Golden Retriever

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Offspring of SVCH Holway Odin (6/4/2000-9/2/2014)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Doubleuse Golden Artist:

Stella Aurum Tomcat (10/27/2009-)
Stella Aurum Starfighter (10/27/2009-)
Stella Aurum Spitfire (10/27/2009-)
Stella Aurum Phantom (10/27/2009-)
Stella Aurum Nighthawk (10/27/2009-)
Stella Aurum Mirage (10/27/2009-)
Stella Aurum Lightning (10/27/2009-)

Out of Bringback's Flanna:

Bringback's Shining Spencer (1/25/2010-)
Bringback's Smiling Shadow (1/25/2010-)
Bringback's Sweet Schayler (1/25/2010-)
Bringback's Sagacity Skaycliff (1/25/2010-)
Bringback's Son of Odin (1/25/2010-)
Bringback's Clio (4/7/2009-)
Bringback's Clemence (4/7/2009-)
Bringback's Claudia (4/7/2009-)
Bringback's Clarice (4/7/2009-)
Bringback's Clara (4/7/2009-)

Out of Owlet's Lindy:

Qurious Utter (3/11/2009-)
Qurious Ull (3/11/2009-)
Qurious Urd (11/3/2009-)

Out of Servio Chutney:

Golden De Luxe Wizard Island (9/16/2009-)
Golden De Luxe Union Peak (9/16/2009-)
Golden De Luxe Mount Bachelor (9/16/2009-)
Golden De Luxe Maiden Peak (9/16/2009-)
Golden De Luxe Crater Lake (9/16/2009-)
Golden De Luxe Broken Top (9/16/2009-)
Golden De Luxe Tumalo Mountain SH NAJ NF WCX (9/16/2009-)

Out of Gryningsljusets Herliga Gipsy:

Gryningsljusets Fina Heidi (4/27/2007-)
Gryningsljusets Fina Hazel (4/27/2007-) [C1]
LPI Gryningsljusets Fina Happy (4/27/2007-) [A1]
LPI LPII Gryningsljusets Fine Hunter (4/27/2007-) [C1]
Gryningsljusets Fine Hobbe (4/27/2007-)
Gryningsljusets Fine Hero (4/27/2007-) [C1]
TJH(FM) Gryningsljusets Fine Hardy (4/27/2007-) [B1]
LPI LPII TJH(FM) Gryningsljusets Fine Heffa (4/27/2007-) [A1]

Out of Stjärnglimtens Felicia:

Stjärnglimtens Nora (4/5/2007-)
Stjärnglimtens Nikita (4/5/2007-) [A1]
LP1 Stjärnglimtens Norpa (4/5/2007-) [B1]
Stjärnglimtens Nytta (4/5/2007-) [A1]
Stjärnglimtens Nova (4/5/2007-) [A1]
SVCH Stjärnglimtens Non Stop (4/5/2007-) [B1]
Stjärnglimtens Never Stop Neo (4/5/2007-) [A1]

Out of Sungold Flying Frida:

Crawfields Caesar (8/7/2009-)
Crawfields Conrad (8/7/2009-)
Crawfields Codin (8/7/2009-)
Crawfields Chaplin (8/7/2009-)
Crawfields Capone (8/7/2009-)
Crawfields Camaro (8/7/2009-)
Crawfields Calyptus (8/7/2009-)
Crawfields Calvin (8/7/2009-)
Crawfields Calle1 (8/7/2009-)
Crawfields Clementine (8/7/2009-)

Out of Vassruggens Norna Gest:

Indragårdens Charmtroll (3/18/2007-) [A1]
Indragårdens Caramell (3/18/2007-) [A1]
Indragårdens Chira (3/18/2007-)
Indragårdens Clarino (3/18/2007-) [B1]
Indragårdens Chipp (3/18/2007-)

Out of Kiebitz's Xantippe:

