Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Rockhaven Tuck ** OS (10/26/1934-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Beavertail Shotzie ***:

Saguenay's Syl (4/17/1944-)
Saguenay's Shotuck (4/17/1944-)
Saguenay's Reporter (4/17/1944-)
Saguenay's Invader (4/17/1944-)
Saguenay's Field King (4/17/1944-)
Saguenay's Captain Jack (4/17/1944-)
Saguenay's Butch (4/17/1944-)

Out of Rip's Gorgeous Of Woodend:

Bingo of Woodend (10/12/1941-)

Out of Goldwood Wallis **:

Manitou Tuck (8/5/1943-)
Manitou Sprite (8/5/1943-)
Manitou Saffoon (8/5/1943-)
Manitou Duke (8/5/1943-)
Annadale Bruce (8/5/1943-)

Out of Rip's Dinah of Woodend ***:

Rip's Dinah's Ace (7/16/1942-)

Out of Sackcloth of Chateau d'Or:

Pudge Of Chateau d'Or (2/10/1938-)
Tess Of Chateau d'Or (2/10/1938-)
Jack Of Chateau d'Or (12/13/1936-)
Jerry Of Chateau d'Or (12/13/1936-)
Top Of Chateau d'Or (2/10/1938-)
Tip Of Chateau d'Or (2/10/1938-)
Tom Of Chateau d'Or (2/10/1938-)
Jeff of Chateau d'Or (12/13/1936-)
Gypsy Queen of Chateau d'Or (2/10/1938-)
Jill of Chateau d'Or (12/13/1936-)

Out of Ashes Of Chateau d'Or:

Punch Of Chateau d'Or (9/19/1937-)
Puck Of Chateau d'Or (9/19/1937-)
Pete Of Chateau d'Or (9/19/1937-)
Pepper Of Chateau d'Or (9/19/1937-)
Penny Of Chateau d'Or (9/19/1937-)
Pat Of Chateau d'Or (9/19/1937-)
Princess d'Or (9/19/1937-)

Out of Can. CH. Rockhaven Judy II:

Seaborne's Gold Prince (6/6/1938-)
Peptwo Of Woodend (6/6/1938-)
Duke Of Woodend *** (6/6/1938-)

Out of Am. CH. Beavertail Gay Lady:

Lord Rusty (7/11/1942-)
Beavertail Mike (7/11/1942-)
Tuck's Wonewoc Lady (7/11/1942-)
Beavertail Aria (7/11/1942-)
Beavertail Molly (7/11/1942-)

Out of Honey of Golden Valley:

Gopher State Zam (7/26/1942-)
Kingdale's Bill (7/26/1942-)

Out of Gilnockie Annabelle:

Dusty Of Woodend (4/7/1940-)
Sable Of Woodend (4/7/1940-)
Doc S Of Woodend (4/7/1940-)
Tuck's Belle of Woodend (4/7/1940-)
Patsy of Woodend OD (4/7/1940-)

Out of Glittering Gold OD:

Betty (A414018) (6/18/1937-)
Gloria Of Woodend (6/18/1937-)
Sandy Joe (6/18/1937-)
Fox Of Barrington ** (6/18/1937-)
Glittering Gold's Bob (6/18/1937-)
NFC King Midas of Woodend FDHF (6/18/1937-)

Out of Rockhaven Judy ** OD:

Andy (A210755) (7/2/1937-)
Marigold Of Woodend (10/19/1941-)
Twinkle Of Woodend (10/19/1941-)
Dirk Of Woodend (10/19/1941-)
Golden Amber Of Woodend (3/23/1941-)
Peptwo Of Woodend II (1/25/1938-)
Grain Belt Of Woodend (7/2/1937-)
Sir Robert Of Woodend ** (7/2/1937-)
Barbara Of Woodend (7/2/1937-)
Flash Of Woodend (1/25/1938-)
Rod Of Woodend (1/25/1938-)
Tuck's Bang of Woodend (10/19/1941-)
Topper of Woodend (10/19/1941-)
Nippletop of Woodend (1/25/1938-)
FC Banty of Woodend (1/25/1938-1948)
Am. CH. Tonka Belle Of Woodend OD (7/2/1937-1950)

Out of FC April Showers:

January Breeze (1/13/1944-)
John Alden (1/13/1944-)
Rock Of Cliffside (1/13/1944-)
April's June (AKC 767252) (1/13/1944-)
Kettle River Tuck (1/13/1944-)

Out of Am. CH. Sprite of Aldgrove ** OD DDHF:

Goldwood Trigger (7/6/1937-)
Goldwood Topsy (7/6/1937-)
Goldwood Tala (7/6/1937-)
Wind of Woodend (7/6/1937-)
FC Goldwood Tuck OS FDHF (7/6/1937-1/29/1947)

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