65980F24M-T]
Aquest Brighton By The Sea (9/15/1997-) [OFA GR-66737G26F-T]
SR Aquest's Down Under JH RAE WC CGC (9/15/1997-1/18/2012)
SR Aquest Rocky Mtn Skye High RN JH WC CGC (9/15/1997-8/12/2007) [OFA GR-71027F38M-PI]

Out of Allenridge A Whistling Dixie:

Noblewood Winn Dixie (5/30/2000-) [OFA GR-76683F26F-PI]
UKC CH Noblewood Dixieland Delight (5/30/2000-)
Noblewood Heart of Dixie (5/30/2000-)
Can Ch Noblewood Dixieland Band CD, CGC, TDI (5/30/2000-) [OFA GR-76014G24M-PI]

Out of Am./Can. CH Thornfield Loralyn Reflection:

Loralyn's Summer Fun (6/3/1997-)

Out of Tejas Tequila Sunrise:

Tejas Riley's Promise (3/15/1998-)
Tejas Nevee Promise (3/15/1998-)
Tejas Promises Forever (3/15/1998-)
Tejas Lick And A Promise (3/15/1998-)
Tejas I Love Lucy (5/10/1996-)
Tejas Lone Star No Com-Promise OA, OAJ (3/15/1998-) [OFA GR-68627G25M-T]

Out of Ashley's Steel Hearts OD:

Am. CH. SunChases Campfire Shoot Out (11/10/1994-2/14/2002) [OFA GR-54753F24M]
Am. CH. SunChase I Shot The Sheriff (11/10/1994-2006) [OFA GR-54709F24F]
Am. Ch. SunChase I Take My Chances SDHF (11/10/1994-2/6/1999) [OFA GR-54850F24M]

Out of CH Chisholms Second Chance JH:

CH Sunny Pointe's King Of Camelot TD,OA,OAJ,CGC (3/26/1997-3/15/2005) [OFA GR-64338F24M-T]

Out of Am. CH Honor's I've Seen The Light OD WC:

Honor's N' Dare Faith's The Way (5/29/1996-) [OFA GR-62903F24F-T]
Honor's N' Dare Sharin' The Faith (5/29/1996-)
AmCH Dare-N-Sun Dance Cat In The Hat (5/5/1998-6/4/2008) [OFA GR-70024G28F-T]
CH Dare's N' Honor In Good Faith (5/29/1996-)
CH Honor's N' Dare Faith On Fire NA (5/29/1996-)
CH Honor's N' Dare Power Of Faith (5/29/1996-) [OFA GR-61255F24M-T]

Out of Firethorne's Remember Me:

Firethorne Summer Love (5/25/1995-8/29/2004)
Firethorne Somebody Loves Me (5/25/1995-10/13/2005) [OFA GR-57779F26F ]

Out of Am./Can. CH. Honor's Karagld Wild Tyms T'Nite OD:

CH Karagold's Goodtyme Girl (7/26/1999-) [OFA GR-75976F34F-PI]
CH. Karagold's Out For a Goodtyme (7/26/1999-) [OFA GR-73536F26F-PI]
CH. KaraGold's Tyme T'Work D'Magic CD JH SDHF VC (7/26/1999-6/22/2011) [OFA GR-73024G24M-PI]

Out of Am. CH Honor's Wild McBear Hug OD:

Honors McBear What A Love (11/13/1995-)
Honor's McBear S'No Bunny Love (11/13/1995-)
McBear Honor's P.S. I Love You (11/13/1995-) [OFA GR-59724G27F-T]

Out of Can. CH. Cameo Dreams At Willowbryar:

Arriba Martin Timberee (4/10/1996-)
Kate's Adventure (4/10/1996-)
Timberee Bright Promise (4/10/1996-)
Timberee's RT On Target CD (4/10/1996-)
Timberee Riley Waterdog TT (4/10/1996-1/29/2005) [OFA GR-60632E25M-T]

Out of Am CH Balmorals Jewel Of Fire:


Out of Tejas BMW Convertible:

Tejas MGM Triple Seven Savvy (11/25/1995-)
Tejas Golden Nugget (11/25/1995-)
Tejas Mirage Rex (11/25/1995-)
Tejas Circus Circus (11/25/1995-)
Tejas McClean Golden Nugget (11/25/1995-)
Tejas Chasing Stardust (11/25/1995-)
Tejas Goodtimes Lady Luck (11/25/1995-)
Tejas Four Queens of Hearts (11/25/1995-)
Tejas Rio Las Vegas (11/25/1995-) [OFA GR-62416F34F-T]

Out of CH Arieh's Once Upon A Time:

Arieh's Kissed By An Angel CDX NA (7/15/1997-) [OFA GR-65359G24M-T ]

Out of Am. CH Quailwood Pride Of London:

Quailwood's Spice of Life (9/15/1995-) [OFA GR-58952G27F-T]