Kiebitz's Dundie (4/5/2004-)
Kiebitz's Darwin (4/5/2004-)
Kiebitz's Daddie (5/4/2004-) [B1]
Kiebitz´s Dixie (5/4/2004-)
Kiebitz´s Dawns Joy (5/4/2004-)
Kiebitz's Daisy (5/4/2004-) [A1]
Kiebitz's Devy (5/4/2004-) [A1]
Kiebitz's Famous Sally (5/10/2005-)
Kiebitz's Fair Felicia (5/10/2005-)
Kiebitz's Figo Camus (5/10/2005-)
Kiebitz's Fancy Freddie (5/10/2005-) [A1]
Kiebitz's Flying Falcon (5/10/2005-)
Kiebitz's Fabian (5/10/2005-)
Kiebitz's Fellow (5/10/2005-)
Kiebitz's Felix (5/10/2005-)
Kiebitz´s Fearless Tomba (5/10/2005-) [B 1]

Out of Vassruggens Liv Widhsith:

Vassruggens Valve Skjalf (10/27/2007-) [C1]
Vassruggens Veizla Gasting (10/27/2007-) [A1]
Vassruggens Vide Askepott (10/27/2007-) [A1]
SVch Vassruggens Viga-Glum (10/27/2007-) [A1]
SVch Vassruggens Vinge Smali (10/27/2007-) [A1]
NOJCH SEJCH SETJH(RDH)CH Vassruggens Vade Brand (10/27/2007-) [A/A]
Vassruggens Vinda Mygdir (10/27/2007-) [B1]

Out of Bockgold Penny Lane:

Bockgold Odin (1/30/2007-)
Bockgold Killer Queen (1/30/2005-)
Bockgold Freja (1/30/2005-)
Bockgold Desert Rose (1/30/2005-)
Bockgold Chivas (1/30/2005-)
Bockgold Zacko (1/30/2005-) [B1]
Bockgold Lovely Rita (1/30/2005-) [A1]

Out of Schlottes Elske:

Schlottes Jingles (5/25/2008-) [A1]
Schlottes Jolle (5/25/2008-) [B2]

Out of Julis Stjerne Eta:

Julis Stjerne Orion's Oline (5/9/2005-)
Julis Stjerne Orion's Olga (5/9/2005-)
Julis Stjerne Orion's Oskar [C1]
Julis Stjerne Orion's Olivia (9/15/2005-) [B1]
Julis Stjerne Orion's Oda (9/15/2005-) [B1]
Julis Stjerne Orion's Olliver (9/15/2005-12/8/2017) [B2]
Julis Stjerne Orion's Ofelia (9/15/2005-)

Out of Deutscher Arbeitschampion Happymover B.C. Pearl:

Happymover Elina Phoebe (8/25/2006-) [A1]
Happymover Estella Phyllis (8/25/2006-) [A1/A1]
Happymover Ephinia (8/25/2006-) [B 1]
Happymover Entonia (8/25/2006-) [A 2]
Happymover Enya (8/25/2006-) [A 2]
Happymover Emily Holly (8/25/2006-) [A 2]
Happymover Elmo (8/25/2006-) [A 2]
Happymover Edward (8/25/2006-) [B 1]
Happymover Everest (8/25/2006-)

Out of NJCH NMJR06 Siyu Rosie:

NJCH. Jacklaine's Aida (4/26/2005-) [A1]
Jacklaine's Archibal (4/26/2005-) [A1]
SE JCH Jacklaine's Aragorn (4/26/2005-) [B1]
Jacklaine's Amber Joplin (4/26/2005-) [A1]
Jacklaine's Abbey (4/26/2005-) [B1]

Out of Doubleuse June:

Nordanwind Amazing Treacle [A1]

Out of DKLPCH LP3 FP UHP BPB Dusky Sound's Naughty Nookie:

Charmaine's Diesel (8/3/2008-) [C1]
Charmaine's Diablo (8/3/2008-) [A1]
Charmaine's Dumle (8/3/2008-) [B1]
Charmaine's Dexter (8/3/2008-) [B1]
Charmaine's Dusky (8/3/2008-) [B1]
Charmaine's Dot-Com (8/3/2008-3/18/2010) [B1]
Charmaine's Destiny (8/3/2008-) [B1]
Charmaine's Di-Sienna (8/3/2008-) [A2/A2]
Charmaine's Aika (3/20/2005-) [B1]
Charmaine's Aslan (3/20/2005-) [C1]
Charmaine's Aisha (3/20/2005-) [FCI A1]
Charmaine's Aci (3/20/2005-) [A1]
Charmaine's Amanda (3/20/2005-) [A1]
Charmaine's Anton (3/20/2005-) [A1]

