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Offspring of GB Ch Squire of Ballyduff (10/10/1974-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Kamar Katrina:

Kamar Vitas (7/1/1981-)

Out of Waghorn truthful:

Nulaw Overseer

Out of Lynghall Annabel:

Ridgehill Ursula

Out of Rusland Marimba:

Rusland Squadron Leader

Out of Roydwood Retrospect:

Roydwood Rough Justice (6/23/1982-)
Roydwood Rough And Tumble of Edenlea

Out of Drumfarran Jenny:

Drumfarran Boomerang (1981-)
Drumfarran Bee-Line (1981-)
Drumfarran Bandolier (1981-)

Out of Caerlan Chiara:

Wernwood Borderer of Lasgarn (3/7/1978-)

Out of Eduny Lapwing:

Eduny Jasmine
Eduny Squire of Ballyduff (4/15/1980-)

Out of Honey Girl of Cowbit:

Black Panther of Cowbit

Out of Follytower Widgeon of Ballyduff:

Ballyduff Kite Of Follytower (10/3/1985-) [BVA 3/3]
Ballyduff Pelican (10/3/1985-)
CAN Ch Ballyduff Kali (10/3/1985-)

Out of Roncott Priceless Purdy:

Ruselton Gypsy Silk (6/26/1979-)

Out of Roseacre Senta:

Roseacre Shalako (11/1/1978-)

Out of AustCH Threepears Lighting Girl:

Aust CH Warrigal Lady Surrey

Out of Cornlands Lady Lavender:

GB Ch Cornlands Blonde Lady (2/17/1978-)

Out of Treherne Nedarberry:

Buttash Pollyflinders of Leospring (6/17/1979-)

Out of Jayncourt Mistress of Elterwater:

Elterwater Squi'Jon of Pynesway
Elterwater Squarjon of Pynesway (9/19/1977-)
SA Ch Ballyduff Barrister of Woodridge
Ballyduff Madam (4/2/1980-1992) [B1/A2]
Elterwater Spokesman of Linjor (9/19/1977-)
Elterwater Sagacity (9/19/1977-) [1]

Out of SE UCH NO UCH Kwinana's Farda:

Kwinana's Squiress
Kwinana's Dame Farda
Kwinana's Herremann (1981-) [2]

Out of Portia of Kimvalley:

Thrumsdorn Pirouette

Out of Ballyduff Polka:

Am/Can CH Eduny Jubilee Squire AmCD (5/31/1977-) [OFA LR-15096]

Out of Martina of Mardas:

Mardas Sabella

Out of Stajantor Joanne:

Stajantors Bridie
Stajantors Bridget (5/29/1981-) [OFA Normal]

Out of Ballyduff Berta:

Passingridge Mistress
Passingridge Seamstress of Bryndafydd

Out of Colinwood Wild Rose Of Arrowshaft:

Arrowshaft Moonraker Of Colinwood (8/5/1978-)
Arrowshaft Breck of Colinwood (1979-)
Arrowshaft Squire's Daughter of Gallybob (1979-)

Out of Jayncourt Fancy Free of Lyndhurst:

Lyndhurst Sinbad (3/30/1982-)

Out of GB Sh.Ch. Balrion Wicked Lady:

CH Balrion Lord of The Manor of Breckondale (1979-)
CH Balrion Country Squire (8/5/1979-) [OFA LR-14903]
Balrion Lady Be Good (8/5/1979-)
Balrion Squires Mistress (8/1979-)

Out of GB SH CH Poolstead Preface:

Poolstead Past Memory (4/21/1981-)
Poolstead Prize Possession (4/21/1981-)

Out of Mardas Vivette:

Mardas Simona (12/8/1977-)
C.C.W. Mardas Seamus (12/10/1977-)

Out of GB Sh Ch Balrion Royale Mischief of Rodarbal:

Rodarbal Russell of Brightfield (8/31/1980-)
Rodarbal Ranta (2/17/1982-)
Rodarbal Rarefind
Rodarbal Rustler (8/31/1980-)
Rodarbal Raincloud (8/31/1980-)
CH Rodarbal Rainbow (8/1980-)
Rodarbal Ruler (8/31/1980-) [ua]

Out of GBSHCH Sandylands Longley Come Rain:

Sandylands Beauty Of Flamboise (3/24/1982-)
Sandylands Black Jack (3/24/1982-)
Sandylands Biddy of Mallardhurn (3/24/1982-) [3:2]
UK ShCh Sandylands Bella (3/24/1982-)
Sandylands Bramble (3/24/1982-) [3/4]

Out of C.C.W. Kupros My Lady:

Kupros Lionheart (11/26/1977-)
AmCH Kupros Live Spark CD (11/26/1977-)
UK Ch Kupros Lady's Pride (11/26/1977-)
CH Kupros Lucifer (11/26/1977-4/17/1992) [A1]

Out of Warringah Muffin:

Warringah Goshawk of Vuldack

Out of Kupros Kirsch:

Kupros Starshine (2/24/1981-)
Am CH Kupros Spartacus (2/24/1981-)
Kupros Spring Folly of Wetherlam (2/24/1981-)

Out of Wishwood Charlotte:

Wishwood Quincey (1/24/1979-) [8/9]

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