Out of Tricon Bargello's Honey Bee CDX JH WC Can. CD:

Bargello's Highmark Renegade CD (1/17/1996-) [OFA GR-60882F27M-T ]
Bargello's Quincy AmCDX CanCD (1/17/1996-)

Out of Am./Can. CH. Rush Hill's Journey Thru Time OD:

Rush Hill's Legend Of The West (8/29/1995-)
Rush Hill's Dreams Never End CDX OA TDI (8/29/1995-12/19/2003)
Am CH Rush Hill's Never Ending Story NAJ (8/29/1995-)
Am CH Rush Hill's Goodtime's Never End OS (8/29/1995-10/15/2005) [OFA GR-58130G24M]

Out of Goldenbear's California:

Goldenbear's Four Play (4/13/1996-)
Goldenbear's Forever Young (4/13/1996-) [OFA GR-62006F28F-T]
Goldenbear Johnny's Fourmost (4/13/1996-) [OFA GR-60657E25M-T]

Out of Ch Laurell's Blue Velvet:

Am. CH. Topsail Last Picture Show (9/20/1999-7/31/2009)

Out of CH Karagold's Race'N A Ruckus OD:

Caymen's N U Too Arielle (2/3/1999-)
Caymen's U Call My Bluff (2/3/1999-5/20/2008)
Can. Ch. Caymen's U Sweet Gldn Flower (2/3/1999-2/17/2013) [OFA GR-75628G27F]
Can. Ch. Caymen's U Start Me Up (2/3/1999-5/25/2012) [OFA GR-71083G24F-PI]
Am/Can CH Caymen's Wish Upon A Star CD (2/3/1999-3/17/2011) [OFA GR-72155F27M-PI]

Out of U-CDX Manor's Cold Spring Harbor CDX TDI CGC:

Trinity's Blonde Over Blue CDX CGC (5/2/1999-)
Trinity's Captain Jack (5/2/1999-)
U-CH U-CDX HR Trinity's River of Dreams CDX RE SH WCX NAJ NJP VCX CGC ASCA CD (5/2/1999-9/1/2008) [OFA GR-72506G25M-PI]
U-CH Trinity's I Go To Extremes CCA (5/2/1999-9/22/2010) [OFA GR-81527G56M-PI]
U-CD Trinity's Downeaster Alexa CD RE CCA CGC (5/2/1999-8/21/2008) [OFA GR-81528G56F-PI]

Out of Ch Forever Endeavors Dancin Fool:

Endeavor Tribute To The Dawn (1/22/1996-) [OFA GR-60581F26F-T]
Endeavors The MTNS Win Again (1/22/1996-)
Forever Endeavor A Treasure Hunt (1/22/1996-) [OFA GR-59182F24F-T ]

Out of CH Summit Goldstorm Moving Picture BISS OD:

Ch Goldstorm Shanoah Mov'n Showgirl (1/15/1996-) [OFA GR-59236G24F-T]
Ch Goldstorm Carrera Best Moves (1/15/1996-)
BISS CH Goldstorm Moving Force BISS OS (1/15/1996-) [OFA GR-59257G24M-T]

Out of Am./Can. CH. Windance Legacy's Pipe Dream OD:

BIS BISS Am CH Legacy's Standing Ovation SDHF Am and Can OS (7/12/1997-5/2008) [OFA GR-65227G24M-T]

Out of Am CH KaraGold's Shining Brightly OD:

Karagold's Scout'n For Gold CD OA AXJ (8/25/1998-)
Karagolds Road Best Traveled UDX RAE SH MX MXJ WCX TDIAOV (8/25/1998-2/9/2010)
CH KaraGold's Best Kept Secret OD (8/25/1998-) [OFA GR-69832F24F-T]

Out of Am CH Karagold Scion B'ynd The Hori-Sun SH WCX OD:

Am CH Scion Field Of Dreams JH WC (11/2/1997-10/5/2012) [OFA GR-66540G25M-T]
Am CH Scion Just A Dream WC (11/2/1997-) [OFA GR-66604E24F-T]
Am/Int CH Scion Karagold Dreamin N Schemin (11/2/1997-2/4/2009) [OFA GR-67751F28F-T]

Out of BIS BISS Am. CH Summits Shadow Dancer OD SDHF:

Summit's Heard It Thru The Grapevine (8/22/1995-) [OFA GR-68624F56F]
Am/Can CH Summit Allure Private Dancer (3/3/1996-1/16/2007) [OFA GR-60363G25]
Am Ch. Summits Carrera Flashdance OD (3/3/1996-) [OFA GR-62672F32F-T]
BISS Am. CH Summits Some Kind A Wonderful OD SDHF (8/22/1995-) [OFA GR-57851G28F-T]
BISS Am/Can CH Summit's Dakota Life's a Dance SDHF OS (3/3/1996-) [OFA GR-59928G24M-T]

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