Golden Retriever

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Offspring of DK CH (U) Summeramba Last Orders (3/23/2010-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Golden Jaagram Japan Cherry Blossom:

Golden Jaagram Ruffus Leroy (12/26/2018-)
Golden Jaagram Rainstorm In The Sun (12/26/2018-)
Golden Jaagram Rockefeller Soul (12/26/2018-)
Golden Jaagram Richmond Master (12/26/2018-) [FCI AA]
Golden Jaagram Royal Rose Blossom (12/26/2018-)
Golden Jaagram River Wild (12/26/2018-)
Golden Jaagram Ruby Heart (12/26/2018-)
Golden Jaagram Rocky Mountain (12/26/2018-) [FCI AA]

Out of Gembaek's Spellbound of Music:

Gembaek's Play That Funky Music (3/12/2019-) [BVA 4:3]

Out of Swedisch Sh.Ch. Int.Sh.Ch. Kadootje No Hills German Club Ch. German VDH Ch.:

Remember Me No Hills (10/18/2018-)
Roadrunner No Hills (10/18/2018-) [A]

Out of Amor de Oro Key To Love:

Amor de Oro Snow And Roses (12/18/2015-)

Out of Marjazza's U've got the look:

Marjazza's Xandra (3/2/2015-)

Out of Ch CZ, Ch SK, Ch HR, Ch HU, Ch PL FUNNY My Joy:

ChMNE Be My Star Golden Marell's (5/12/2019-) [FCI A/A]
Be My Love Golden Marell's (5/12/2019-) [A/A]
Be My Hope Golden Marell's (5/12/2019-) [FCI A/A]
Be My Dream Golden Marell's (5/12/2019-) [FCI A/A]

Out of Lorenza Siduss Aureum:

Hannah (dau of Lorenza Siduss Aureum) (7/22/2015-)
Havana (dau of Lorenza Siduss Aureum) (7/22/2015-)

Out of Enthralling Golden Azana:

Apollonia Seven of Princesswell

Out of Multi Ch / Trialer Legendary Of Sunshine's Valley JW:

Sharpshooter The Legend Of Sunshine's Valley
Sensational Legend of Sunshine's Valley (5/23/2019-)
Simply The Best Of Sunshine's Valley (5/23/2019-)

Out of SE U(U)CH, DK UCH, NO UCH Dewmist Diversity:

SE U(U) CH Dewmist Davalinda (2/14/2016-) [B]

Out of Dutch CH, Winster 14, Benelux Winster 14 Smart Phone van de Beerse Hoeve:

Qarma V.D. Beerse Hoeve (12/20/2017-) [A]

Out of Gembaek's Mysterious Ways:

Brokaer-Golden With Or Without You (3/17/2013-) [B1/A2 HQ: 0,96 (GRSK 2014)]

Out of Non-Stop Mata Hari:

Solid As A Rock Especially For You (7/22/2015-) [FCI A]

Out of Golden Supreme Banana Cupcake:

rudebeck's wild heart (5/20/2014-) [FCI A/B]
Rudebeck's Can'T Stop The Rock (5/20/2014-)
Rudebeck's Step By Step (5/20/2014-)

Out of Charming Golden VIP-Myrcella Baratheon:

Charming Golden Xcellent Decision (4/19/2015-) [HD A1/A1]

Out of SE(U)CH Dewmist Crystallizer:

Fabray Dramatizer
Fabray Fantazizer With Summeramba [6:6]

Out of Int.CH. Cyp Multi CH, Bosni/Hercegovini CH. VDH CH, Swiss CH, Ramchaine Silvery Moon:

Golden Go-Getters Girella Girovino (12/27/2016-) [B/B]
Golden Go-Getters Glory of Love (12/27/2016-) [FCI A/A]
Golden Go-Getters Give me a chance (12/27/2016-) [B/B]
Golden Go-Getters Glory Love (12/27/2016-) [FCI B/B]
Multi Jch., Swiss Jch. ILSO Jch., Croatien Jch. Golden Go-Getters Glamour Girl (12/27/2016-) [FCI B/B]
EE JCH Golden Go-Getters Goldrush (12/27/2016-) [A/A]

Out of Golden Mountain Spring's Abadudas Mala:

Abadudas Golden Easy peasy Mila (12/19/2015-) [FCI D1/D1]
Abadudas Golden Enjoy your life Chula (12/19/2015-) [FCI B1/B1]
Abadudas Golden En honning bi Maja (12/19/2015-) [FCI B1/B2]
Abadudas Golden Emil und die Detektive (12/19/2015-) [FCI C1/C1]
Abadudas Golden Eye of the tiger (12/19/2015-) [FCI B1/C1]
Abadudas Golden Eros Ramazotti (12/19/2015-)
Abadudas Golden Every day on tour Lasko (12/19/2015-) [FCI B2/B2]
Abadudas Golden Ever happy Nanu (12/19/2015-) [FCI C1/C1]

