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Offspring of Eng. SH. CH. Nortonwood Silvanus (5/1/1984-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Glaneils Golden Melody:

Glaneils Golden Oscar
Glaneils Free Spirit

Out of Cornsilk Serenade:

Bannercroft Sonata

Out of Jamescroft Rebecca:

Jamescroft Midnite Chance (6/14/1988-)

Out of Jessiaca Topaz Mideforde:

Keness Golden Amber [7:17]

Out of NORDJV-10 N UCH Jako's Hope For The Future:

Jako's New Hope From Silvana (ai) (11/17/2016-)

Out of Gillbryan Theresa of Tredory:

Tredory Arabella of Maudanhall

Out of Tyrocoll Miss Bliss:

Tyrocoll Golden Holly
Tyrocoll Starlight Solo [3:3]
Tyrocoll Isabella of bouin [8:5]

Out of Edenspring Bambalera of Browster:

Browster Midshipman [5:4]

Out of Sundials Asterisk:

Arasal Fresh Start [4:4]

Out of Nunsbrook Night Breeze at Cardrona:

Cardrona Emblem (9/2/1990-8/6/2004)

Out of Alphinbrook Rayne:

Alphinbrook Zak

Out of Channri Cantaysia of Mitcharron:

Mitcharrons Masquerade (1992-2004) [10:8]

Out of Beeangee Notra Dame:

Beeangee Dolly Mixture (12/13/1992-) [B/B (1994)]

Out of Sophie Nikita Doll:

Going for Gold (6/10/1988-)

Out of Queenhill Easter Primrose:

Queenhill Ariadne At Treganhawke

Out of Orchid Sweet Bouquet:

Kyle of Nortonwood CD (5/13/1986-) [OFA GR-30220F37M-T]

Out of Linavon Harmony at Lamancha:

Lamancha Aghmhor

Out of Nesta at Woodbarn:


Out of Dainty's Rule Brittania:

Dainty's Blues In The NIght (11/16/1989-) [HD ua (11/22/1990)]

Out of Dainty's Wild About Music:

Dainty's Son of Sky (5/31/1988-) [A1]
Dainty's Storm Warning (5/31/1988-) [A1 / HD UA (7/6/1989)]

Out of Amyandas Katie Mac:

Amyandas Silva Cascade at Branjoy
Silva Cascade At Branjoy (8/20/1986-)

Out of Shaphiron Something Special:

Sunsett Cleopatra [6:7]

Out of Mountain Ash of Shargleam:

Shargleam Velvet Touch (12/27/1988-)
Shargleam Wish me Luck of Singingpine
Ch Shargleam Wave the Flag of Redsteps
Shargleam Viceroy (12/27/1988-)

Out of Edgeley Elstar:

Edgeley Editor [A1]

Out of Tyrocoll Morning Glory:

Tyrocoll Blanche Endevour [BVA 8/5]

Out of Rayleas Elisa:

Rayleas Albert (6/7/1991-) [A2]

Out of Azzigold Tudor Rose (ai):

Taransay Stratford (AI) (3/15/1993-)
Taransay Ainslie (ai) (3/15/1993-11/22/2007) [AVA 5:5]

Out of Shinehill Indiana:

Shinehill Kitchener (8/14/1988-)
Shinehill Lucy Lastik
Shinehill King's Ransom [8:5]

Out of Sherida Rosalie:

Sherida Ramsarni [BVA 6/6]

Out of Coral Cascade Of Gayplume:

gayplume woodnymph
Gayplume Woodland Whimsy (7/21/1989-)

Out of Camrose Winsome of Nortonwood:

Nortonwood Primrose
Nortonwood Sweet Magic of Ravenglade

Out of Dabess Zelana:

Shanlimore Endless Love (5/25/1991-) [BVA Hip Score 7:7]
Shanlimore Edina At Pyngold (5/25/1991-) [BVA Hip Score 7:8]
Shanlimore Breeze (9/7/1988-) [5:3]
Shanlimore Evening Star (5/25/1991-) [A2]
NU Ch., NV '90 Shanlimore Baronet (9/7/1988-) [HD fri Norden (19??)]

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Xanthos O'Hara:

Xanthos Poppyfield (1/23/1989-) [9:5]
Xanthos Puccini

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Kulawand Krystal:

Nor. CH. Kulawand Rainbow Man JW (3/14/1993-) [BVA Hip Score 7:7]

Out of Stirchley Sugarbush of Jobeka (1 Res. CC):

Jobeka Lady Jane (1/23/1988-)
NV-92 NUCH Jobeka Jaguar (1/23/1988-) [Sweden HD U (3/9/1989)]
Jobeka Jeaves (6/2/1990-) [BVA 5/4]
Jobeka Jane Of Stirchley [11:10]
Eng. SH. CH. Jobeka Just James (6/2/1990-)
Eng. SH. CH. Jobeka Jasper of Nortonwood (1/26/1988-) [Unknown BVA Hip Score 12:6]

Out of Eng. SH. CH. Seruilia Society Splash:

Sarrest Statesman
Serrest Statesman

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