Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Dual Ch. PI.Ch. Royal Crest Gold-N Over The Rainbow (3/18/1998-12/17/2009)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Royal Crest Gold-n Crepessuzzette:

Royal Crest Gold-n Popsy

Out of Ghillian (LO99113347):

Williamstafford (3/27/2001-) [BVA 6/4]

Out of Royal Crest Gold-n Xtra Persuasion:

Royal Crest Gold-n Ice Dreams
Royal Crest Gold-n Caramelita (5/19/2007-) [BVA 6:3]

Out of Int. Ch., It. Ch. Royal Crest Gold-N Vanilla Sky:

Royal Crest Gold-n Bowdacious (6/16/2004-)
Royal Crest Gold-n Bow Derrick

Out of Midnightmemories:

Sunshine On The Sea (10/10/2004-9/23/2013) [A]

Out of Golden Milady of Debico':

Parseis (LO0331461) (10/12/2002-)
Melisande Mysterious Girl [5:9]

Out of Selma du Pays Sauvage:

Bellanana du Pays Sauvage (10/23/2006-) [BVA 4:6]
Beau Sire du Pays Sauvage (10/23/2006-) [A-0]

Out of HCh; SRBCh Alaszkai Ykon Csillám:

HCH. JCH. Pearl Of Golden-Hill Athene (4/20/2007-) [C]
H.Ch, Srb.JCh. Pearl Of Golden-Hill Aisa (4/20/2007-) [0/0]
HJCh, HCh, SloCh. HVet.Ch. Pearl Of Golden-Hill Ampelos (4/20/2007-) [0]

Out of DreamyLake Kritisbay to Roche:

Granroche Arayfsunshine (2/4/2004-)
Granroche Across the Moon Sofia
Granroche A Ray of Sunshine (2/4/2004-) [4:6]

Out of FT CH RL des Fields de Mauny:

Van Gogh des Fields de Mauny [A1/A1]
Voila Sakura des Fields de Mauny [A]
Valse des Fields de Mauny (5/1/2004-) [A1]
F.T.Ch Vaillant des Fields de Mauny (5/1/2004-) [A1/A1]

Out of Daniela of Francos Valley:

It.Ch.,Swi.Ch Golden Ebony Della Tesorella

Out of Rip Ch Carrie My Gold Willow:

Double Willow Cassiopea (11/9/2000-10/28/2016) [BVA 5/6]
Double Willow Lyra to Royal Crest Golden (9/15/2000-) [BVA 5:5 (10)]
Double Willow Lupus (2000-)

Out of Foggyday Omonoemicol:

Royal Crest Gold-n Privateaffair (LO04105280) (4/4/2004-)
Royal Crest Gold-n Private Island (4/4/2004-) [BVA 3:5]

Out of Ch.Rip. Royal Crest Gold-N Seven Hills:

Auckland Bay (10/17/2003-) [4:5]
Australian Desert Rose (10/17/2003-) [8:6]

Out of Shamrock Saphire:

Swiftwit Always A Mystery (6/28/2005-)
Swiftwit Always A Star (6/28/2005-)
Swiftwit Always A Lady (6/28/2005-)
Swiftwit Always A Sunnyboy (6/28/2005-)
Swiftwit Always A Jackpot (6/28/2005-)
Swiftwit Always A Winner (6/28/2005-)
Swiftwit Always A Heartbreaker (6/28/2005-)
Swiftwit Always A Shooting-Star (6/28/2005-) [HD B1]
Swiftwit Always A Miracle (6/28/2005-)

Out of Royal Crest Gold-N Chanook:

It.Ch.Int.Ch Royal Crest Gold-N Hot Damn (11/25/1999-)
Royal Crest Gold-n What the Hell

Out of Int.Ch.It.Ch.FT.W. Royal Crest Gold-n BlueSky 2X SC. CH.:

Royal Crest Gold-n Simply Said (12/12/2007-)
Royal Crest Gold-n Simply Divine (12/12/2007-)
Royal Crest Gold-n Simply Sublime (12/12/2007-)

Out of It. Sh. Ch. Royal Crest Gold-N Lynx:

Royal Crest Gold-n Seventh Avenue

Out of ÖCH Golden Mountain Spring´s Eternal Flame:

INT VDH CH Golden Mountain Spring´s Infinite Join (5/13/2005-) [C2]
Golden Mountain Spring´s Infinite Flow
Golden Mountain Spring´s Infinite Jest (5/13/2005-)

Out of Reflect Treasure:

Horus (LO013912) (4/25/2000-)

Out of ÖCH Golden Mountain Spring's Bright Fly:

Golden Mountain Spring's Jammy Fellow (5/20/2005-)

Out of It. Int. Ch Royal Crest Gold-N Water Violet:

Royal Crest Gold-N Sun Viking (1/11/2000-) [BVA 3:7]

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