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Offspring of Lembas To The Moon And Back JW (11/17/1998-10/5/2007)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Lawnwood's Sonatina:

Keene's Moon Walk JW (2/16/2001-) [BVA 8/4]

Out of Thorncross Rainshower At Hampsbeck:

Hampsbeck Willies Choice ShCM (3/29/2003-) [BVA 6/6]

Out of Rocking Georgia:

Culmstock Caledonia

Out of ITCH Bluveil Ballet:

Bluveil Berio (5/18/2003-)

Out of Boothgates Candle In The Wind:

Boothgates Dream On (9/17/2002-) [B/B]
Boothgates What A Dream Boat

Out of Walpoles Lady of Poolebar:

Poolebar Midnight Maggie

Out of Sheenaron Merry Thristle:

Sheenaron Merry Strawberi To Andilys
Sheenaron Merry Gooseberi (11/30/2002-) [4:3]

Out of Trendlewook Midnight Silk at Lembas:

Lembas Moonshine Bear (12/18/2000-) [BVA 7:7]

Out of Lembas Button Moon:

GB ShCh Lembas Moonlight Senerade (11/18/1999-7/3/2008) [BVA 3:7]

Out of Rainbow's End of Tintagel Winds:

Up Above The Milky Way of Tintagel Winds (9/15/2003-) [A/A]

Out of Berolee Black Magic:

Berolee Sun Moon And Stars (8/30/2002-) [5/6]
Berolee Reach For The Moon (8/30/2002-)
Berolee Over The Moon (8/30/2002-)
Berolee Moon Struck (8/30/2002-)
Berolee Moon Shine (8/30/2002-) [5/6]
Berolee Moon Dance (8/30/2002-)
Berolee Man In The Moon (8/30/2002-) [D/D]
GB ShCh Berolee Moons Magic Star (8/30/2002-) [BVA 5:5]

Out of Trendlewood Beautiful Day:

Am Ch Trendlewood Song for Guy (6/23/2002-) [OFA Good]
Trendlewood Rocket Man (6/23/2002-) [3:3]

Out of Sh.Ch. CHIB CHCS CHS & Trialer Poole's Memory of Tintagel Winds:

Umpteen Memories Of Tintagel Winds (4/28/2003-)
United We Stand of Tintagel Winds (4/28/2003-) [3-3]
Ultimate Choice Of Tintagel Winds (4/28/2003-2/10/2010) [0]
It Ch Unsung Hero of Tintagel Winds (4/28/2003-) [A/A]
Int.Ch Unmistakable of Tintagel Winds (4/28/2003-) [FCI A/A]
Int. Ch Utter Nonsense of Tintagel Winds (4/28/2003-) [FCI A/A]
User Friendly of Tintagel Winds (4/28/2003-) [FCI A]

Out of SH CH Carpenny Rustina:

Carpenny On and On (1/18/2003-) [BVA 5:4]
Carpenny Onwards N Upwards (1/18/2003-) [BVA 8:8]
Carpenny That Extra Mile (1/18/2003-) [BVA 5:6]
LU,NL,PL,GE,INT,GB CH Carpenny Made The Trip (1/18/2003-) [A/A]
Carpenny Far and Above (1/18/2003-) [BVA 3:4]

Out of Trendlewood Double Silk:

Trendlewood Play With Fire (11/27/2001-)
Trendlewood Ruby Tuesday (11/27/2001-) [BVA 8:6]

Out of Lindall Decoupage:

Lindall Glam 'N Glitz (8/12/2001-)
Lindall Glowing (8/12/2001-) [14:29]
Lindall Galileo For Rocheby (8/12/2001-2014) [5:2]

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