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Offspring of FTCh Dargdaffin Dynamo (7/15/1994-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Copperblake Fern:

Thistlewood Ash (9/2/2000-) [BVA 7/5]

Out of Golden Cider (Brody Moss x Itteringham Polly):

Grateful Beauty

Out of Shining Ridge Penny:

Dark Warrior Of The Night

Out of Tweedshot Sara:

Stazjep Ronan (1999-) [3/4]

Out of Willowyck Bee at Brackenlodge:

Brackenlodge Nik Nak (1998-) [3/3]

Out of Housty Jiff:

Tawnyhill Gelert

Out of Wymondham Saturn:

Starlight Larch (6/8/1999-) [BVA 7/7]

Out of Garendon Dot:

Fernshot Ember

Out of Swiftwater Heather:

Larford Bass (1998-) [2/3]

Out of Lady Red Cascade:

Kittiwake Rissa

Out of Celtic Shannon:

Celtcrest Templeridge Fern of Aldertree

Out of Lancelot Katie:

Jakes Hero

Out of Pexwillow's Fly By Night:

Acton Holly (2002-) [5/3]
Pexwillow Nat (2002-)

Out of Summer Kiss:

Whitecity Black

Out of Sprincot Nellie:

Sprincot Elizabeth

Out of Frozzydyke Elegance:

Ormewood Boss
Ormewood Bright of Alpel

Out of Pocklea Jess:

Sandringham Dash (1997-)
Sandringham Spark (1997-)
Sandringham Spur (1997-)
Sandringham Boost (1997-) [5/17]

Out of Stillastar Blonde:

Ball Pane At Sprincot (3/3/2001-) [BVA 4/3]

Out of Follybreeze Kerry:

Woodcock Golden Girl (3/16/2000-) [BVA 10/4]

Out of Gartshore Chianti of Garagill:

Garagill Ascot

Out of High Teal:

Jessday Flycatcher
Jesday Eider
Jesday Flycatcher (1997-) [2/2]

Out of Pechasi Cricket:

Tan Pick of Pickprospect (6/3/1997-) [BVA 5:6]
FTW Iris May (6/3/1997-) [BVA 3/6]

Out of Almshoebury Ebony:

Almshoebury Pitch (1999-) [3/4]
Almshoebury Pipit (1999-) [3/4]

Out of Northlear Ceres:

Spelderbank Sir (2002-)
Kenmillto Zest (2002-) [5/5]
Kenmillto Precious Moments (2002-)
Linley's Dream (2002-)
The Happy Wanderer (2002-)
Kenmillto Saracen (2002-)
Waterloo Belle (2002-)
Kenmillto Bluebell Boy (2002-) [2/2]

Out of Conneywarren Tiggy:

Saracenshead Lily
Saracenshead Teal (2002-) [2/2]

Out of Black Velvet Yox:

Birdsgreen Little Blue of Danbrias (1998-)

Out of Countryways Swiftly Of Blypark:

Blypark Easter [0/2]
Blypark Excalibur Of Gossmount [4/4]
Blypark Explorer Of Blyvalley (2002-) [BVA 2/0]

Out of Kirkmoor Emma:

Kirkmoor Appeal (1998-)
Kirkmoor Amy (1998-)
FTW Kirkmoor Anna (1998-) [6/3]
FTW Kirkmoor Acclaim (7/29/1998-) [BVA 1/1]
Kirkmoor Arkle (1998-)
Kirkmoor Alex (1998-)
Kirkmoor Ace (1998-)
Kirkmoor Aristocrat (1998-)
Kirkmoor Amber (7/29/1998-) [BVA 4/4]

Out of Wellandpoint Princess:

DKJCH DKDKKJCH DKBRCH NOJCH Wetlands Wonder (5/10/2003-1/14/2017) [A]

Out of Springtide Beauty:

Tidemark Ivy (10/11/2003-) [A]

Out of FTCh Raughlin Sarah:

Raughlin Teal of Countryways
Raughlin Gunner
Raughlin Shooter Of Rybrae [12/3]
Raughlin Delaney
Raughlin Frankie [3/3]
Raughlin Tilt Of Countryways (1997-) [2/3]
Raughlin Cassidy
Raughlin Spirit
Raughlin Tide [22/24]

Out of Bamfield Dipper:

Bamfield Avocet

Out of Basswood Gem:

Basswood Delilah At Thalasgair (2000-) [3/6]
Basswood Delphi Of Birchland (2000-) [4/4]
Basswood Dove (2000-) [3:5]
FTCh Basswood Delia of Barsky (2000-) [3/5]

Out of Bringwood Ember:

Bringwood Quail (3/12/1998-) [A]

Out of Conneywarren Amber:

Greatcobwood Corrie (2001-) [2/2]

Out of Sareen Silver Lady:

Whissendine Bonnie (7/22/1998-) [BVA 3/3]
Whissendine Barley (7/22/1998-) [BVA 3/3]

Out of Stitchwood Rapier:

Delfleet Kerry Gold (6/1/1997-)
Delfleet Golden Wonder (6/1/1997-)
Delfleet Purdey (5/30/1998-)
Delfleet Samson (5/30/1998-)
Delfleet High Flyer (5/30/1998-)
Delfleet Simply Red (5/30/1998-)
Delfleet Foxy Lady (5/30/1998-)
Delfleet Copper (4/11/2000-)
Delfleet Ragnor (4/11/2000-)
Delfleet Kim (5/30/1998-) [BVA 4/4]
Delfleet Band of Gold of Fenflyer (6/1/1997-) [BVA 3/7]
Delfleet Gypsy Lady of Austerby (5/30/1998-) [BVA 2/7]
Delfleet Golden Nugget (6/1/1997-) [BVA 8/13]
Delfleet Golden Jubilee (6/1/1997-) [BVA 4/5]
Delfleet Golden Glory (6/1/1997-) [BVA 4/2]
Delfleet Fire (5/30/1998-) [BVA 2/6]
Delfleet Fern of Wolfdale (4/11/2000-) [BVA 4/3]
Delfleet Boss of Highdunscott (5/30/1998-) [BVA 7/3]
Delfleet Pollen (4/11/2000-) [BVA 4/2]

Out of Hoptoncastle Jet Black:

Hoptoncastle Sandee (8/31/2000-) [BVA 2/2]

Out of FTAW Shangarrilyn Gypsy:

Premierleek Daisy (2000-) [3/5]
Premierleek Devonian (4/23/2000-) [BVA 3/5]
Premierleek Dahlia of Astraglen (2000-) [4/3]

Out of Fiery Finch:

Whillanbeck Tinker (4/10/1999-5/18/2011) [A]

Out of FTW Bringwood Becky:

Shortthorn Paddy (9/24/1995-) [BVA 6/3]
Shortthorn Molly (1995-) [2/3]
Shortthorn Crow of Bedgebrook (1995-) [5/7]
Shortthorn Barley (1995-) [3/3]
Shortthorn Jet (1996-) [3/2]
Shortthorn Dealer (1996-) [11/5]
Shortthorn Poker (1996-) [6/5]
Shortthorn Ash
Shortthorn Bess
Shortthorn Mynah Of Bedgebrook (1996-) [4/2]
FTCh Shortthorn Tommy of Leadburn (4/4/1996-) [BVA 6/4]

Out of Mistrigris Tamarind of Goscote:

FTW Goscote Ray of Hope [BVA 2/2]

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