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Offspring of NL D-VDH LUX SK CAN CH WW-02 Ynuittotem of Great Pleasure (5/19/1999-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of The Rhineferry Tales of Acatriona:

Tosca NHSB 2399490 (4/14/2002-)
Sunshine NHSB 2399489 (4/14/2002-)
Lucky NHSB 2399492 (4/14/2002-)
Lizzy NHSB 2399491 (4/14/2002-)
Chester NHSB 2399487 (4/14/2002-)
Albert NHSB 2399488 (4/14/2002-)

Out of Yahto of Great Pleasure:

Cuno of Great Pleasure (10/30/2003-)
Cody of Great Pleasure (10/30/2003-)
Chubby of Great Pleasure (10/30/2003-)
Cherilde of Great Pleasure (10/30/2003-)
Chaunny of Great Pleasure (10/30/2003-)
Chasey of Great Pleasure (10/30/2003-)
Charon of Great Pleasure (10/30/2003-)
Cassis of Great Pleasure (10/30/2003-)
Caloa of Great Pleasure (10/30/2003-)

Out of Xtc of Great Pleasure:

Aducati of Great Pleasure (10/3/2001-)
Althea of Great Pleasure (10/3/2001-)
Adonis of Great Pleasure (10/3/2001-)
Adanya of Great Pleasure (10/3/2001-)
Adante of Great Pleasure (10/3/2001-)
Arvensis of Great Pleasure (10/3/2001-)
Amberjoy of Great Pleasure (10/3/2001-)
Alure of Great Pleasure (10/3/2001-)

Out of Xavierha Shaggy Under The Red Sky:

Steady-Line's Chubbyvixn (11/5/2003-)
Steady-Line's Centurion (11/5/2003-)
Steady-Line's Candyman (11/5/2003-)

Out of Edenflower of Great Pleasure:

Whispering Reed's Gus (8/23/2007-)
Whispering Reed's Guiseppe (8/23/2007-)
Whispering Reed's Goya (8/23/2007-)
Whispering Reed's Gordon (8/23/2007-)
Whispering Reed's Gino (8/23/2007-)
Whispering Reed's Gaudhie (8/23/2007-)
Whispering Reed's Gandi (8/23/2007-)
Whispering Reed's Gambler (8/23/2007-)
Whispering Reed's Gaicka (8/23/2007-)
Whispering Reed's Guesswho (8/23/2007-) [FCI (A)]

Out of NL LUX D & VDH CH Vasally of Great Pleasure:

Britt of Great Pleasure (4/4/2002-)
Bowy of Great Pleasure (4/4/2002-)
Benjamin of Great Pleasure (4/4/2002-)
Bendor of Great Pleasure (4/4/2002-)
Bayla of Great Pleasure (4/4/2002-)
Bartoli of Great Pleasure (4/4/2002-)
Barry of Great Pleasure (4/4/2002-)
Banoe of Great Pleasure (4/4/2002-)

Out of Alliance de la Vie Gamine's Souvenir:

Alliance de la Vie Blue Lagoon (3/25/2007-) [FCI # (HD/A)]
Alliance de la vie Yellow Pine (3/25/2007-)
Alliance de la vie Red Rock (3/25/2007-)
Alliance de la vie Purple Mountain (3/25/2007-)
Alliance de la vie Pink Town (3/25/2007-)
Alliance de la vie Orange County (3/25/2007-)
Alliance de la vie Green Valley (3/25/2007-)

Out of INTCh ChCZ ChSK Eina Black Jolly:

Alma Squamishi (5/19/2003-) [HD A/C]
Ashley Squamishi (5/19/2003-)
Anuschka Squamishi (5/19/2003-)
Alissa Squamishi (5/19/2003-)
Aisha Squamishi (5/19/2003-) [FCI HD A]
Ax Squamishi (5/19/2003-)
Arnie Squamishi (5/19/2003-)
JChLUX ChLUX ChSK Aggi Squamishi (5/19/2003-) [FCI HD A]

Out of Noah's Britt of Stroezel Sensation:

Britts Queen Of Stroezel Sensation (1/19/2009-)
Britts Prins Of Stroezel Sensation (1/19/2009-)
Britts Onyx Of Stroezel Sensation (1/19/2009-)
Britts Noah Of Stroezel Sensation (1/19/2009-)
Britts Miss Of Stroezel Sensation (1/19/2009-)
Britts Lady Of Stroezel Sensation (1/19/2009-)
Britts Kim of Stroezel Sensation (1/19/2009-)

