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Offspring of Secret Song of Lawnwood (12/9/1974-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of IRL.CH. Killegar Star:

Killegar She's A Rainbow (9/22/1977-)

Out of Railway Girl:

Kenwunn Midnight Magic

Out of Valcourt's Tully:

Star Appeal From Lawnwood

Out of Paula Of Oldforge:

Oldforge Strophic

Out of Lawnwoods Rudbecia:

Jonvals Beau Brummel (3/22/1979-)

Out of Muirland Meg:

Forgemartins Bunty (6/20/1984-)

Out of Clipyard Melba:

Black Knight Of Kentoo At Triggerville

Out of Murmoch Modesty:

Murmoch Melody

Out of Lawnwood's Cacao of Baanbirch:

Baanbirch Bo Diddley (1/13/1984-) [BVA 1/1]
Baanbirch Bow Belle (1/13/1984-) [BVA 1/1]

Out of Braunspath Wild Lilac of Lawnwood:

Lawnwoods Sunstar of Merrybrook

Out of Fulbeck Festival:

Fulbeck Firedance (8/21/1978-)
Fulbeck Firecrest at Springdawn (8/21/1978-)

Out of Lindall Bryony of Charway:

Wynfaul Bewitched (6/27/1985-) [BVA 0/0]

Out of Boomerang of Lawnwood:

AmCH Lawnwoods Brands Hatch (11/28/1977-) [OFA LR-9793]

Out of Woodland Lady:

Sweet September Song (7/28/1981-)

Out of Crosscroyde Credit Card of Lorchris:

Lorchris Kisses of Fire of Crosscroyde (10/6/1980-)
Lorchris Kisses Of Fire at Crosscroyde (1984-)

Out of Lawnwood What's My Name:

Lawnwoods Singing Wind (2/2/1984-)
Lawnwood's Silver Maid at Dion (2/2/1984-)

Out of Longley Maria:

Possum George (8/8/1980-)
Black Max of Luangwa (8/8/1980-)
Supersong of Lawnwood (8/8/1980-) [0]
Jasmin Delight
Sola Of Lawnwood (4/19/1979-) [OFA Normal]

Out of Leyward Pollyanna:

AmCH Leyward Softly Softly At Lawnwood (8/9/1977-) [OFA LR-9735]

Out of Berlan True Tammie of Lyndhurst:

Lyndhurst Serenade (10/23/1978-)

Out of Elowood Fern:

Elowood Love Song
GB Ch Elowood Soul Singer (9/22/1978-)

Out of GB.Sh.Ch. Follytower Augusta:

Can. Ch Follytower Swanee (1991-)
GB / Am CH Follytower Sally (3/16/1977-) [OFA LR-10726]
Follytower Sing Along (3/16/1977-)
C.C.W. Follytower Sound of Music at Lawnwood (3/16/1977-)

Out of Lawnwoods Brevet:

Lawnwood Breakaway (10/9/1978-)
Lawnwoods Break Thru (10/9/1978-)

Out of GB CH Crawcrook Princess:

Crawcrook Countess (1976-)
C.C.W. Crawcrook Calhiban (8/7/1976-)

Out of Fulbeck Flashing Stream:

Fulbeck Forest Oak (10/4/1979-)

Out of Follytower Blythe C.C.W.:

Boothgates Make Mine Music (8/3/1982-)
Boothgates Much More Music (8/3/1982-) [3:3]

Out of Roseacre Madonna Of Trenow JW:

UK Ch. Trenow Music Man JW (12/15/1981-) [4/4]
Trenow Minuet (12/15/1981-) [1/2]

Out of Lawnwoods Midnight Fantasy:

Lawnwoods Swinging Swanee of Larchbank (6/10/1981-)
Lawnwoods Shergar (6/10/1981-)
Lawnwood's Spindrifter (6/10/1981-) [BVA 4:2]

Out of Lawnwoods Tapestry:

Lawnwoods Sunray

Out of Lindall Miss Emma:

Lindall Something Special At Calag (8/30/1982-)

Out of C.C.W. Braunspath Simona of Cambremer:

Cambremer Paper Doll (3/9/1978-)
Cambremer Melody Maker

Out of C.C.W. Lawnwood Hot Pants of Warringah:

Warringah's Hot Gossip at Lawnwood (10/27/1979-)
Sh Ch Warringah Hot Favourite (10/30/1978-)
GB.Ch. Warringah Hot Property (10/30/1978-) [4/4]

Out of Styleside Heather:

GB FTCh Styleside Hawk (2/22/1984-) [BVA 3/3]
Styleside Searchin (6/23/1983-)

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