Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Vice-WW'02, NUCH SU(u)CH NORDUCH FINUCH FINW-98 Rossmix Rugger (7/20/1995-2005)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Palmgold Obis Dream:

Palmgold Rainbow Warrior (8/24/2011-) [4/8]

Out of Impressa Obis Dream:

Palmgold Shadow on Silver (2011-)

Out of SE U(U)CH NO UCH Rossmix Sunshine in the Rain:

JChRus, NRC, CHRUS, ChBl, ChNRC Rossmix Rhum and Mint (6/12/2014-) [FCI A:A]
Rossmix Rules and Reasons (6/12/2014-) [A/A]

Out of Fantango Fields O Gold:

Whispersong Dancingqueen

Out of FIN & EST & INT CH Haamorin Mimosa:

Haamorin Don-Juan (5/18/1999-)
Häämörin Demeter (5/18/1999-) [B/B (2000)]

Out of Whoopi's Needles And Pins:

Knegarens Tout De Suite (5/17/2002-) [A1]

Out of Rossmix Gentle As Always:

Rossmix Take It All (9/17/2000-) [HD A/B(200?)]

Out of Rossmix Please Stay With Me:

Falleur's Genua (1/15/2001-) [HD A(200?)]

Out of S VCH GICH SU(U)CH KBHV-06 NUCH Dream Max Celine Dion:

EW-2013 Dream Max Miracle (11/26/2010-)
Dream Max One Heart (11/26/2010-)

Out of JWW´03,Swe Sh Ch Dewmist Serenella:

Swe Sh Ch Dewmist Sandpoint (2003-) [HD B(200?)]
Dewmist Sandianna (11/10/2003-) [AA (2005)]
Dewmist Sallandra (11/10/2003-) [AA (2004)]
Dewmist Sanserena (11/10/2003-) [3:3 BVA]
Vice-WW'08, SU(U)CH SV-05 SV-06 Dewmist Sandarella (11/10/2003-) [AA (2004)]
Dewmist Sarabande (11/10/2003-) [AA (2004)]
MCH, CH CZ, SK, SLO, A, H, CZ GrCH, CZ Club CH Dewmist Sablefella Club winner (11/10/2003-) [0/1]
LUX Junior Champion Dewmist Sandalwood qualif.CRUFTS 06 (11/10/2003-) [BVA 3:5=8, HD A]

Out of Guldruschen's Charming Cornelia:

Guldruschen's Oops I Did It Again (3/22/2003-) [A/A 2004]

Out of SUCH Davenport Scarissa:

Int & MultCh,GrChRus, ChRus,Bye,Mol,Bul,Bosn&Herz Goldenone Safe Return Ch RKF, NRC (7/31/2003-9/7/2015) [A (2004)]

Out of Luckyflame's Dreams 'N Wishes:

Fairquest Celtic Sea
Fairquest Celtic Sky [B/A (2000)]
Fairquest Celtic Saga (5/27/1999-) [B/B (2000)]

Out of Scottina's Fazette:

Begora's Rimfrost
N UCH Begora's Rondo (11/9/2002-) [FCI A]

Out of Honey Queen's Gilda:

Honey Queen's Gleemore (8/4/2003-)

Out of NO V-01 NO UCH Jako's Keep Smiling:

NUCH Jako's Amazing Grace (11/16/1999-) [B1]
Nuch Jako's Armani Falco

Out of Gildas Live Now Pay Later:

Gildas Unique Design (5/5/2004-)

Out of Friendship Merriwagga:

SE U(U)CH SE V-03 Rossmix Hard To Get (4/1/2001-) [A/A 2002]
INTCH - France-Monaco- Trialer Rossmix Fair Enough (4/1/2001-) [105/105 H/D A]
Rossmix Dreams For Always (9/2/1999-) [Sweden HD A (9/6/2000)]
Rossmix Still Dreaming (9/2/1999-) [Sweden HD A (9/6/2000)]
Ch SV-03 Rossmix No More Waiting (9/2/1999-) [Sweden HD A (9/6/2000)]
Rossmix It Will Be Love (9/2/1999-)
Rossmix With All My Love (9/2/1999-) [Sweden HD A (9/21/2000)]
Rossmix Ready For Love (9/2/1999-) [Sweden HD A (9/8/2000)]
NORD UCH INT UCH Rossmix No Regrets (9/2/1999-2009) [Sweden HD Grade B (9/6/2000)]

Out of Dutch/German Ch. Moondust Emma:

Moondust Oriana (3/22/2005-)
Ch. Moondust Ophelia (3/22/2005-)
Ch PL. Moondust Osti O'Shea (3/22/2005-)
Moondust Orion (3/22/2005-) [BVA HIP SCORE 4:4]
Int.Ch. It.Ch. Rip.Ch. Moondust Olympus (3/22/2005-) [HD A]

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