Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Am. CH. Lorelei's Golden Rip ** OS (4/21/1946-6/9/1949)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Duchess Of Catawba:

Golden Rip's Amber (2/11/1949-)
High Barbaree's Golden Ripple (2/11/1949-)
Happy Day (2/11/1949-)

Out of Chipmunk Farm Belinda:

Fella II (1/7/1949-)
Lorelei's Golden Point (1/7/1949-)
Lorelei's Golden Dextra (1/7/1949-)
Golden Rip's Major CDX (1/7/1949-)

Out of Tulachard Merrilass UD:

Tulachard Bruce (7/11/1948-)
Melissa of Folly Brook (7/11/1948-)
Heidi (S319903) (7/11/1948-)

Out of Oakcreek's Princess Louise:

Betteneye's Buckshot (10/17/1948-)
Betteneye's Boyfriend (10/17/1948-)
Betteneye's Boots (10/17/1948-)
Betteneye's Bobolink (10/17/1948-)
Betteneye's Beau (10/17/1948-)
Betteneye's Baroness (10/17/1948-)
Betteneye's Best Bette (10/17/1948-)

Out of Lorelei's Golden Tanya OD:

Lorelei's Sanchar's Sandy (4/2/1949-)
Lorelei's Golden Gypsy (3/7/1948-)
Lorelei's Sanchar's Tony (4/2/1949-)
Lorelei's Sanchar's Andy (4/2/1949-)
Lorelei's Sanchar's Wendy (4/2/1949-)
Lorelei's Sanchar's Garry (4/2/1949-)
Lorelei's Golden Glow (3/7/1948-)
Am. CH. Lorelei's Golden Honey (3/7/1948-)
Am. CH. Lorelei's Sanchar's Danny CD ** DDHF (4/2/1949-)
Am. CH. Lorelei's Golden Sheen ** (3/7/1948-)
AmCH AFC Lorelei's Golden Rockbottom UD OS SDHF (3/7/1948-12/22/1957)

Out of Am. CH. Gold Button of Catawba ** OD:

Lexington Of Tigathoe (5/17/1949-)
Hancock Of Tigathoe (5/17/1949-)
Bennington Of Tigathoe (5/17/1949-)
Ticonderoga Of Tigathoe (5/17/1949-)
Saipan Of Tigathoe (5/17/1949-)
Rip Again Of Tigathoe (5/17/1949-)
Ranger Of Tigathoe (5/17/1949-)
Wasp Of Tigathoe (5/17/1949-)
Am. CH. Essex Of Tigathoe (5/17/1949-)
Am. CH. Hornet Of Tigathoe *** (5/17/1949-1958)
Am. CH. Saratoga of Tigathoe II ***, DDHF (5/17/1949-)

Out of Am. CH. Golden Lassie III OD:

Marshgrass Ripper (12/5/1947-)
Am. CH. Marshgrass Rollicking Hussy (12/5/1947-)
Am. CH. Marshgrass Rogue CD OS (12/5/1947-)
Am. CH. Lorelei's Marshgrass Rebel CD ** OS DDHF (12/5/1947-)

Out of Stilrovin Victory:

Money Bogg Gurney's Rip (4/11/1949-)
Rip Rovin (4/11/1949-)
Pam's Ginger (4/11/1949-)
Money Bogge Pepper (4/11/1949-)
Money Bogge Peppermint (4/11/1949-)

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