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Offspring of Can Ch Sproul's Kare Bear CD (9/22/1990-1999)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Yellowrose Firefly Fauwna:

Yellowrose's Ginger Snap (11/8/1996-)
Yellowrose's Cabot Trail (11/8/1996-)
Yellowrose's Tasha (11/8/1996-)
Yellowrose's Shepody Marsh (11/8/1996-)

Out of Novapride (EW313125):

Novapride's Keeton (5/19/1998-)
Novapride's Dagobert (9/28/1997-)
Novapride Duckers Casey (5/19/1998-)
CAN CH Novapride Duck Chaser (5/19/1998-) [OVC 006442]
Novapride Cinnamon (5/19/1998-)
Emma of Novapride (5/19/1998-)
Skully of Novapride (5/19/1998-)

Out of Can Ch Kares Mistress of Littleriver CD WC TT:

Can Ch Kare's Ocean Spray CD WCI JH (6/25/1994-)
CAN CH Kares Jake (1/25/1994-)
Kare's Ginger Spirit (6/18/1993-2001)
Kare's Dan (6/18/1993-)
Kare's Biscuit (6/18/1993-)
Can Ch Kare's Wassookeag Siren WC CD (6/25/1994-) [OFA DTR-241F24F]
Kare's Tally Ho (6/18/1993-)
Can Ch Kare's Shubie Red (6/18/1993-)

Out of Can Ch Kares Magic Moment CD WC JH:

Kare's Riley (10/8/1995-)
Kare's L B (10/8/1995-)
Kare's Kailey (10/8/1995-)
Kare's Windy (10/8/1995-)
Kare's Trapper (10/8/1995-)

Out of Can Ch Elvebredds Blazing to Bernache:

Bernache's Stirling Salvator (3/11/1998-)
Bernache's Prince Russell (3/11/1998-)
Bernache's Oh My Meeko (3/11/1998-)
Bernache's Mid Winter Ceilidh (3/11/1998-8/1/1999)
Bernache's Ice Storm Oscar (3/11/1998-)
Bernache's Hail to Yellowrose (3/11/1998-)
Can Ch Bernache's Anando Belle CD (3/11/1998-8/10/2013) [OVC 005346]

Out of Can Ch Kylador's Atlantic Storm CD:

Kare's Atlantic Acadia (11/16/1993-)
Kare's Acadia Storm (11/16/1993-)
Kare's Island Pride (11/16/1993-) [OVC 006885]
Kare's Sundance Cruiser (11/16/1993-)
Kare's Sam Son of Bear Storm (11/16/1993-)

Out of CAN CH Kare's Atlantic Pryde CD:

Kare's Penelope (4/24/1996-)
Kare's Neko (4/24/1996-)
Ch Kares Landsend Kinnikinik CD JH FdCh (4/24/1996-11/7/2005) [OFA DTR-322F25F-T]
Can Ch Kares Baytobin of Beinnbhreagh (9/9/1994-6/2001) [OVC AA7934]
Kare's Atlantic Flyer (4/24/1996-) [FCI ua]
Can Ch Kare Yellowrose Bit of Spice CD (9/9/1994-)
Kare Sun Fire of Whitecliff NSDTRC/US CD (4/24/1996-5/28/2008)
Kare's Island Copper (9/9/1994-)
CH Kare's Eastern Shore Goldeneye (4/24/1996-) [OFA DTR-311G24M-T]
Kare's U R Flying High (4/24/1996-)
Kare's Tupper (9/9/1994-)
Kare's River (9/9/1994-)

Out of Can Ch Whitepoint's Highland Belle:

High Tide At Whitepoint (8/13/1997-)
Whitepoint's The River Wild (8/13/1997-)
Whitepoint's Sinai Cedars (8/13/1997-)
Whitepoint's Ocean Playground (8/13/1997-)
Whitepoint's Celtic Colours (8/13/1997-)
Whitepoint's Autumn Ceilidh (8/13/1997-)
Whitepoint Sailor's Delight (8/13/1997-)
Can Ch Whitepoint Cameron Highlander (8/13/1997-8/8/2009) [OVC 004017]

Out of Bernache's Misty Hallow:

Bernache's Winston Foxy (12/6/1998-)
Bernache's Silver Bell (12/6/1998-)
Bernache's Scooner of The Bay (12/6/1998-)
Bernache's Run Run Rudolph (12/6/1998-)
Bernache's Little Drummer Boy (12/6/1998-)
Bernache's Jack Frost (12/6/1998-)
Bernache's House Is Jumping CD AGNS WC (12/6/1998-7/14/2013) [OFA DTR-480F25F-PI]

Out of OTCH Bernache Douce Calie CDX:

Brantalor Molly (3/4/1997-)
Brantalor Maitre Pinso (3/4/1997-)
Brantalor Lover Boy Gustave (3/4/1997-)
Brantalor Bijou Kylie (3/4/1997-)
Brantalor Betty Boop (3/4/1997-) [OFA DTR-358G24F-T]

Out of Can Ch Yellowrose's Meant To Be:

Yellowrose's Cooper Vixen (4/30/1997-)
Yellowrose's Caramel Comet (4/30/1997-)
Ch Yellowrose's By Designe (4/30/1997-)
Yellowrose's Wild Wing (4/30/1997-)
Yellowrose's Tabasco (4/30/1997-)

Out of Can Ch Yellowrose's Jeni-Lynn CD:

Yellowrose's Molly By Golly (1/3/1997-)
Yellowrose's Ferous (1/3/1997-)
Yellowrose's Brandi (1/3/1997-)
Yellowrose's Arley (1/3/1997-)

Out of Can Ch Yellowrose's Holiday at Kare CD:

Kare's Red Shadow (6/14/1996-2011)
Kare's Montana (6/14/1996-) [OFA DTR-329G25M-T]
Kares Kodiac of Stubbsbay (7/24/1997-12/28/2011)
Kare's Casey (7/24/1997-)
Kare's Amber Novelle Lipski (7/24/1997-2/1/2011)
Kare's Goodwin Brodie (6/14/1996-)
Kare's Echo (6/14/1996-3/2011)
Kare's Dirk (6/14/1996-)
Kare's Copper Fox (6/14/1996-)
Kare's Tuppence Baylee (7/24/1997-)
Kare's Schooner (7/24/1997-)

Out of Can Ch Kare's Sweet Emotions CD:

Can Ch Chedabucto's The Highlander (6/16/1996-2008) [OVC 001897]
Chedabucto's Keji Mkujik (6/16/1996-)
Chedabucto's Donovan Bailey (6/16/1996-)
Chedabucto's Cleo (6/16/1996-)
Chedabucto's Buster Keaton (6/16/1996-)
Chedabucto's Beartu (6/16/1996-)
Can Ch Kare's Tornado From Chedabucto CD (6/16/1996-2008) [OVC DD0316]

Out of Can Ch Westerlea's Yellowrose Bryn CD:

Yellowrose's Life O'Riley (4/15/1996-)
Yellowrose's Kinsale (4/15/1996-)
Yellowrose's Gilmore (4/15/1996-)
Yellowrose's Bryns Annie (4/15/1996-)
Yellowrose's Tralee (4/15/1996-)

Out of Wabanaki's Blaze of Glory:

Kares Kris Kringle (12/24/1992-)
Kare Bear Prince of Tides (12/24/1992-)
Kares Belle For Yellowrose (12/24/1992-)

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