Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Am/Can Ch Jolly Jack Daniels OS (10/25/1974-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Goldenrod Of Eriador:

Rufus Of Scarsdale Hills UD (10/31/1977-)

Out of Rainboend Outrageous Imp CDX:

Rainboend Beau Jock CD (9/22/1979-)
Rainboend Karamor Flair (9/22/1979-)

Out of April's Golden Feather:

Jolly Jacks Golden Micki (11/18/1984-)

Out of Crown Royal's April Showers CD:

Crown Royal's Dixie Melody CD (3/18/1995-)

Out of McCoy's Brassy Miss Buttercup Am/Can CD:

Goldenmarcus Of Sunnyside (4/9/1977-)

Out of Lady Daffodil IV:

Flying Jack Nash (5/20/1979-) [OFA GR-12070-T]

Out of Cibola Jolly Katie Did:

Am CH Jolly Classy Casandra (9/6/1980-)

Out of Oahu's Pajee of Dutchess Can/AmCD:

Forever's Honeybun Nutmeg Am./Can. CD (6/12/1981-)

Out of Can Ch Gaewinds Tudor Lace:

Nugget From Sunny Brae (5/18/1981-) [OFA GR-18496 ]
Sunnybrae Jonore Cherry Bomb (5/18/1981-8/29/1994) [OFA GR-15261 ]

Out of Clark's Easter Sunrise UD, Can CDX:

Lady Golden Of Sheraton (8/28/1984-)

Out of AM/Can CH HGL's Golden West Coquette:

Jolly Golden West Gigi (4/25/1980-) [OFA GR-16041]
Jolly Goldenwest Amber Isle (4/25/1980-3/15/1993)

Out of Topbrass Kelly Of Oakhill:

Oak Hills Sir James (11/10/1980-) [OFA GR-14139]

Out of Am CH Four K's Lucky Amber CD:

Four K's Jolly Jocko (1/24/1978-) [OFA GR-9691]
Four K's Jolly Rowdy Rouser (5/5/1981-) [OFA GR-16438]
Am CH Four K's Jolly Michael (12/15/1979-) [OFA GR-12566-T]
Four K's Jolly Jacklyn (1/24/1978-) [OFA GR-9304]
Cindy's Golden Sunshine III CD (12/15/1979-)
Four K's Kopper Sarabby CD (12/15/1979-) [OFA GR-12543 ]

Out of Barcors Miss Chief Us CD WCX:

Jackpot Jill Bear (9/18/1979-) [OFA GR-12094]
Toby Of Goldenrod (9/18/1979-) [OFA GR-12522-T]

Out of High Farms Meadow Mist:

Sunswepts Alfred The Great (6/20/1978-)

Out of Ch Westmont's Tiffany Clark UD:

Lovejoy's Kahlua and Clark (8/20/1981-1988) [OFA GR-15579]

Out of Wochica's Dawn Serenade:

Am CH Bayberry's Fun And Games (4/7/1980-)

Out of Gold-Rush Oh Clementine:

Oakhaven's Sara Lee (5/14/1981-)

Out of Bargello's Casey Irish Lace CDX:

Candlewick Aspen (12/22/1984-) [OFA GR-23480F24F]
Candlewick's Montana Dream (12/22/1984-)
Candlewick's Maximilian (12/22/1984-)
Candlewick's Chelsea (12/22/1984-)
Am./Can. CH. Candlewick's Magic Chain Am./Can. CDX JH WCX OD Can. WC (12/22/1984-) [OFA GR-24042F57F-T]

Out of Braevue's Jessica:

Lady Jennifer of Jolly Acres (2/28/1976-)
Jolly Jack's Brat Sensation (2/28/1976-) [OFA GR-7803]

Out of Am./Can. CH Whipaly's Colabaugh Senna Am./Can. UD SH WCX OD Can. WC:

Colabaugh's Jim Dandy (12/10/1984-)

Out of Laurell Xmas Joy To Shamonoff CDX WCX:

Shamonoff's Rock N Rye CD (7/2/1980-) [OFA GR13444]
AmCan Ch Shamanoff's Evenin' Starburst (7/24/1982-) [OFA GR-18708]
AmCH Shamanoff's Eagle In Flight (7/24/1982-)
Shamonoff's Scotch Manhatten CD (7/2/1980-) [OFA GR-13445]

Out of Wexford's Own Irish Lace CD WC:

Am CH Wexfords' Jolly Jacks Promise CD (8/1/1984-)

Out of Can. CH Bargello's Pomegranate CD WC:

Can. CH. Bargello's Leviathon Stitch CD, WC (Am. ptd.) (4/18/1984-) [OFA GR-21924]

Out of Clark's Totoket Saratoga CD:

Am. CH Saratogas Boomer Of Wexford CD WCX (9/9/1978-)
Saratoga's Jolly Lothlorien CDX, WC, Can CD (4/23/1981-10/8/1992)
Saratoga's Edgecombe Barley CD (4/23/1981-) [OFA GR-14874 ]

Out of Seaview's Merry Mistral:

Am CH Seaview's Sierra De Oro (6/7/1978-) [OFA GR-11030-T]
Seaview's Fandango del Sol (6/7/1978-) [OFA GR-11715]
Charms Jolly Seaview Cookie CD (9/16/1980-8/12/1993)

Out of Clark's Totoket Jasmine CDX WC:

Maurgold's Jackson (2/27/1983-) [OFA GR-19025 ]
Maurgold's Jesse James CD (2/27/1983-) [OFA GR-18956-T ]
Maurgold's Aureate Jade UD TT CGC (2/27/1983-7/13/1995)
Maurgold's Spring Serenade CD (2/27/1983-1993) [OFA GR-19663-T]

Out of Jolly Victoria of Misty Morn OD:

Am./Can. CH. Jolly October's Chevalier SDHF (8/9/1976-) [OFA GR-8886]

Out of Meadowlarks of Golden Pines:

Jolly Jessica of Cuyler CDX (9/25/1976-) [OFA GR-7687]
Jolly Sugarbush (4/25/1977-)
Jolly Angel of Meadowlark Pines (4/25/1977-)

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