Out of Xanthous Eminem:

Amor de Oro Cherry Blossom (7/24/2014-)
Amor de Oro Touch Off The Sun (7/24/2014-)

Out of DK CH Gembaeks French Kiss/Gembęk's French Kiss:

Gembaek's Music & Kisses [A]
Gembaek's Kiss the Music (8/11/2011-) [A2/A2]
Gembaek's Thank you for the music
Gembaek's Mixed Music to Summeramba JW (3/14/2013-) [3:3]

Out of Cesarka Ice Diamond:

Willow my Golden Passion (10/1/2017-) [B1/B1]

Out of Marjazza's Agnetha:

Brokaer-Golden Blue Hawaii (7/22/2011-) [A2 / A2 (GRSK 27.07.2012) HQ: 0,94]

Out of VDH/Dt./RSM/HR/PL Ch. Ginger Gold de Ria Vela:

RSM/VDH Ch. Inverness Golden Coconut Cupcake (3/24/2014-) [FCI A2]
Inverness Golden Cadbury 5 Star (3/24/2014-) [FCI A2]
Inverness Golden Cookies 'n Cream (3/24/2014-) [FCI A2]
Inverness Golden Cotton Candy (3/24/2014-) [FCI A2]
Int./VDH/Dt./RSM/HR/Romanian/Swiss Show Ch. Inverness Golden Cracker Jack (3/24/2014-) [FCI A2]
Inverness Golden Caramello (3/24/2014-) [FCI B2]

Out of JCH, CH Feliz Navidad of Moonlight Meadows:

Lionking's Nala of Moonlight Meadows
Lancelot of Moonlight Meadows (11/13/2014-) [FCI B2/C1]
Lillebror of Moonlight Meadows
Legolas of Moonlight Meadows
Linus of Moonlight Meadows [A1/A1]
Lionheart of Moonlight Meadows (11/13/2014-) [C1/C2]
Littlefoot of Moonlight Meadows
Lahja of Moonlight Meadows (11/13/2014-) [C1/C1]

Out of EST & LT JCH Rogerwiek Outstanding Olivia:

CIE, BALT JCH, BALT CH, LVW16 Bella Dorata Bond the Goldeneye (10/30/2012-) [A/C]
Bella Dorata Bond Diamond (10/30/2012-) [C/C]
Bella Dorata Bond the Moonraker (10/30/2012-) [B/B ]
EST JCH Bella Dorata Bond the Goldfinger (10/30/2012-) [B/B ]

Out of Xanthos Dynah Might:

Golden Tunes Rock My World [AA]
Est & LT & LTU & Balt JCH, LT & LV & EST & BALT CH, Balt JW'13, Tln JW'13 Golden Tunes Rocket Man (Crufts CQ) (5/30/2012-) [A1/A1]
DKJV13 Golden Tunes Royal Mighty (5/30/2012-) [FCI A/A]

Out of Highbend's Everything's coming up Rosies:

Highbend's Northern Mademoiselle [B1]
Highbend's Nobodys Norma Jean
Highbend's Never been kissed
Highbend's Now Who's the Fairest of them All
Highbend's New way to Fly
Highbend's Northbound Traveller [B1]
Highbend's New Moon Rising (2/27/2012-) [B2]
Highbend's New Red Riding Hood [B1/C1]

Out of CH.PL,Dt.Ch.(VDH),Vet.Ch.Pl XCITING Oligarchia FCI:

Milky Way Anarchia Box FCI (6/1/2014-)
Mia Farrow Anarchia Box FCI (6/1/2014-) [B]
Meryl Streep Anarchia Box FCI (6/1/2014-)
Mary Jane Anarchia Box FCI (6/1/2014-)
Milky Chance Anarchia Box FCI (6/1/2014-)
Marco Polo Anarchia Box FCI (6/1/2014-)
Marcello Mastroiani Anarchia Box FCI (6/1/2014-)
JCH Morgan Freeman Anarchia Box (6/1/2014-) [A]
JCh.Ch Marilyn Monroe Anarchia Box FCI (6/1/2014-) [FCI B]
Marlon Brando Anarchia Box FCI (6/1/2014-)

Out of Friendly Jane delle Grandi Ombre:

Gembaek's Quantum of Solace
Gembaek's Live and Let Die (7/6/2012-) [A/A]
Gembaek's Goldfinger (10/9/2014-)

Out of Highbend's Armani Style Angel:

Highbend's Mi Corazon
Highbend's More than meets the Eye [B1]
Highbend's Moonlight becomes You [D1]
Highbend's Mocca Choccolatta
Highbend's Magic Mi Mosa [B1]
Highbend's Maybelline Moment [C1]
Highbend's My one & only Romeo [A2/B2]

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