Out of Expeditious Javelin of Mountain Forest Glade:

Outshining Linus of Mountain Forest Glade (9/20/2002-)
Outbrave Leo of Mountain Forest Glade (9/20/2002-) [B1]
Openeyed Jamin of Mountain Forest Glade (9/20/2002-) [A2]
Optimistic Ben of Mountain Forest Glade (9/20/2002-) [A1]
Own Gina of Mountain Forest Glade (9/20/2002-) [A1]
Operational Jessie of Mountain Forest Glade (9/20/2002-) [A2]
Original Amy of Mountain Forest Glade (9/20/2002-) [B1]
Oat Maggie of Mountain Forest Glade (9/20/2002-) [C1]
Only Fame of Mountain Forest Glade (9/20/2002-) [B1]

Out of German Working-CH Gleen Mhor's Macalbin:

Filius Feyvel von der Velsener Mark (5/30/2007-) [B2]
Filia Jaslin von der Velsener Mark (5/30/2007-) [A2]

Out of Ambertrail Joy's Pool Position:

Vassruggens Teit Ormauge (4/14/2006-) [B1]
Vassruggens Truve Keingala (4/14/2006-) [A1]
Vassruggens Trond Eisle (4/14/2006-)
Vassruggens Tjalve Skåleglam (4/14/2006-) [B1]
Vassruggens Trittil Bragaskal (4/14/2006-2/7/2013) [FCI B1]
Vassruggens Tove Danmarksbot (4/14/2006-11/3/2016) [B1]
TJH(fm) Vassruggens Tritla Beinfoldar (4/14/2006-11/19/2014) [A1]
Vassruggens Telpa Galdrakinn (4/14/2006-) [B1]

Out of FTA Omskakas Extra Bra:

Omskakas I Varje Fall (1/24/2005-3/25/2007) [B1]
Omskakas Inom Kort (1/24/2005-) [C1]
Omskakas Inte Mer (1/24/2005-) [C1]
Omskakas Inte Just Nu (1/24/2005-) [A1]

Out of Pickup's Ibizz:

Aussiegold Captain Hook (10/31/2003-)
Aussiegold Tick Tock (10/31/2003-) [A1]
Aussiegold Toothles (10/31/2003-) [A1]
Aussiegold Nana (10/31/2003-)
Aussiegold Wendy Lady (10/31/2003-)
Aussiegold Peter Pan (10/31/2003-) [B1]
Aussiegold Tinker Bell (10/31/2003-) [A1]
Aussiegold Tiger Lily (10/31/2003-) [A1]

Out of Tanahill's Hazel-Catkin:

Gyldenpels Flint (10/8/2003-)
Gyldenpels Fluks (10/8/2003-10/2/2017) [Unknown A1]
Gyldenpels Felix (10/8/2003-)
Gyldenpels Fuzzy (10/8/2003-6/21/2018)
Gyldenpels Fenris (10/8/2003-6/14/2017)
Gyldenpels Faust (10/8/2003-2015)
Gyldenpels Freddy (10/8/2003-)
Gyldenpels Frederik (10/8/2003-)
Gyldenpels Frida (10/8/2003-)
Gyldenpels Freja (10/8/2003-2011)

Out of Golden Runner's Titan Sidewinder:

Falkirk's Mithrandir A Grey Pilgrim (7/26/2002-) [FCI B]
Falkirk's Legolas Lord Of The Woods (7/26/2002-2/25/2013)
Falkirk's Yavanna Kementári (7/26/2002-) [FCI B]
Falkirk's Éowyn White Lady Of Rohan (7/26/2002-) [FCI B]
Falkirk's Lúthien Tinúviel (7/26/2002-)
Falkirk's Arwen Evenstar (7/26/2002-)
Falkirk's Melian Melyanna (7/26/2002-) [FCI C]
Falkirk's Galadriel Lady Of Lórien (7/26/2002-)

Out of Dusky Sound's Husky:

Golden Runner's Shadow
Golden Runner's Dominator
Golden Runner's Firestorm
Golden Runner's Goldwing
Golden Runner's Rebel (3/30/2002-) [A1]
Golden Runner's Spacey [C1]

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