Out of Dymphna of Great Pleasure:

Hunk of Great Pleasure (7/9/2008-)
Humphry of Great Pleasure (7/9/2008-)
Hummer of Great Pleasure (7/9/2008-)
Holly of Great Pleasure (7/9/2008-)
Hijo of Great Pleasure (7/9/2008-)
Hertogin of Great Pleasure (7/9/2008-)
Hennessey of Great Pleasure (7/9/2008-)
Happi of Great Pleasure (7/9/2008-)
Halifax of Great Pleasure (7/9/2008-)

Out of Eclipse of Great Pleasure:

Gwendolyn of Great Pleasure (12/26/2007-)
Gunnar of Great Pleasure (12/26/2007-)
Guapa of Great Pleasure (12/26/2007-)
Grappa of Great Pleasure (12/26/2007-)
Godelieve of Great Pleasure (12/26/2007-)
Gizmoh of Great Pleasure (12/26/2007-)
CH Golden Eye Of Great Pleasure (12/26/2007-) [FCI B (Good)]

Out of VDH Ch Lux Ch Kymin Lunar Frost:

Birdywoods of Great Pleasure (6/9/2002-)
Biana of Great Pleasure (6/9/2002-)
Betty of Great Pleasure (6/9/2002-)
Bentejessy of Great Pleasure (6/9/2002-)
Bellezora of Great Pleasure (6/9/2002-)
Bellekira of Great Pleasure (6/9/2002-)
Baysindala of Great Pleasure (6/9/2002-)
Balou of Great Pleasure (6/9/2002-)

Out of Beinnbhreaghs Alliance Delavie:

Zuccero of Great Pleasure (8/25/2000-)
Zocka of Great Pleasure (8/25/2000-)
Zilly of Great Pleasure (8/25/2000-)
Zentar of Great Pleasure (8/25/2000-)
Zenta of Great Pleasure (8/25/2000-)
Zestlavie of Great Pleasure (8/25/2000-10/20/2006) [FCI HD A]

Out of Objibwa's DF Epinga Mu:

Waycobah’s Bagwaji (5/12/2003-8/12/2010) [B/B]
Waycobah's Biskane (5/12/2003-)
Waycobah's Bimaji (5/12/2003-)
Waycobah's Biidaashi-Kona (5/12/2003-)
Waycobah's Beshaa (5/12/2003-)
Waycobah's Bakaan (5/12/2003-)
Waycobah's Bagizo (5/12/2003-)
Waycobah's Baagishi (5/12/2003-)

Out of Decoymans Piper Serena at Paludic:

Paludic Yuletime Present for Erkiachen (11/30/2003-11/20/2015) [BVA 8/6]
Paludic Yuletime Preserve (11/30/2003-)
Paludic Yuletime Present for Erikachen (11/30/2003-) [Other # (8/6+14)]
Paludic Yuletime Port (11/30/2003-)
Paludic Yuletime Pie (11/30/2003-)
Paludic Yuletime Pickle (11/30/2003-)
Paludic Yuletime Peace (11/30/2003-)
Paludic Yuletime Party (11/30/2003-)

Out of Manusia's Atuk-Savannah:

Ynat Fenna v.d. Stam de Duffelt (1/10/2003-) [FCI A]
Ynat Fobor Oetri v.d. stam de Duffelt (1/10/2003-11/2/2014) [FCI A]
Ynat Fabian Bono v.d.stam de Duffelt (1/10/2003-2013)
Ynat Inuktitut v.d stam De Duffelt (1/10/2003-)
Ynat Foppe v.d stam De Duffelt (1/10/2003-)
Ynat Flo Amber v.d stam De Duffelt (1/10/2003-)
Ynat Fiuri Bono v.d stam de Duffelt (1/10/2003-)
Ynat Fenix v.d stam De Duffelt (1/10/2003-)

Out of Summer Symphony Under The Red Sky:

