Golden Retriever

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Offspring of JChRus, JCh NRC,ChRus,ChNRC,ChRKF,CACIB Bungee Jumping of the Famous Family (11/8/2008-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)




Glase Girl iz Stolitsy Urala (4/24/2010-)

Out of CH Rus / Club / RKF Gotika Lunnoe Serebro:

JCH Rus Eilin Stillar Empire (3/17/2012-)

Out of INT CH, MULTI CH, CH RUS, Club Right Hunter Desert Rose:

JCH RUS Right Hunter Little Pearl (9/22/2014-)
JCH RUS Right Hunter Lady Starlight (9/22/2014-)

Out of Jun.Ch.Rus Rus Pekos Shade:

Paw (SR68625509) (5/18/2011-)
Silvermine Luna's Mockingbird Song (5/18/2011-)
Silvermine Lazy Daisy (5/18/2011-)
Silvermine Faous Familys China (5/18/2011-)
Silvermine Sky Jump Over Siciliy (5/18/2011-)
Silvermine American Honey (5/18/2011-)

Out of Rus Ch, Club Ch Leymary Silviora Brava:

JChRus, ChRus, JChClub, ChClub ZVEZDA SEVERA SHOKOLADNY KREM (2/20/2014-)

Out of ChRus,ChNKP Zhar-Ptitsa Iz Sokolinogo Gnezda:

Ch.Rus,Ch.Rus,6xNCR,2 xCh.Ukr Rus Pekos Nezhnaya Ledi (12/15/2011-) [HD-A]

Out of Jun.Ch.Rus,Ch.Rus Rus Pekos Zvezda Udachi:

Harps Golden Flying Maverick (5/4/2013-) [OFA GR-114743F29M-VPI]

Out of Ch.Rus.,Ch.NCR,CACIB Rus Pekos Radost:

Rus Pekos Indrik (4/4/2011-)
Jun.Ch.Rus,JCh NRC,Ch.Rus,Ch NRC,Ch.RKF Rus Pekos Izobel (4/4/2011-) [FCI HD-B]

Out of Jun.Ch.Rus.Jun.Ch.NKP,Ch.rus Rus Pekos Zaznoba:

Autumwood's Black Hills Gold
Simmons' Maya (11/30/2012-)
Bungee Jumping Zaznoba Golden Magic (11/30/2012-)
Autumnwood's Black Hills Gold (11/30/2012-)

Out of Gold Beuty Dafna Morning Flower:

Ch J Rus,Ch J NRC,Ch NRC,Ch RKF,Ch Rus,Kz,Kg Shining Wings Eva Givin Life (5/4/2010-)

Out of JCH.KAZ/CLUB/RUS,CH RUS/CLUB,GRAND CH Rus Have the Talent Brdské Zlato:

JRUS/JCLUB CH&RUS/CLUB CH Rus Pekos Robin Bobin (12/30/2012-) [B]
JRUS CH/RUS CH Rus Pekos Rafael (12/30/2012-) [A]
JunChRus, JunChNRC, ChRus, 2xChNRC, NatCH, IntCH, HnrCH Rus Pekos Romashka CGC (12/30/2012-) [OFA GR-117028G42F-VPI]
Jun.ChRus, ChRus, Jun.NKP, NKP Rus Pekos Rishka Almaznaya Kroshka (12/30/2012-) [OFA GR-112466G24F-VPI]

Out of Jun.Ch.Rus Rus Pekos Shatura:

Lilly Belle X (SR69356202) (5/17/2011-) [OFA GR-109076F26F-NOPI]

Out of RUS CH Renessans Karambolina:

Double B's Ice (7/30/2011-) [OFA GR-111352G35F-VPI]
Golden Girls My Ono Brah CGC (7/30/2011-) [OFA GR-109356G25M-VPI]

Out of CH RUS/CLUB Shamrock Vivienne Westwood:

JRUS CH/JCLUB CH/National Club Champion/RUS CH Rus Pekos Sem Samo Sovershenstvo [B]
RUS CH, CLUB CH,GRAND CH Rus Pekos Sky Jasper (9/7/2012-) [HD-A]
Jr. CH Russia,CH Russia,CH NKP Rus Pekos Samaya Glamurnaya (9/7/2012-) [OFA HD-A/GR-113734G32F-VPI]
Jun.Ch.Rus. Rus Pekos Simpatichnaya Devchonka (9/7/2012-)
CH RUS/CLUB Rus Pekos Semmi Grand (9/7/2012-) [HD-A]
JCH RUS/CLUB, CH RUS/CLUB Rus Pekos Umka Beliy Mishka (2/15/2012-) [HD-A]
Jun.Ch.Rus,Ch.Rus,RKF Rus Pekos Skarlet O Hara (9/7/2012-) [FCI HD-A]
Rus Pekos Svetskiy Bomond (9/7/2012-)

Out of JRUS CH/RUSCH/NAT.CLUB CH Dolce For Ural Evidog:

JCh.Rus.,JCh.NKP.,Ch.Rus.,Ch.NKP.,Ch.RKF. Fabiana Valermosso Iz Stolitsy Urala (1/10/2012-) [A-A]
JChRus, JChNKP, ChRUS, UA, BIR, LIT, NKP, INT. Ch Zhemchuzhnaya Rossyp' Iz Stolitsy Urala Latvian Winner 2013 [FCI HD-A]
Fanfan-Tylpan Iz Stolitsy Urala (1/10/2012-)

Out of 1 x JunCAC Rus Pekos Pallada:

New Moon White Gold (12/4/2010-)

Out of CH.RUS,RKF,JunCH.RUS Yudita Iz Sokolinogo Gnezda:

ChRus,ChNKP Rus Pekos Velikolepnaya Alisa (6/21/2010-) [HD-B]
Russian Ch, Russian Jr Ch, Jr Ch Nat Club Rus Pekos Valeria (6/21/2010-) [HD-B ]
Jun.Ch.Rus,NKP,Ch.Rus,NKP,CH.KAZ,CACIB Rus Pekos Varvara (6/21/2010-) [HD-B]
jun.ChRus,Ch.Rus Rus Pekos Vorozheya (6/21/2010-) [FCI HD-A]

Out of JCh RU, Ch RU, Ch RKF Fabula Iz Sokolinogo Gnezda:

JCLUB CH/JRUS CH/CLUB CH/RUS CH Rus Pekos Charodey (4/15/2010-) [A]
Jun.Ch.Rus,Ch.rus,NKP, Rus Pekos Chereshnya (4/15/2010-) [HD-B]
Rus Pecos Chudnyi Paren (4/15/2010-) [OFA Moderate Apr 3 2014 ]
jun.ChRus,NKP,ChRus Rus Pekos Cheremuha (4/15/2010-) [FCI HD-A]
JRCH Russia, JR CH NKP, CH Russia Rus Pekos Chudesnaya Fantaziya (4/15/2010-) [FCI HD-A]
The CH of Russia, CH of RKF, UCI Int CH Rus Pekos Cherri (4/15/2010-) [FCI HD-A]

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