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Offspring of J Vildandens Leet af Pixboot (8/25/2011-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

By J River Fox Red Fire of Texmo:

RLD N RLD F Vildandens Yankee af Molteli (12/13/2016-) [FCI B/B]
Vildandens Whiskey af Molteli (12/13/2016-)
Vildandens Tango af Molteli (12/13/2016-) [FCI A/A]
Vildandens Oscar af Molteli (12/13/2016-) [FCI B/B]
Vildandens Bravo af Molteli (12/13/2016-) [A (not officially read by DKK)]
Vildandens Zulu af Molteli (12/13/2016-) [FCI B/B]
Vildandens Sierra af Molteli (12/13/2016-) [FCI B/A]
Vildandens Lima af Molteli (12/13/2016-) [FCI B/B]
Vildandens Juliet af Molteli (12/13/2016-) [FCI A/A]
Vildandens India af Molteli (12/13/2016-)
Vildandens Echo af Molteli (12/13/2016-) [FCI A/A]
LD STARTKLASS RLD N Vildandens Delta af Molteli (12/13/2016-) [FCI A/A]
Vildandens Alpha af Molteli (12/13/2016-) [FCI A/A]

By J LPII LPIII SE LCH Krokasmedens A-Lewis:

Vildandens Oreo af Leweli (9/22/2018-)
Vildandens Marshmallow af Leweli (9/22/2018-)
Vildandens Froyo af Leweli (9/22/2018-)
Vildandens Donut af Leweli (9/22/2018-)
Vildandens Lollipop af Leweli (9/22/2018-)
Vildandens Kitkat af Leweli (9/22/2018-)
Vildandens Jelly Bean af Leweli (9/22/2018-)
Vildandens Honeycomb af Leweli (9/22/2018-)
Vildandens Gingerbread af Leweli (9/22/2018-)
Vildandens Eclair af Leweli (9/22/2018-)
Vildandens Cupcake af Leweli (9/22/2018-)

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