So Sparkling of Northern Strain (1/20/2001-)
Silka Sarah of Nothern Strain (1/20/2001-)
Sando Sylvester of Northern Strain (1/20/2001-)
Sunny Shota of Northern Strain (1/20/2001-)
Soundless Sound of Northern Strain (1/20/2001-)
Sophie's Song of Nothern Strain (1/20/2001-)
Sophie Samantha of Nothern Strain (1/20/2001-)
Scarlet Scamp of Northern Strain (1/20/2001-)

Out of Elfe of Great Pleasure:

Greenpepper of Great Pleasure (9/5/2007-)
Gorky of Great Pleasure (9/5/2007-)

Out of Winfren Vulpecula Centime of Lyonhouse:

Steady-Line's Crusader (9/29/2003-)
Steady-Line's Chica (9/29/2003-)
Steady-Line's Chance (9/29/2003-)
Steady-Line's Cartouche (9/29/2003-)
Steady-Line's Camouflage (9/29/2003-)
Steady-Line's Caijr (9/29/2003-)

Out of Toller's Delight Shinning Cheyenne:

Manusia's Yentl (9/7/2000-)
Manusia's Tijs (9/7/2000-)
Manusia's Sam (9/7/2000-)
Manusia's Rusty (9/7/2000-)
Manusia's Rocky (9/7/2000-)
Manusia's Reny (9/7/2000-)
Manusia's Joris (9/7/2000-)
Manusia's Bor (9/7/2000-)
Manusia's Bas (9/7/2000-)
Manusia's Lola (2/8/2002-)
Manusia's Jessie (2/8/2002-)
Manusia's Gino (2/8/2002-)
Manusia's Djencer (2/8/2002-)
Manusia's Cisco (2/8/2002-)

Out of Ch Bellacuru of Great Pleasure:

Ftolly of Great Pleasure (3/26/2006-)
Fjurdy of Great Pleasure (3/26/2006-)
Fay of Great Pleasure (3/26/2006-)

Out of Lux CH All About Eve From Cashel Vale:

She's A Riddle from Cashel Vale (5/1/2008-)
Rosy Cheeks from Cashel Vale (5/1/2008-)
Moonbeam from Cashel Vale (5/1/2008-)
Find Your Dream from Cashel Vale (5/1/2008-)
Chim Chiminey from Cashel Vale (5/1/2008-)
Catch A Cloud from Cashel Vale (5/1/2008-)
Raindrops on Roses from Cashel Vale (5/1/2008-) [FCI # (A)]

Out of Winster 2005 Alliance de la Vie Disney's Gamine:

Alliance de la vie Amitié Voska (2/12/2004-)
Alliance de la vie Amitié Vivace (2/12/2004-)
Alliance de la vie Amitié Jutta (2/12/2004-)
Alliance de la vie Amitié Jagger (2/12/2004-)
Alliance de la vie Amitié Iontha (2/12/2004-)
Alliance de la vie Amitié Chien-d'or (2/12/2004-)
Alliance de la vie Amitié Aschja (2/12/2004-)
Alliance de la vie Amitié Ginger (2/12/2004-)
Ned. Kamp. Winster 2006 Alliance de la vie Amitié Mignon (2/12/2004-) [FCI # (A)]

Out of Zeline of Great Pleasure:

Yorrick Rudi v.d.Victoria Hof (10/17/2002-)
Tara Rudi v.d.Victoria Hof (10/17/2002-)
Spike Rudi v.d.Victoria Hof (10/17/2002-)
Maple Rudi v.d.Victoria Hof (10/17/2002-)
Lucky Rudi v.d.Victoria Hof (10/17/2002-)
Kionne Rudi v.d.Victoria Hof (10/17/2002-)

Out of Happy Trail's Klara Klokkeblomst:

Cusabo Charles Pihtik (4/15/2004-7/18/2013) [HD B/C]
Chumash Pihtik (4/15/2004-)
Chiuma Pihtik (4/15/2004-)
Chinook Pihtik (4/15/2004-)
Canku Aron Pihtik (4/15/2004-)
Chanees Pihtik (4/15/2004-5/11/2015)
Cahita Pihtik (4/15/2004-)

Out of Sara From Nova's Power:

Yola NHSB 2391560 (4/16/2002-)
Laika NHSB 2391562 (4/16/2002-)
Bugsy NHSB 2391559 (4/16/2002-)
Bibi NHSB 2391561 (4/16/2002-)

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