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Offspring of Int. FTCH Blackthorn Biham (4/16/2007-2/9/2017)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Liva:

Maxjan's Zcarlett Johansen (1/14/2013-)

Out of Greta z Herbu Robson:

Adele Land of Dreams (8/9/2016-)

Out of Liva (DK 22481/2008):

Maxjan´s Ganton (1/14/2013-) [FCI A]

Out of Fr. FTCh Masters of Water Fiesta:

Masters of Water Lexus (3/9/2015-)
Masters of Water Lagavulin (2015-)

Out of Glenbriar Aithusa:

Glenbriar Shining Gill (11/11/2016-) [FCI C/C]
Glenbriar Darcy (11/11/2016-)
Glenbriar Tasha (11/11/2016-)
Glenbriar Solair (11/11/2016-)
Glenbriar Alatar (11/11/2016-)
Glenbriar Calum Glow (11/11/2016-)
Glenbriar Rhoslyn (11/11/2016-)
AT FTCh Glenbriar Hiral (11/11/2016-) [D/B]

Out of Questing Ballybinaby Bhanna:

Gulliondale Cardamom (12/11/2016-)
Gulliondale Cayenne (12/11/2016-)
Gulliondale Chilli (12/11/2016-)
Gulliondale Curry (12/11/2016-)
Gulliondale Cumin (12/11/2016-)
Gulliondale Cinnamon (12/11/2016-)
Gulliondale Cajun (12/11/2016-)

Out of Conneywarren Cody:

Bauglir Dark Lavondyss (2015-) [0/0]
Bazingaaa Dark Lavondyss (2015-) [0/1]
Beowulf Dark Lavondyss (2015-) [0/0]
Barghest Dark Lavondyss (4/11/2015-) [FCI A]
Belenus Dark Lavondyss (4/11/2015-)
Arapaho Star Lavondyss (6/19/2013-) [1/0]
Arapaho Tessa Lavondyss (6/19/2013-) [0/0]
Arapaho Jasper Lavondyss (6/19/2013-)
Arapaho Solo Lavondyss (6/19/2013-)
Arapaho Remus Lavondyss (6/19/2013-) [2/2]
Arapaho Amadorado Lavondyss (6/19/2013-)
Int. FTCH Arapaho Shelf Lavondyss (6/19/2013-) [FCI 0/0]

Out of Wildwind Teal:

Gulliondale Brana Maura (6/2/2016-)
Gulliondale Bloom (6/2/2016-)
Gulliondale Blue (6/2/2016-)
Gulliondale Beech (6/2/2016-)

Out of Angel of Adamarden:

Amigo z Palfyho dvora (2/11/2010-)
Amos z Palfyho dvora (2/11/2010-)
Ares z Palfyho dvora (2/11/2010-)
Arabela z Palfyho dvora (2/11/2010-)
Alexa z Palfyho dvora (2/11/2010-)
Anabela z Palfyho dvora (2/11/2010-)
Alfa z Palfyho dvora (2/11/2010-)
Amina z Palfyho dvora (2/11/2010-)
Amelia z Palfyho Dvora (2/11/2010-)

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