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Offspring of Can/US Ch Harbourlights Rip Tide CDX WC ROM (7/22/1987-2001)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Can Ch Westerlea's Colony Blueprint CD:

Colony's Voice at Springvale (2/4/1995-) [OFA DTR-267G24M-T]
Colony's Strathcona Sunset (2/4/1995-) [OFA DTR-270G24M-T]
Colony's Oscar The Grouse (2/4/1995-)
Colony's Lady of The Lake (2/4/1995-11/23/2009)
Colony's Digby Dig (2/4/1995-)
Colony's Celtic Vixen (2/4/1995-)

Out of Can OTCH Tradewinds Dusty Jamoca UD WC:

Lonetree's Cinnamon Teal (9/21/1992-)
Lonetree's Cinnamon Jip (9/21/1992-)
Lonetree's Chula (9/21/1992-)
Lonetrees Calvin Kilcreek CD WCI (9/21/1992-) [OFA DTR-169E24M-T]
NSDTRC(USA) Ch HR Lonetree's C. Quill Gordon CD WCX (9/21/1992-6/26/2006) [OFA DTR-180G26M-T]
Ch Lonetree Ceacyl's Stayn WCX (9/21/1992-) [OFA DTR-172E24F]
Lonetree's Bristol Sydney (2/5/1991-)
Lone Tree's Bring Me Lil 'Rip (2/5/1991-)
Lone Tree's Best Maggie (2/5/1991-)
Lone Tree's Ben By Rip Tide (2/5/1991-)
Lone Tree's Belle Sadie (2/5/1991-) [OFA DTR-138G26F]
HRCH Can OTCH NSDTRC/Can Ch Lonetree's Barnstorm'n Jake UD US/Can WCX (2/5/1991-11/16/2007) [OFA DTR-132G24M]

Out of NSDTRC/AKC CH Skylark Chive at Water's Edge NAP NJP WC VC FG50K MBM IRONDOG:

AKC/NSDTRC-USA CH Water's Edge Skylark Frozen Assets RN WC (10/30/2007-) [OFA DTR-1301E24F-VPI (Excellent)]
SHR NSDTRC USA/AKC/ UKC CH MACH5 PACH2 Water's Edge Sub-Zero CDX JH RE MXB2 MXJB2 MXPS MJPB WCI VCX (10/30/2007-) [OFA DTR-1326E26M-VPI Excellent]
SHR MACH2 Water's Edge Diamond Mine MX MXJ WC FDGCH (10/30/2007-)
Water's Edge Shine UDX OM1 GN GO RN NAP (10/30/2007-)

Out of Tunaka's Whippoorwill:

Willo-B's Splash-er Dash-er (12/1/1992-) [OFA DTR-204G31F]
Willo-B's Rising Tide (12/1/1992-) [OFA DTR-185F24F-T]
Willo-B's Rip Curl (12/1/1992-12/3/1993) [FCI A/A]
Willo-B's Ivy Autumn (12/1/1992-)
Willo-B's Foxy Lady (1/12/1992-) [FCI B/B]
Willo-B's Digby (12/1/1992-) [OFA DTR-275G52M-T]
Willo-B's Alaskan Amber (12/1/1992-)

Out of Can Ch Westerlea's Audacious Wave CDX:

Sagewood's Slippery When Wet (3/25/1992-) [OFA DTR-168G29F]
Sagewood's Falling Rock (3/25/1992-) [OFA DTR-227G45M]

Out of Ch Canch Westerlea Cheers to Bayrevel:

Bernache's Tahsis Dixie (5/26/1992-)
Bernache's Disney's Wonder (5/26/1992-)
Bernache's Cedar Brooke (5/26/1992-)
Bernache's Amber Red Piper Ale (5/26/1992-)
Bernache Tatterdemalion Jake (5/26/1992-)
Bernache Sweet Red Clover (5/26/1992-)
Bernache Deep River Candice (5/26/1992-)

Out of GCH NSDTRC/AKC CH Water's Edge What Does The Fox Say JH RN OA OAJ WC FDX VC:

Water's Edge Go For The Gusto WC (11/11/2016-)
Water's Edge Dash Riprock at Springvale JH WC OA AXJ (11/11/2016-) [OFA DTR-2546G24M-VPI]
Water's Edge Frozen In Time FDX (11/11/2016-) [OFA DTR-2559G25F-VPI]

Out of Elvebredd's Beacon On Sagewood:

Sagewood's Time Of Kipper (9/24/1998-8/4/2007) [OFA DTR-525G35F-PI]
Sagewood's Magic Moment In Time (9/24/1998-)
Sagewood's Party Time (9/24/1998-)

Out of BISS CAN/US CH Sagewood's Silver Shadow CDX WC:

Springvale's Rippin' Rudy (5/31/1993-)
Springvale's Ragamuffin (5/31/1993-)
Springvale's Foxy Lady (5/31/1993-)
Springvale Princess Goldi (5/31/1993-)

Out of Tayann Misty Rose:

Berdia Jessie at Charing (7/29/1992-)
Can Ch Berdia Gypsy Rose WC CD (7/29/1992-4/2002) [OVC AA6911]
Berdia Copper Penny (7/29/1992-11/16/2004)
Berdia Buddy Chaser (7/29/1992-)
Berdia Springvale Debut (7/29/1992-)

Out of Hyflyer's Foxy Roxanne:

Hyflyer's Wild Card Maverick (6/12/1995-)
VDH DRC CH Hyflyer's Mississauga Jason (6/12/1995-7/5/2004) [FCI B]
Hyflyer's Majestic Megan (6/12/1995-5/10/2001)
BEJSG'96 CLPJSG'96 DKCH BESG'98 DCH-VDH LP1 Hyflyer's Invincible Max (6/12/1995-6/2006) [FCI A]
Hyflyer's Hennessey Tollie (6/12/1995-)
Hyflyer's Gunner Man (6/12/1995-)
Hyflyer's Eybik Kaija (6/12/1995-)
Hyflyer's Almonte (6/12/1995-)

Out of ARBA CH Lennoxlove Whitecliff Tory NSDTRC/AKC CD:

Whitecliffs Global Navigator (12/9/1999-) [OFA DTR-577E27M-NOPI]
UH HR WR Whitecliff Red Hot Animation SH US/CAN WCX (12/9/1999-5/11/2012)
AKC/ARBA CH Whitecliff Spicy Ginger Snap CDX RAE (12/9/1999-) [OFA DTR-551E25F-PI]
Whitecliff Unsinkable Mollyb (12/9/1999-6/16/2007)
Whitecliff's I Love Lucy (12/9/1999-)
Whitecliff's Silver Hammer (12/9/1999-)
Whitecliff's Mindy (12/9/1999-)
Whitecliff Springvale Ripple (12/9/1999-)

Out of Can CH Lennoxlove Skylark Cricket CD WC Can/US ROM CGC:

Rusty Dakota Skylark (3/6/1998-2/1/2010)
Skylark's Honey (3/6/1998-8/1/2013)
Skylark Desert Shannon (3/6/1998-)
Can CH Skylark's Pistol Pete CD OA NAJ WC CGC ROM (3/6/1998-2/21/2012) [OFA DTR-432E25M-T]
Skylark Rebel Buddy (3/6/1998-4/2/2012)
Can CH Skylark Montezuma Kodiak (3/6/1998-11/20/2012) [OFA DTR-435G26M-T]
Can CH SHR Skylark Hunts Point's Mindy CD Can/US WC CGC (3/6/1998-) [OFA DTR-425G24F-T]
Skylark Cedar (3/6/1998-11/25/2007)
Skylark Blaze (3/6/1998-)

Out of Redwyn's Dark'n Dirty ADC FbDCH:

Redwyn's Wood River (5/16/1997-)
Redwyn's Royal Caledonian (5/16/1997-)
Redwyn's Rosie Red Sail (5/16/1997-)
Redwyn's Riptide Tupper (5/16/1997-12/18/2010)
Redwyn's Red Hot Tamale (5/16/1997-)
Redwyn's Nick of Thyme (5/16/1997-9/20/2009)

Out of Can Ch Westerlea's Sprig of Holly:

Can Ch Landew's Cinnamon Delight CDX (8/18/1991-) [OFA DTR-142G24F-T]
Can Ch Westerlea Elias' Tidal Wave SH WCX CD FbDCH (8/18/1991-8/12/2005) [OFA DTR-173G37F-T]
Elias Vancover Alexander (8/18/1991-)
Elias' Oregon Reign (8/18/1991-12/1/2002)
Can Ch Glenmaurs Casey of Elias WC MADC AAD FM (8/18/1991-2004) [OVC VV0061]
Oliver Copper Tuppence (8/18/1991-)

Out of Landew's Golden Jitterbug:

Landew's Digger By Star (6/24/1997-)
Landew's Digby's Red Rover (6/24/1997-)
Landew's Cascade Super Nova (6/24/1997-) [OFA DTR-381G24M-T]
Landew's Skywater Kona Coast (6/24/1997-) [OFA DTR-429G33F-T]
Landew's Shadow Burch (6/24/1997-)
Landew's Penny From Heaven (6/24/1997-)
Landew's Lady Isabelle (6/24/1997-)
Landew's I'm Mister Lucky (6/24/1997-)

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