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Offspring of Am/Can/NSDTRC CH MACH UCDX ACH HR Westerlea's Midnight Sun UDX SH NF RN WCX VCX (7/28/1999-9/29/2014)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of HIT HRCH NSDTRC/AKC CH Cedar Fog's Holiday SH WCX WC(can) CD:

AKC GCH/CKC/NSDTRC CH, HRCH Cedar Fog Midnight Seduxtion UDX OM1 RA MH MX MXB MXJ MJB XF T2B WCX VCX ROM (6/4/2006-4/5/2018) [OFA DTR-1155G24M-VPI]
AKC Bronze GCH NSDTRC/UKC/CKC/AKC CH Cedar Fog's Red Tornado CD RE JH WC VCX CGC Can WC AGNJ (6/4/2006-7/5/2015) [OFA DTR-1181G26F-VPI]
HIT NSDTRC/AKC CH Cedar Fog's Jazzmataz JH WCI Can WC CD (6/4/2006-) [OFA DTR-1177E26F-VPI (Excellent)]
Cedar Fog's Fenway Holiday (6/4/2006-)
Cedar Fog Prince of Animation (6/4/2006-12/2006)

Out of HR AKC/NSDTRC Ch Cedar Fog Gale Force Warning SH, WCX:

AKC/NSDTRC CH Cedar Fog's Midnight Ride WC RN (4/19/2008-) [OFA DTR-1450E32F-VPI]
Cedar Fog's Filadelphia Storm (4/19/2008-)
Cedar Fog's Farm St Sunrise (4/19/2008-)

Out of NSDTRC/AKC/UKC CH Lonetree N's Red Hot Tinamou AKC/UKC CD RE SH WCX:

Urania's Christmas Chili (12/25/2007-)
Urania's Comet (12/25/2007-)
Urania's Rowdy Red Surprise (12/25/2007-)
Urania's Sofia De Magdalena (12/25/2007-)
Urania's Yule Tide (12/25/2007-)

Out of SR AKC/CKC/NSDTRC CH Kylador's Epic of Turkey Ridge WCX VCX, AKC CDX, RA, AX, AXJ, JH, CKC CD JH WCX:

Turkey Ridge Rowdie (10/23/2006-9/12/2017)
Turkey Ridge Cascades Sophie (10/23/2006-12/20/2018)
Turkey Ridge Alexander Keith WC CGC (10/23/2006-9/4/2013)
Turkey Ridge Epi's Lil' Ginny CGC (10/23/2006-10/18/2019)
Turkey Ridge Tioga White Sox CGC (10/23/2006-2/5/2020)

Out of HRCh Struan's Devil's In De Tails SH, WCX:

Struan's Master of the Hunt JH, WC (12/22/2006-10/19/2016) [OFA DTR-1228E24M-VPI]
Struan's Play It Again (12/22/2006-3/19/2018)
Struan's Hand-Pict By St.Columba (7/20/2005-7/28/2018)
Struan's Starlight Stalker (7/20/2005-)
Struan's Chena River Girl (7/20/2005-6/19/2017)
Struan's Midnight Rendezvous (12/22/2006-4/23/2011) [OFA DTR-1345G39F-VPI]
Struan's Prince Acadian Hunter (12/22/2006-)
Struan's Cash Comes A Calling (12/22/2006-)
Struan's Hello and Goodbye Fiji (12/22/2006-)
Struan's Zebulon Montgomery Pike (12/22/2006-12/3/2014)

Out of SHR Vermilion's Fox Fireopal CD RN WCI:

GB Vermilion's Hestia (8/22/2008-)
GB Vermilion's Little Boy Blue (8/22/2008-)
Gb Vermilion's Artemis On The Croft CDX RE OA OAJ (8/22/2008-9/20/2018)
GB Vermilion's Aphrodite (8/22/2008-)
GB Vermilion's Protogenia THD TDIA (8/22/2008-1/3/2017)
GB Vermilion's C130 Hercules (8/22/2008-4/6/2010)

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