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Offspring of Can Ch Sandy MacGregor of Sproul (5/25/1973-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Miss Acadia of Sproul:

Sproul's January Gem (1/13/1978-)
Can Ch Sproul's Free Spirit (1/13/1978-)
Can Ch Sproul's Mac-a-Doo (1/13/1978-)

Out of Can Ch Lamar's Golden Ebb Tide:

Tollgate Christmas Holly (12/27/1975-)
Tollgate Christmas Carol (12/27/1975-)
Can Ch Tollgate Buster Brown (6/15/1976-)
Tollgate Bit O'MacGregor (12/27/1975-)

Out of Can Ch Lady Saxby of Jeffery Coldwell:

Sayla's Lady Brandy (4/15/1976-)
Sayla's Lady Brae (4/15/1976-)
Sayla's Breezy Lady (4/15/1976-)
Sayla's Banner MacGregor CDX (4/15/1976-4/1984)

Out of Harbourlights Miss Molly:

Count Boutilier of Wabanaki (9/15/1982-8/13/1995)
Wabanaki's Village Vixen (9/15/1982-)
Wabanaki's Moonmaiden (9/15/1982-)
Wabanaki's Lady Amber (9/15/1982-)
Wabanaki's Camden Honey Boy (9/15/1982-)
Oochigeas of Wabanki (9/15/1982-)

Out of Mary Anne of Harbour Lights:

Sproul's Bonnie MacTavish (1/4/1977-)
Can Ch Sproul's Earl of Jalna CD (1/4/1977-1982)
Sproul's Scotian Charm (1/4/1977-)
Sproul's Sam MacGregor (1/4/1977-)
Sproul's Redrock Brandy (1/4/1977-)
Sproul's Prince Monty (1/4/1977-)

Out of Can Ch Mickey Finn Harbour Light:

Sam Macaskill (1/11/1977-)

Out of Can Ch Sproul's Copper Princess:

Cn OTCH Gypsy Lady (3/20/1975-)
Red Skipper (GE37139) (3/20/1975-)
Sandy Lad (3/20/1975-)
Todd's Island Taffy (3/20/1975-)
Can Ch Copper Prince CD (3/20/1975-)

Out of Can CH Harbour Lights Autumn Fancy:

Sproul's Captain Walter (6/8/1976-)
Can Ch Sproul's Argyle Angel CD (6/8/1976-)
Sproul's Apache Pal (6/8/1976-)
Can Ch Sproul's Highland Commander (6/8/1976-)
Sproul's Starduster (6/8/1976-)

Out of Can Ch Scarlet Gem of Sproul:

Kurt's Flicka of Sproul (6/19/1975-)
Sproul's Cinnamon Susie (6/22/1976-)
Sproul's Ben Bolt (6/22/1976-)
Sproul's Anchor Man (6/22/1976-)
Can Ch/Otch Sproul's Amber Gem (6/21/1976-)
Can Ch Sproul's Highland Belle (6/19/1975-)
Sproul's Foggy Bajhtimm Keji (6/22/1976-)
Sproul's Firefly (6/22/1976-)
Sproul's Dusty Dugan (6/22/1976-)
Sproul's Scarlet Dawn (6/19/1975-)
Sproul's Scarlet Charm (6/19/1975-)
Sproul's Rusty Prince (6/19/1975-)
Sproul's Red Ace (6/19/1975-)

Out of Sproul's Scarlet Rose:

Sproul's Scarlet Duke (3/16/1983-)
Sproul's Nova Rose (3/16/1983-)
Sproul's Mr. MacGregor (3/16/1983-)
Sproul's Little Maggie (3/16/1983-)

Out of Sproul's Tawnee Princess:

Rusty Dan of Sproul (3/22/1975-)
Robbie MacGregor of Sproul (3/22/1975-)
Tawnee Abbe of Sproul (3/22/1975-)
Sproul's Benedict (3/22/1975-)
Sproul's Acadian Jewel (3/22/1975-)
Sproul's Rufus The Great (3/22/1975-)
Can Ch Sproul's Lady MacGregor (3/22/1975-)

Out of Can Ch Sproul's Merry Maiden CD:

Craigie's Cross Country (12/8/1978-)
Craigie's Counter Point (12/8/1978-)
Craigie's Convoy Cassey (12/8/1978-)
Can CH Craigie's Constant Comment (12/8/1978-)
Can Ch Craigie's Classy Cassy CD (12/8/1978-)

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